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Amsterdam Tells Young British Men to Bugger Off

Ads warn young men against misbehaving in the city working to reframe its image

(Newser) - Amsterdam is taking efforts to scrub away its party image to a new level, with ads suggesting it won't tolerate those descending on the city for a wild weekend. "Coming to Amsterdam for a messy night? Stay away," states an online ad showing a young man stumbling...

Suit: Man Who Sired 550 Kids Needs to Stop

Complaint against Netherlands sperm donor says he's raising risk of accidental incest there

(Newser) - With a dozen kids to his name, prolific dad Nick Cannon probably wouldn't make headlines in the Netherlands these days—because that nation has Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a "serial sperm donor" now facing legal issues for the 550 or so children he's reportedly fathered, reports Vice . Meijer,...

Dutch Train Passengers May Be Cursing Badgers

Burrowing animals cause serious delays in railway travel

(Newser) - Badgers burrowing under rail tracks have halted trains in the northern and southern Netherlands, forcing lengthy cancellations on at least two lines. All trains were halted Tuesday afternoon on a busy line between the southern cities of Den Bosch and Boxtel after the animals dug into a dike carrying rails....

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

This Is the
Nation on Earth

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

The honors go to Finland, per annual World Happiness Report; US comes in 15th

(Newser) - It may be cold in the Nordic countries, but residents' hearts are warm. At least, that's what the 10th annual World Happiness Report found during this year's ranking of 137 nations. Per the Verge , the report—which uses study data and self-assessed life evaluations—found that we've...

Holocaust Survey Returns 'Downright Shocking' Results

23% of adults under 40 in the Netherlands think it's a myth or exaggerated

(Newser) - A Jewish group that commissioned a survey on Holocaust awareness in the Netherlands said Wednesday that the results showed "a disturbing lack of awareness of key historical facts about the Holocaust" in the nation that was home to Anne Frank and her family. The survey commissioned by the New...

Release of Map Sparks Hunt for Nazi Treasure

Soldier claimed retreating Nazis buried hoard in roots of tree near Dutch village

(Newser) - Treasure hunters with shovels and metal detectors descended on a village in the eastern Netherlands following the release of a map showing where Nazi soldiers are believed to have buried a stash of treasure in the final weeks of World War II. The map, with a red X marking where...

Messi, Argentina Celebrate
Messi, Argentina Celebrate

Messi, Argentina Celebrate

Shootout victory sets up match Tuesday against Croatia

(Newser) - Lionel Messi and his teammates hung around on the field for 20 minutes, taking turns dancing and jumping up and down in front of their celebrating, scarf-waving fans. Argentina was going to savor reaching the World Cup semifinals. Messi's quest to win soccer's ultimate prize is still alive....

US Team Can't Keep Up With the Netherlands'

3-1 loss knocks Americans out of World Cup

(Newser) - The US team had never trailed in 2020 World Cup play, a stretch that ended in the 10th minute of its match Saturday—after the Americans had failed to score on their best chance of the day when Christian Pulisic had the Netherlands' goalkeeper one-on-one. Minutes later, Memphis Depay drilled...

Court: Squatters Can Stay in Oligarch's Amsterdam Home

Group moved into sanctioned Russian tech billionaire's mansion last month

(Newser) - Squatters who moved into the Amsterdam mansion of a Russian tech billionaire last month can stay there for now, a Dutch court has decided. The five-story property in an upmarket neighborhood is owned by Arkady Volozh, co-founder of Yandex, Russia's biggest search engine, the Guardian reports. Heleen over de...

Emboldened Wolves to Be Shot at With Paintballs

Dutch officials complain wolves are becoming too tame, while activists allege a plot to kill

(Newser) - A recent video showing a wolf strolling casually past a worried family of four in a national park in the Netherlands shows how some of the country's wolves have lost their fear of humans. Hoping to see that fear return, authorities are now turning to paintballs. A new decision...

