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On Nigeria's Version of Sesame Street, AIDS

(Newser) - Nigeria will soon have a version of Sesame Street that deals with more than just learning how to count—one that aims to tackle the issues its kids face, like AIDS, malaria, and gender inequality. Sesame Square will follow a format similar to that of the popular American version, and...

Watch Muppets Jam to Lady Gaga
 Watch Muppets Jam 
 to Lady Gaga 

Watch Muppets Jam to Lady Gaga

'Telephone' mashup has disco Grover footage that looks tailor made

(Newser) - The video of the moment is Lady Gaga's "Telephone," featuring Beyoncé and an assortment of consumer products . And Muppets are always a good idea. Voilà—the YouTube video above, which speaks for itself. Neither Lady Gaga nor Sesame Street appears to have been involved in the production....

Meet the Man Behind Elmo
 Meet the Man 
 Behind Elmo 

Meet the Man Behind Elmo

No, he didn't always have that voice, and more from behind-the-scenes

(Newser) - When Kevin Clash does a live Sesame Street event, the kids “don’t know me from a hole in the wall and they don’t care to,” he tells Time . “I’m the guy holding their friend.” That friend would be Elmo, the furry red monster...

Big Bird to Michelle: Are You Part Bird?
 Big Bird 
 to Michelle: 
 Are You Part Bird? 

Big Bird to Michelle: Are You Part Bird?

First Lady Obama makes her Sesame Street gardening appearance

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s much-hyped guest stint on Sesame Street airs today, and as promised, she helps Elmo plant a garden—and assures Big Bird that they’re not related, even though they’re both tall. Watch the clip above.

At 40, Sesame Street Hasn't Aged a Bit
 At 40, Sesame Street 
 Hasn't Aged a Bit 

At 40, Sesame Street Hasn't Aged a Bit

Classic kids' show pioneered educational entertainment

(Newser) - The first kids who learned the letters of the alphabet from Sesame Street could have grandchildren by now—but Big Bird hasn't aged a day. Using TV to educate preschoolers was a radical concept in 1969, when Sesame Street founder Joan Ganz Cooney and Muppet creator Jim Henson launched their...

First Lady to Garden on Sesame Street

Michelle Obama will educate the residents on the value of healthy eating

(Newser) - What do Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria Parker, Ricky Gervais, and Kobe Bryant have in common? All of them will appear on this season of Sesame Street, its 40th anniversary. The first lady will flex her green thumb and talk about gardening and eating healthy on the show’s...

Elmo Takes On Swine Flu
 Elmo Takes On Swine Flu 

Elmo Takes On Swine Flu

Feds, Sesame Street produce spots on hygiene

(Newser) - The fuzzy residents of Sesame Street are teaming up with the federal government to school kids on the dangers of swine flu and how to prevent it, the Washington Post reports. Elmo and human pal Gordon have taped PSAs that instruct children to be sure to wash their hands and...

Sesame Street, View Among Daytime Emmy Winners

Susan Haskell, Christian Leblanc, Darin Brooks take home honors

(Newser) - The ladies of The View unseated Ellen Degeneres as Best Talk Show Host at yesterday's Daytime Emmy Awards, though they weren't at the ceremony, E! reports. Other big winners included Rachael Ray for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show and Tyra Banks for Outstanding Informative Talk Show, while The Bold and the ...

Obama the First 'Sesame Street President'
Obama the First 'Sesame Street President'

Obama the First 'Sesame Street President'

Big Bird and company left a big mark on young Barack

(Newser) - When Sesame Street founder Joan Ganz Cooney meets politicians, they usually tell her that their kids watch the show. But not Barack Obama. An enthusiastic Obama gushed about watching the show when he was a child. “I realized that this is the first President young enough to say that,...

Gervais' Elmo Interview Is a Tickler

(Newser) - Today's video viral sensation seems to be outtakes of a Sesame Street interview between funnyman Ricky Gervais and Elmo. As seen on BuzzFeed, Gervais keeps going off script (“Gimme four!” “Do you know what necrophilia is?”), but Elmo keeps up just fine. He even asks an...

Wall Street's Woes Hit Sesame Street

Drop in donations forcing round of layoffs at Sesame Workshop

(Newser) - The recession is pushing Sesame Street closer to Skid Row, reports the Financial Times. The educational foundation behind the TV show and a variety of community programs is laying off a fifth of its 355 staff. The Sesame Workshop has been hit hard by market turmoil eroding its investments and...

New Book Tells How to Get to Sesame Street

Groundbreaking show gets celebrity bio, complete with gossip

(Newser) - Michael Davis knows how to get to Sesame Street. No, he can’t actually give you directions to the fictional block, whose inhabitants have all but raised two generations of kids, but he can tell you how it went from an idea—could Madison Avenue techniques sell counting and reading?—...

Bands Blast Blaring 'Music Torture' at Gitmo

Campaign against use of rock to break war prisoners

(Newser) - Rock musicians are banding together to protest use of their music—played loudly and incessantly—to torture war prisoners. US interrogators have bragged about breaking detainees by endlessly playing the same pulsating music for months. "Plenty lost their minds"—not just to Eminem, but Sesame Street songs and...

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