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Italian Fashion Designer Dies Days After Joining Moschino

Brand's new creative director Davide Renne, formerly with Gucci, is dead at 46

(Newser) - Just days after Davide Renne left Gucci and arrived at Moschino to take over as creative director, the Italian fashion designer has died, reports the New York Post . "It is with deep sorrow and great sadness, Moschino announces that Davide Renne passed away on November 10th, 2023 in Milan,...

France Makes an Aggressive Push Against 'Fast Fashion'

Rebate program will offer up to $28 to fix clothes, shoes instead of buying new, but some are wary

(Newser) - Don't toss those ripped jeans or that shirt missing a button just yet, at least not if you live in France. That's because starting in October, the French government will be offering what's essentially a rebate to people who mend their own clothes and shoes instead of...

Clothing Retailers Jump on the Rentals Bandwagon

Idea of wear-it-and-return-it is gaining steam

(Newser) - Renting clothes could be the future of fashion—or it could just be a fad. But traditional retailers can no longer afford to wait on the sidelines to find out, per the AP . That's why a growing number are now offering customers the option to rent clothes for a...

Fashion Wunderkind 'Deeply Saddened' to Shutter His Label

Zac Posen's namesake brand is no more

(Newser) - Designer Zac Posen is shutting down his namesake label. Posen has been a red-carpet favorite for close to two decades, known for glamorous, body-hugging gowns, often with long trains or big, flamboyant ruffles, for stars like Katie Holmes and Rihanna. An announcement from the label's owners, House of Z...

As Michael Kors, Versace Merge, a Big Name Change

After $2.1B buy goes through, new company will be called Capri Holdings

(Newser) - Michael Kors is buying the Italian fashion house Gianni Versace in a deal worth more than $2 billion, continuing its hard charge into the world of high-end fashion. The deal announced Tuesday follows the New York handbag maker's $1.35 billion acquisition last year of the shoemaker Jimmy Choo,...

Report: Ivanka Clothing Sales Surge From No. 550 to 11

According to January and February data from Lyst

(Newser) - Controversy seems to be doing wonders for Ivanka Trump's fashion line. The company isn't providing numbers to back up its claims that February brought it "some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand," but e-commerce site Lyst reports that overall sales...

Black Model's Campaign Strikes a Chord

Deddeh Howard subs herself in to ads with white models, to make a point

(Newser) - Deddeh Howard was flipping through a magazine looking for ideas for her fashion blog when she noticed "there were simply no black models in there," she tells Mic . It didn't come as much of a surprise given that Howard, 27, had been rejected by modeling agencies claiming...

He's an 18-Year-Old Mormon. He's Also a Supermodel
He's an 18-Year-Old
Mormon. He's Also
a Supermodel
in case you missed it

He's an 18-Year-Old Mormon. He's Also a Supermodel

If you haven't heard of Lucky Blue Smith, you're officially in the loop

(Newser) - Today's stereotype-busting story comes compliments of the Times of London , which shares the story of Lucky Blue Smith, an 18-year-old Mormon who isn't currently on a 2-year mission, which is what the church recommends for teens of that age. "I feel I can spread the word much...

Model Quits; Manager Says Industry Favors Whites

Ajak Deng is out

(Newser) - Ajak Deng—whom Vice calls "one of Australia's most successful model exports" since her modeling debut in 2008—abruptly quit Tuesday, likely because of racism. "I am happy to announce that I am officially done with the fashion industry, I will be moving back to Australia In...

Fashion Retailer Has $1M for Best Recycling Idea

H&M wants to reduce environmental strains of 'fast fashion'

(Newser) - H&M—the second most-profitable clothing store in the world—has drawn criticism for embodying the "fast-fashion" model of retail. Fast-fashion basically means overproducing cheap clothing, which can be good for consumers but not so good for workers and the environment. (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver explains the...

Toss Bangladesh Factory Owner in Jail for Life: Gov't

Government report cites reasons for collapse

(Newser) - The owner of the Bangladesh factory whose collapse killed some 1,100 people deserves life in prison if found guilty of code violations, a government committee says. Sohel Rana "used extremely poor quality iron rods and cement," says the head of the committee, whose report details the reasons...

Yet Another Bangladesh Factory Fire Claims 8 Lives

Meanwhile, collapse toll reaches 912

(Newser) - The disasters continue at Bangladesh's garment factories. There was the fire that killed more than 100 people late last year; then another fire in January; then the building collapse whose confirmed death toll has reached 912. Now, yet another fire has killed at least eight people in a Dhaka...

First Debris Found From Missoni Plane

Piece of luggage found near island

(Newser) - The first sign of debris from a missing plane that was carrying the CEO of Italian fashion house Missoni has surfaced in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. A German tourist found a bag from the plane, which vanished shortly after takeoff on Jan. 4 near Venezuela, an official said....

Fashion Bigwigs Now Big Political Players

Designers used to support issues; now they're supporting Obama

(Newser) - Could Michelle Obama's taste in clothes help her husband win reelection? The Washington Post sees a fashion industry gaining political traction—and a pattern emerging between Mrs. Obama's outfits and her husband's donations. Almost half of the designers she wears have donated to the president's cause,...

Marc Jacobs Sends Girls, 14, Down Runway

'There is no controversy,' he declares as he flouts industry standards

(Newser) - Designer Marc Jacobs is flouting fashion industry recommendations by sending 14-year-old models down his catwalk. “I do the show the way I think it should be, not the way somebody tells me it should be,” Jacobs told the New York Times after his Manhattan presentation. "There is...

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'
 Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat' 

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'

And Lana Del Rey has a lot of implants, says fashion designer

(Newser) - It's always fun when Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth , which he did quite a bit during a recent stint as guest editor of Metro . His most buzz-generating quote is about Adele: "The thing at the moment is Adele," he says. "She is a little too fat,...

Fashion Exec's Charred House Torn Down

Father who died had just landed job as Saks' Santa Claus

(Newser) - Survivors are trying to pick up the pieces after the furious blaze that engulfed a $1.7 million-dollar Connecticut home yesterday, killing the parents and children of fashion marketing executive Madonna Badger, the New York Post reports. Her father, Lomer Johnson, had just landed his dream holiday-season job—one befitting...

Benetton Ads Have World Leaders Smooching

Photoshopped images have Obama, the pope, Hu Jintao, others kissing

(Newser) - If Benetton hoped its new ad campaign would generate buzz, mission accomplished. The fashion label's "Unhate" campaign features photos of world leaders digitally altered to make it look like they're kissing each other, notes the Wall Street Journal . President Obama, for example, is lip-locked with China's...

Love Milk? Now You Can Wear It

German designer makes eco-friendly clothes from drink

(Newser) - For the fashion industry, cows provide more than just leather. Combining her knowledge of biochemistry and clothing design, a German designer has begun making clothes from a textile that’s made of pure milk, the AP reports. It feels like silk, is as washable as cotton, and is good for...

Hot on the Runways: Gap-Tooth Models

Albinos, scars also trendy in modeling these days

(Newser) - The fashion industry is bored with perfection. This year, the most sought-after models are gracing runways with offbeat looks: albino coloring, tattoos and piercing, and gap teeth. Especially gap teeth. High-profile ad campaigns are snapping up models with space between their two front teeth, and the look is also hot...

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