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This Might Be the Strangest Consequence of Shutdown

Seals take over beach in Northern California

(Newser) - A colony of elephant seals took over a beach in Northern California during the government shutdown when there was no staff to discourage the animals from congregating in the popular tourist area, an official said. Now they're not going anywhere. About 60 adult seals that gave birth to 35... More »

Determined Seal Snarls Highway Traffic

Elephant seal kept trying to cross Calif. Highway 37

(Newser) - Wildlife experts and law enforcement officials worked Monday to keep a determined elephant seal off a Northern California highway that it has repeatedly tried to cross, snarling traffic in the area. California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer Andrew Barclay says callers first reported the 500-pound mammal was trying to climb the... More »

Seals Plunge for Climate Data

Scientists use deep-diving creatures for Antarctic research

(Newser) - Giant seals living in the chilly waters of Antarctica are helping researchers gather important data on climate change, reports Popular Mechanics. The elephant seals, tagged with hat-like sensors, make frequent dives deep into the Southern Ocean and surface with valuable details about water temperature and salinity. The dense waters of... More »

Fishermen Shoot Sea Lions in Battle Over Salmon

Feds suspend trapping as they investigate killings

(Newser) - Six  federally protected sea lions were shot to death along the Columbia River in Washington yesterday as they lay in traps set to move them to another region, AP reports. Three elephant seals were killed the previous day in California. All were apparently the victims of a battle between fishermen... More »

4 Stories