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Graphic Email From 'Elmo' to Accuser Leaked

'I'm sorry I keep talking about sex,' Kevin Clash wrote

(Newser) - Much as you might wish it would go away, the Sesame Street sex scandal goes on: Now TMZ has an email from Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash to his accuser, who claims he had a sexual relationship with Clash when he was just 16 and Clash was 45. But the email...

Elmo Puppeteer Hit With Underage Sex Allegations

He says he's innocent, takes leave from Sesame Street

(Newser) - Kevin Clash, the man who's lent Elmo his voice since 1984, has taken a leave of absence from Sesame Street amid accusations from a 23-year-old man who says Clash had sex with him when he was 16 and Clash was 45. Clash admits he had a relationship with his...

Jon Stewart on Big Bird: 'Let It Go!'

Host fed up with Obama's Sesame Street obsession

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has had exactly enough of this Big Bird stuff from the Obama campaign. From stump speeches to a campaign ad , the big yellow guy is everywhere these days, Stewart noted on last night's Daily Show . The tipping point for the host:'s appearance on...

Sesame Street to Obama: Take Down Big Bird Ad

Daily Show offers right-wing dream of Sesame Street

(Newser) - Mitt Romney knows who America's real economic scourge is, and he's big and yellow. A cheeky new Obama campaign ad pokes fun at Mitt Romney's attack on Big Bird and PBS at the debate by labeling the children's icon an "evil genius who towered over"...

Big Bird, Bond Hit SNL
 Big Bird, Bond Hit SNL 

Big Bird, Bond Hit SNL

Lots of fodder from the presidential debate

(Newser) - Big Bird rode Mitt Romney's debate crack all the way to a guest appearance on SNL's "Weekend Update" last night, wryly telling Seth Meyers he'd gotten "a million tweets" about the mention, reports the AP . The segment followed a Cold Open in which Barack Obama...

Voice of The Count, Muppeteer Jerry Nelson Dies

He worked on 'Sesame Street' and 'Fraggle Rock'

(Newser) - Jerry Nelson, voice of Sesame Street's Count and countless other Muppets, has died from emphysema at age 78, reports the Los Angeles Times . Nelson first worked with Jim Henson as a puppeteer in 1965, and joined Sesame Street in the show's second season in 1970. Over the years,...

Coming Soon: Sesame Street Movie

Longtime show writer will pen script

(Newser) - Sesame Street is coming to the big screen once more. The movie rights have been picked up by 20th Century Fox, and longtime Sesame Street writer Joey Mazzarino will write the script, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Since its premiere in 1969, Sesame Street has spawned two big-screen films: Follow ...

Romney: Slap Ads on Freeloading Sesame Street

Candidate says he'd stop subsidizing PBS

(Newser) - America is too broke to subsidize ad-free TV for toddlers, Mitt Romney says. The candidate, while campaigning in Iowa yesterday, promised to balance the budget by cutting certain programs, and by requiring PBS to carry ads, forcing Bert and Ernie and the rest of the Sesame Street gang to start...

Hackers Fill Sesame Street With Porn

YouTube channel briefly turns XXX

(Newser) - Sesame Street briefly turned into Sex-ame Street yesterday, when hackers apparently took hold of the children’s show’s YouTube channel and filled it with porn. The page was taken offline in the afternoon, CNN reports, but it appears to be back up today . The nonprofit Sesame Workshop apologized yesterday,...

New Sesame Street Muppet Is Poor and Hungry

Lily will teach kids about hunger in prime-time special

(Newser) - Sesame Street has got a hungry, impoverished new character—and it isn't Oscar the Grouch or the Cookie Monster. Lily, a 7-year-old girl whose family often struggles to get enough to eat, will appear in the show's prime-time special "Growing Hope Against Hunger" this Sunday, reports Entertainment ...