Masterpiece Survives Protesters' Attack
Protesters Who Targeted
Masterpiece Sentenced

Protesters Who Targeted Masterpiece Sentenced

Judge did not want to deter others from protesting

(Newser) - Update: The two protesters who targeted an iconic Johannes Vermeer painting last week have been sentenced by a Dutch court. They received sentences of two months behind bars, with one month suspended, the Guardian reports. That was half of what the prosecutor had asked for, but the judge said she...

Security Threat Ruins Princess' University-Life Plans

Dutch heir Princess Amalia, 18, is reportedly a target of criminal gangs

(Newser) - It's not always easy being a princess, a fact the 18-year-old heir to the Dutch throne was just painfully reminded of. Last month, Princess Amalia moved into a shared student house in the heart of Amsterdam's historic canal district as she enrolled at the University of Amsterdam. But...

Dutch Judge Backs Worker Told to Keep Webcam on All Day

Court cites human rights decision in ruling against employer

(Newser) - An employee of a US software company, when told to keep his webcam on all day, pointed out that he already was sharing his screen, and that his boss could monitor everything he was doing on his laptop. He argued that being watched on top of that seemed like an...

Spiders to Intentionally Run Wild at Museum

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is letting its creepy-crawlies have free reign over venue during exhibit

(Newser) - At one of Europe's most famous museums, life is definitely imitating art until early next year. "The museum is teeming with animals this season!" promises Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum in its promotion for "Clara and Crawly Creatures," its new exhibit focusing on insects and other creeping...

His Autism Left Him Isolated, Unemployable. Then, Hope

ProPublica reports on the innovative ITvitae program

(Newser) - By the CDC's count , 1 in 44 8-year-olds were diagnosed with having an autism spectrum disorder in 2018. As Renee Dudley writes for ProPublica , those children eventually become job-seeking adults, and in great numbers. And while there are programs that seek to employ people with autism whose focused and...

In World First, Dutch City Bans Ads for Meat
Dutch City Bans
Meat Advertisements

Dutch City Bans Meat Advertisements

Haarlem officials blame massive farms for worsening the climate

(Newser) - A city in the Netherlands has become the first in the world to ban advertisements of meat in public places. Starting in 2024, the ads will be barred from appearing on buses, billboards, screens, etc., reports the Guardian . Officials behind the move say it's intended to help the climate—...

Dutch Commando, 26, Dies After Indianapolis Shooting

2 of his colleagues are still hospitalized

(Newser) - Update: One of three Dutch soldiers shot outside a hotel in Indianapolis early Saturday has died. His family and colleagues were at his side, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense said in a statement Monday. The ministry said the man's injured colleages, who were listed in critical but stable condition...

6 Dead After Truck Hits Community Barbecue

7 were injured in Netherlands accident

(Newser) - The death toll from an accident when a truck drove off a dike and slammed into a community barbecue in a village south of Rotterdam rose to six Sunday and police said a further seven people are in hospital, including one in critical condition. Police spokeswoman Mirjam Boers said the...

Bezos' Superyacht Avoids an Egging
Bezos' Superyacht
Avoids an Egging

Bezos' Superyacht Avoids an Egging

Y721 moved before masts are added, meaning historic Dutch bridge remains in place

(Newser) - Dutch citizens have lost their reason for wishing to pelt Jeff Bezos and his superyacht with eggs . Though it was initially expected that a massive bridge in the city of Rotterdam would need to be dismantled to allow the billionaire's $500 million superyacht to reach the sea, the 417-foot...

Dutch Farmers Block Roads With Piles of Manure

They're protesting nitrogen emissions cuts, fearing they'll put them out of business

(Newser) - Dutch farmers resumed protests at government plans to reduce nitrogen emissions Wednesday by dumping manure and garbage on highways and setting fires alongside roads. Traffic authorities said several roads in the central and eastern Netherlands were completely or partially blocked, requiring fire services to rush to clear roads as traffic...

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