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In Death Valley, 'Entire Trees and Boulders Were Washing Down'

Flash floods spurred by record rainfall strand 1K in Calif. national park

(Newser) - Record rainfall Friday trigged flash floods at Death Valley National Park that swept away cars, closed all roads, and stranded hundreds of visitors and workers. There were no immediate reports of injuries, but roughly 60 vehicles were buried in mud and debris, and about 500 visitors and 500 park workers...

Man Dies After Running Out of Gas in Death Valley

He's not the first to die this year in extreme heat

(Newser) - Visitors to Death Valley National Park found the body of a man there Tuesday, and authorities say he died after running out of gas in the California park. David Kelleher, 67, was found dead about 2.5 miles from his vehicle, which had a note in it reading "out...

Body of Hiker Found in Scorching Death Valley

68-year-old set out in temperatures of nearly 120 degrees

(Newser) - The dangerous heat of Death Valley National Park appears to have claimed another life. A police helicopter located the body of a 68-year-old hiker from Washington state who set off in temperatures of nearly 120 degrees, reports the Fresno Bee . The family of Douglas Branham says he planned to make...

One Hiker Is Rescued, Another Is Dead

Arizona couple went missing in Death Valley National Park

(Newser) - A young congressional staffer has died after getting stranded for days in Death Valley National Park. Alexander Lofgren, 32, was pronounced dead after his rescue from a remote location in the park, according to a post by the Inyo County Sheriff's Office in California. Lofgren's girlfriend, 27-year-old Emily...

How Hot Was It Sunday in Death Valley? It May Be a Record Breaker

It hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit, possibly the highest 'reliably' recorded temp ever

(Newser) - It's not called Furnace Creek for nothing. This section of Southern California's Death Valley is notoriously hot, and it may now hold the record for the Earth's hottest temperature ever recorded. Per National Weather Service stats , the thermometer in Furnace Creek hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit around 3:...

Navy Says Pilot Was Killed in Death Valley Fighter Crash

Identity is being withheld for a day

(Newser) - The pilot of a Navy jet fighter that crashed in Death Valley National Park was killed, the military said Thursday, per the AP . The identity of the pilot will be withheld until 24 hours after notification of next of kin in accordance with Defense Department policy, the Navy said in...

7 Park Visitors Hurt in Fighter Jet Crash

Witnesses say Super Hornet slammed into canyon wall

(Newser) - The crash of a US Navy fighter jet Wednesday in Death Valley National Park injured seven people who were at a scenic overlook where aviation enthusiasts watch military pilots speeding low through a chasm dubbed Star Wars Canyon, officials said. Ambulances were sent to the crash site near Father Crowley...

Last Month in Death Valley Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

Average temperature over day and night: 108.1 degrees

(Newser) - Death Valley, well known for its often record high temperatures, has set a new one: Last month in Death Valley was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet Earth. The average temperature—over day and night—was 108.1 degrees, putting July 2018 about a half-degree ahead of July...

Death Valley Just Registered a Brutal Heat Milestone

The average temperature in July hit 107.4, hottest month in Western Hemisphere

(Newser) - It's probably been a hot summer where you are, but nothing like this: California's Death Valley registered an average temperature of 107.4 degrees for the month of July, per the National Weather Service . The previous record, set in 1917, was 107.2 degrees. It's not only...

Sheriff: Vandals May Have Killed 1 of the World's Rarest Fishes

They also allegedly vomited and skinny-dipped all over a protected area

(Newser) - Three Nevada men have been questioned by investigators about vandalism in an environmentally fragile area of Death Valley National Park that may have killed one of the rarest fishes on earth, the AP reports. No arrests have been made in the April 30 intrusion while authorities continue to investigate what...

Super Hot, Super Dry Death Valley Is in 'Super Bloom'

It's the most wildflowers the desert has seen in more than a decade

(Newser) - Death Valley in California is both the driest place in North American and the hottest place on Earth, according to the National Park Service . And that makes it an even more breathtaking sight when it's covered in a colorful blanket of wildflowers, as it is right now. The San ...

Death Valley's Moving Rock Puzzle Finally Cracked

It's not UFOs moving those boulders

(Newser) - For at least a century, the "slithering stones" of Death Valley—rocks, some of them boulders weighing more than 600 pounds, that move across the desert floor and leave long trails behind them—have presented a puzzle, and researchers have been trying to solve it since 1948. Explanations including...

Harry Potter Villain Found Dead in Desert

Actor David Legeno played werewolf Fenrir Greyback

(Newser) - He was a 6-3, 250-pound former mixed-martial arts fighter who went on to play a villainous werewolf in the Harry Potter movies, but even David Legeno was no match for Death Valley. The 50-year-old actor was found dead in the place known to be the hottest on Earth last weekend,...

Death Valley: People, Quit Frying Eggs on the Sidewalk

Today marks 100 years since heat record set

(Newser) - Rangers in Death Valley National Park say it's tough enough working in the hottest place on the planet without having to clean up the mess after people try to fry eggs on the pavement in parking lots and overlooks. The park—which marks the 100th anniversary of claiming the...

What It's Like to Work in the Hottest Place on Earth

AP photographer visits Death Valley during 128-degree heat

(Newser) - Photographer Chris Carlson worked in the hottest place on Earth on Friday: Death Valley in California, where temperatures soared to 128 degrees while he attempted to snap photos. Carlson is no stranger to the area, he writes for the AP , but he still made some rookie mistakes: "I forgot...

200 Treated for Heat at Concert as West Bakes

Death Valley will approach 130 today

(Newser) - Authorities say 200 people were treated for heat problems yesterday as temperatures soared at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. None of the problems were life-threatening, but about 30 people at the Van Warped Tour at Silverton Casino were hospitalized. The National Weather Service reported temperatures in the area of...

Death Valley Gets Record for Hottest Day ... 99 Years Later

Libya's claim thrown out because of unreliable thermometer

(Newser) - California's Death Valley now has the honor of posting the hottest temperature on record, but don't blame climate change—the record-breaker of 134 degrees happened on June 10, 1913. The reason for the belated title? Libya had claimed the hottest day on record since 1992 with a thermometer...

Rocks in Death Valley Move By Themselves

 Rocks in Death Valley 
 Move By Themselves 
in case you missed it

Rocks in Death Valley Move By Themselves

Scientists look to crack mystery: Maybe ice?

(Newser) - Heavy rocks seems to move by themselves in one part of California's Death Valley, their means of locomotion a scientific mystery, LiveScience reports. Though no one has ever seen them move, rocks the size of large soda bottles criss-cross the surface of Racetrack Playa, leaving trails. "You don't expect...

Manson Body Hunt a Bust
 Manson Body Hunt a Bust 

Manson Body Hunt a Bust

Diggers come up empty at Death Valley ranch

(Newser) - Investigators yesterday packed up and left the the Death Valley ranch used as a hideout by the murderous Manson Family after finding no trace of bodies a member of the group once suggested might be buried there. The search was triggered by a cadaver-sniffing dog and initial findings of scientific...

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