Bert and Ernie Petition: Critics Hate the Idea of Them Getting Married

 Let Bert and Ernie 
 Stay Single 

Let Bert and Ernie Stay Single

Backers of gay marriage hate idea: Opinion roundup

(Newser) - An online petition by to have Bert and Ernie get married on Sesame Street is generating lots of buzz but also plenty of criticism—including from those who support same-sex marriage:
  • Nicole Fabian-Weber, the Stir : "Utterly stupid idea." Why? "They're puppets. They bicker, sing

Petition Pushes for Bert, Ernie Gay Wedding

Online campaign urges Sesame Street to 'teach tolerance'

(Newser) - Big Bird could be best man. That's the image if an online push looking to join Bert and Ernie in gay matrimony is successful. "We are not asking that Sesame Street do anything crude or disrespectful," reads the petition at C . "It can be...

Clarice Taylor of The Cosby Show Dies at 93

Actress and comedian died of congestive heart failure

(Newser) - Clarice Taylor, the actress and comedian best known for playing grandmothers on The Cosby Show and Sesame Street, has died at the age of 93. Taylor died of congestive heart failure in her home in Englewood, New Jersey, on Monday, according to her son. Taylor's films include the Clint...

Big Bird's a Pinko, Charges Writer

Leftist agenda infuses primetime, complains author Ben Shapiro

(Newser) - Red alert! Big Bird is part of a plot by Hollywood liberals to poison children and adult minds with "pinko" ideology. That's the claim maxi-conservative author Ben Shapiro argues in his new book. And it's not just Sesame Street and reruns of shows including M*A*S*H that are...

Sesame Street Hits Nigeria, With HIV-Positive Muppet

A Nigerian adaptation of children's show deals with local issues

(Newser) - It's finally ready to go live : A Nigerian adaptation of Sesame Street will debut later this month in Africa's most populous country, according to US officials. It will be called Sesame Square and will feature Kami, an inquisitive female Muppet living with HIV, and Zobi, a blue Muppet...

US Spends $20M on Sesame Street Redo for Pakistan
US Spends $20M to Redo Sesame Street for Pakistan
but big bird's not invited

US Spends $20M to Redo Sesame Street for Pakistan

Makeover aimed at boosting education, tolerance, fighting extremism

(Newser) - Out of the $1.5 billion in civilian aid the US is sending to Pakistan this year, $20 million is being used to enlist Elmo in the fight against Islamic extremism. USAid is funding a Pakistani remake of Sesame Street in an effort to educate children in deprived areas, the...

PBS Is a Dead Man Walking
 PBS Is a Dead Man Walking  

PBS Is a Dead Man Walking

Forget the battle over NPR—PBS is the one in trouble: Mark Oppenheimer

(Newser) - Between Juan Williams , James O'Keefe , Vivian Schiller , and that whole defunding thing , NPR has had a rough couple of months. But here's the thing, writes Mark Oppenheimer for Slate : NPR is thriving on FM radio while the rest of FM radio withers. Oppenheimer argues that it's time to shift our...

'Sesame Street' Becomes More Gay-Friendly; Bert May Have Even Come Out
 Is Sesame Street Going Gay? 

Is Sesame Street Going Gay?

Bert may have finally come out, plus more evidence

(Newser) - Are Bert and Ernie gay? Sesame Street fans have long suspected as much, considering the male puppets live together and sleep side-by-side on the children’s show, but a tweet sent by Bert in June added even more fuel to the fire: “Ever notice how similar my hair is...

Grover as Old Spice Man Rocks the Web

'Smell Like a Monster' parodies aftershave ad

(Newser) - Once again proving it's not just a show for kids, Sesame Street's hilarious spoof of the popular Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice ad has become an Internet hit. Grover preaches the importance of smelling like a monster and of using the word "on" correctly in the parody of the "...

Sesame Street Yanks Boob-a-licious Katy Perry Vid

One parent's complaint: 'My kid wants milk now'

(Newser) - To say that parents weren’t happy with Katy Perry ’s choice of attire for her Sesame Street gig is just a bit of an understatement. The segment shown in the gallery, in which Perry and Elmo sing a for-kids version of her song “Hot N Cold,”...

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