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People Were Still Visiting 'Blue Lagoon,' So Cops Dyed It Black

UK needed to deter visitors to tourist hot spot amid coronavirus pandemic

(Newser) - The "Blue Lagoon," a former limestone quarry in Buxton, England, has become a tourist hot spot thanks to its bright blue waters—and visitors were still flocking to it, despite the prime minister ordering UK residents to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic. So local police took a...

Prof Killed in Quarry Involved in Uncle-Niece Love Triangle

Ronald Bettig may have lived for 2 days after he was pushed to his death

(Newser) - Penn State professor Ronald Bettig may have taken as long as two days to die after he was pushed from a ledge and fell 80 feet to the bottom of a quarry, a court heard Wednesday. The lead investigator on the case testified that a pathologist believes the 56-year-old professor...

Biggest Ancient Block of Stone Is Found

It weighs 1.6K tons, was never moved from quarry

(Newser) - Archaeologists studying an ancient quarry that is home to a famously gigantic stone block have now found an even bigger stone block at the site, reports io9 . This monster, which dates back to 27 BC, is 64 feet long and 19.6 feet wide. Though it is still mostly buried,...

Romans Map 'Secret' Tunnels to Fend Off Collapse

Underground maze swallows more streets, buildings every year

(Newser) - Welcome to Rome, where every year more streets and parts of buildings are collapsing into ancient passages that lurk half-forgotten underground. The city's proposed fix: map the labyrinth, detect the weakest spots with 3D scanning, and seal off the worst offenders, LiveScience reports. Successful or not, it may improve...

Scientists Find Source of Stonehenge Rock

Neolothic builders used stone from 160 miles away

(Newser) - Scientists have for the first time pinpointed the exact location of rock used to build part of Stonehenge, the Independent reports. British geologists say rock in some of the early, smaller standing stones—not the big "sarsen" ones—originated in a 70-yard-long outcropping about 160 miles away. Did the...

Quarry Shooting Suspect Shot and Killed

Sources confirm Shareef Allman's death

(Newser) - Shareef Allman, the suspect in a shooting spree at a California quarry yesterday that killed three and injured seven, has himself been shot and killed. Law enforcement sources confirm Allman's death to the San Jose Mercury News , which reports that a home in a Sunnyvale neighborhood where police had...

3rd Victim Dead in Quarry Shooting; Manhunt Still On

Gunman on the loose in San Jose area

(Newser) - Police are still hunting for an "armed and dangerous" man who shot and killed three people and wounded five others at the California quarry where he worked this morning. He also shot and injured another woman in an attempted carjacking later. The suspect is identified as 45-year-old Shareef Allman....

340-Ton Rock Embarking on Epic Journey

Boulder will travel 60 miles in nine days

(Newser) - When does it take nine days to travel 60 miles? When you’re towing a 21-foot-tall, 340-ton boulder. The solid piece of granite—known in Riverside, Calif., simply as “the rock”—is making the 60-mile journey from a quarry to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the...

Teen Dies in Quarry Jump Rite
 Teen Dies in Quarry Jump Rite 

Teen Dies in Quarry Jump Rite

65-foot plunge was made famous in 1979 film

(Newser) - A teenage rite of passage made popular in a movie claimed a life yesterday when an 18-year-old high school graduate plunged 65 feet to his death into an Indiana quarry pool, ABC reports. The plunge was featured in the 1979 coming-of-age movie Breaking Away and is routinely copied by local...

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