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Inflation Did Not Cooperate Last Month

Consumer prices ticked up as Biden administration hopes they ease

(Newser) - Consumer prices in the United States picked up last month, a sign that inflation remains a persistent challenge for the Federal Reserve and for President Biden's reelection campaign, both of which are counting on a steady easing of price pressures this year.
  • Slight increase: Prices rose 0.4% from

New Inflation Report Should Keep Fed Happy

Annual rate cools slightly to 3.1%, suggesting Federal Reserve won't raise rates this week

(Newser) - US inflation ticked down again last month, with cheaper gas helping further lighten the weight of consumer price increases in the United States. At the same time, the latest data on consumer inflation showed that prices in some areas—services such as restaurants, used cars, and auto insurance—continued to...

Prices Continue to Rise More Than the Fed Wants

But in general, inflation continues its slow downward trend

(Newser) - The latest inflation report shows that prices are still rising faster than the Federal Reserve would like, though inflation generally remains on a slow and uneven downward trajectory:
  • Key numbers: Prices in the US increased 0.4% from August to September, down from a faster pace the previous month,

Yearlong Streak of Inflation Decline Has Come to an End

Inflation in US ticked up by 0.2% from June, with consumer prices up 3.2% from a year earlier

(Newser) - Inflation in the United States rose in July after 12 straight months of declines, boosted by costlier housing. But excluding volatile food and energy prices, so-called core inflation rose just 0.2% from June, matching the smallest monthly increase in nearly two years, per the AP . The inflation figure the...

October Inflation Report Pushes Dow Futures Way Up

Consumer inflation hit 7.7% from a year ago, the smallest gain since January

(Newser) - Price increases moderated in the United States last month in the latest sign that the inflation pressures that have gripped the nation might be easing as the economy slows and consumers grow more cautious. Consumer inflation reached 7.7% in October from a year earlier and 0.4% from September,...

April Report Holds Tentative Sign Inflation Could Be Peaking

It hit 8.3% last month, but slowed from 40-year high

(Newser) - Inflation slowed in April after seven months of relentless gains, a tentative sign that price increases may be peaking while still imposing a financial strain on American households. Consumer prices jumped 8.3% last month from 12 months earlier, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That was below the 8.5%...

What July's Inflation Numbers Suggest Is Coming

Consumer prices are up, but at the slowest pace since February

(Newser) - Prices for US consumers rose last month, but at the slowest pace since February, a sign that Americans may gain some relief after four months of sharp increases that have imposed a financial burden on the nation's households. The key numbers from Wednesday's report from the Labor Department,...

Thanks for Nothing: Pecan Prices Up 22%

Blame China, droughts for soaring cost of Thanksgiving staple

(Newser) - For those who can't face Thanksgiving without pecan pie, you're going to pay dearly for the privilege this year: the price tag on the tasty dessert is up by 22%, reports CNN . Sure, core inflation is a low 2% , but food prices are on the rise, and pecans...

Consumer Prices Dive 1%, Biggest Drop in 61 Years

Oil's record decline leads to 1% overall drop

(Newser) - Consumer prices in the United States plunged by the largest amount in the past 61 years in October as gasoline prices dropped by a record amount. The Labor Department said today that consumer prices fell by 1% last month, the biggest one-month decline on records that go back to February...

'Consumers Have Thrown In the Towel': Report

Weary from a long fight, consumers are retrenching, cutting purchases across the board

(Newser) - The punches are coming from all directions and consumers, beaten down and out of breath, are clearly ceding the fight through decreased spending, Bloomberg reports. The scorecard released today says it all: consumer purchases were down 0.3% in September, the biggest drop in 4 years, capping the weakest quarter...

Dow Up 401 After Seesaw Day
 Dow Up 401 After Seesaw Day 

Dow Up 401 After Seesaw Day

Investors see signs of gradually easing credit—and bargains, driving up market late

(Newser) - Stocks rallied late in today’s volatile session, but stopped short of recovering yesterday’s sharp losses, rollercoastering through an 800-point range, MarketWatch reports. Crude oil futures fell $4.69, to about half of their record high in July, on a report that showed US inventories increasing. The Dow rose...

Stocks Break 2-Day Slump
 Stocks Break 2-Day Slump 

Stocks Break 2-Day Slump

Rising dollar, falling oil contribute as well

(Newser) - Stocks posted solid gains today for the first time in three days as financials rebounded, the dollar gained, and oil fell nearly $1, MarketWatch reports. The Dow rose 82.97 points to close at 11,615.89, the Nasdaq gained 25.05 to 2,453.67, and the S&P...

Consumer Prices Jump in July; Inflation at 17-Year High

(Newser) - US consumer prices shot up 0.8% in July, twice the expected rate, pushed higher by surging energy and food costs, the AP reports. The spike left inflation running at 5.6%, the fastest pace in 17 years, the Labor Department reported today. It marked the third straight month of...

Bank of England Pressed to Rein in Inflation

Food, energy prices soar, push inflation to highest rate in 16 years

(Newser) - Great Britain’s inflation rate—driven by energy and food prices rising at the fastest pace in more than 20 years—is on track to hit 5% by autumn, reports the Guardian. The cost of living jumped 0.6% to a 16-year high of 4.4% last month, the largest...

Consumer Prices Surge Most Since '91
 Consumer Prices
 Surge Most Since '91 

Consumer Prices Surge Most Since '91

Consumer prices up 1.1%; wholesale up 1.8%.

(Newser) - Consumer prices rose a staggering 1.1% in June, Bloomberg reports. The figure far surpassed analyst estimates, and brings the year-over-year figure to 5%–the biggest surge since 1991. Core inflation, which excludes food and energy, rose a more-than-expected 0.3%. “Inflation has galloped,” one economist said. “...

Stocks Rally on Dollar's Strength
 Stocks Rally on Dollar's Strength 

Stocks Rally on Dollar's Strength

Drop in oil, strong greenback pushes Dow to weekly gains

(Newser) - The markets rallied today, pushing the Dow into positive territory for the week, off a strong dollar and a drop in oil prices. The Dow gained 165.77 to close at 12,307.35, a weekly gain of 0.8%. The Nasdaq climbed 50.15 to 2,454.50 but...

Dow Hikes Prices 20% on Chemicals in Many Products

Chemical company rips feds for energy policy it blames for higher costs

(Newser) - Skyrocketing energy costs prompted Dow Chemical to bump prices up to 20% yesterday on compounds that are the building blocks for thousands of consumer products, fanning inflation fears. Dow, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, ripped Washington for an energy policy it says has raised its energy costs...

Housing Starts Down; Producer Prices Up

Housing will hurt '08 growth

(Newser) - Housing starts fell yet again in February, and building permits hit a 16-year low, Bloomberg reports. The annual housing start rate fell to 1.065 million homes, a 0.6% drop from January, while permits sank 7.8%, indicating still bigger declines to come. “We don’t see it...

Consumer Prices Flat in Feb.
 Consumer Prices Flat in Feb. 

Consumer Prices Flat in Feb.

Lack of increase means Fed has an open door to a big rate cute next week

(Newser) - Consumer prices were flat for February, pleasantly surprising economists who expected a 0.2% increase, reports the Wall Street Journal. This morning’s consumer price index eases concerns that inflation is accelerating as the economy slows, and it gives the Federal Reserve more reason to float a large interest rate...

Wholesale Inflation Surges
Wholesale Inflation Surges

Wholesale Inflation Surges

Producer prices lap analyst estimates

(Newser) - Wholesale prices rose more than twice as fast as analysts predicted in January, in the latest sign that inflation is outstripping growth, Bloomberg reports. After a 0.3% drop in December, finished good prices rose 1% last month, with the core indicator up 0.4%, its biggest gain in almost...

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