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After 25 Years, Charges Filed in Satanic Verses Shooting

Norway makes the move ahead of deadline so investigation can continue

(Newser) - Police in Norway just made a move to keep alive the investigation into a 25-year-old shooting that captured the world's attention, reports Reuters . Back in 1993, the man who published Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses in Norway was shot three times outside his home. William Nygaard survived, but...

Nobel Panel Slams Fatwa on Rushdie—27 Years Later

Panel condemns 'flagrant breaches of international law'

(Newser) - Better late than never? The Swedish Academy, which selects the winners of the Nobel Prize in literature, has condemned an Iranian death warrant against British writer Salman Rushdie, 27 years after it was pronounced. Two members quit the academy in 1989 after it refused to condemn Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini's...

Iran's Media Raises $600K for Renewed Rushdie Fatwa

'It will never lose its power,' Iran official says of death edict

(Newser) - Since 1989, Salman Rushdie has had to live a mostly underground life after Iran's then-supreme leader called for his assassination over the novel The Satanic Verses. Now that fatwa, which is occasionally paraded out by the country's religious leaders, has been reupped yet again, and this time 40...

Jon Stewart: Romney's Own Dad Wouldn't Vote for Him

George Romney spent early years on welfare

(Newser) - Jon Stewart weighed in on Mitt Romney's 47% controversy last night —or, as he described it, Romney "talking to rich people about poorer people in a manner you would imagine cartoon rich people talk about cartoon poorer people." The first problem with Romney's position: Almost...

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Video Makers

Producer goes into hiding; actress posts 'scared' letter

(Newser) - As rage over an anti-Islamic video erupts into more violent protests— Afghanistan and Pakistan are among the latest—Iran is vowing to hunt down the makers of Innocence of Muslims, the Telegraph reports. "The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns ... this inappropriate and offensive action," said...

Salman Rushdie Proposes, Gets Turned Down

Michelle Barish returns 7-carat diamond ring to novelist

(Newser) - Today, a lesson in why it's not a good idea to propose to someone two days after she splits up with someone else: That's how long Salman Rushdie waited after Michelle Barish broke up with New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch, and it did not go well for...

Rushdie Quits Festival Over Assassination Fears

Received intelligence about plot at Jaipur literary event

(Newser) - Salman Rushdie has dropped out of India's top literary festival after hearing that assassins may have been planning to attend—and kill him. Powerful clerics had protested the author's attendance at the Jaipur festival, which opened today and was to feature Rushdie as a speaker. But "intelligence...

Salman Rushdie Fights 'Moronic' Facebook

Operators insisted he use the name 'Ahmed'—his legal first name

(Newser) - Writer Salman Rushdie was furious at "moronic" Facebook yesterday after the network took down his profile because operators thought it was fake. To start it up again, he was ordered to send in a copy of his passport—then told to use the name Ahmed because that's what...

Salman Rushdie: Free China's Artists
 Salman Rushdie: 
 Free China's Artists 

Salman Rushdie: Free China's Artists

Communist regime has become 'the world's greatest threat to freedom of speech'

(Newser) - Securing the release of Ai Weiwei , and the other artists China has arrested and silenced, “is a matter of urgency and the governments of the free world have a clear duty in this matter,” argues Salman Rushdie in an op-ed in today’s New York Times . The charges...

Why Writing About Sex Is So Hard

 Why Writing About 
 Sex Is So Hard 
Paging Carrie Bradshaw

Why Writing About Sex Is So Hard

It's actually all the readers' fault

(Newser) - Our most august contemporary writers fumble virginally when it comes to writing about sex, and the BBC can't help but wonder why. After all, there have been plenty of renowned writers in the running for Literary Review's annual award for the best bad sex writing: Nominee Philip Roth penned this...

Celebs' Fave Smartphone Apps

Katie Couric, Ivanka Trump share the best apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm

(Newser) - Got a smartphone, but just not sure where to start with the apps? New York magazine has the faves of some famous New Yorkers:
  • Jimmy Fallon, Bionic Eye for iPhone: “Basically, you aim your camera down the street and it will show you floating graphics of where, say, the

Most Hypocritical Book Bannings

(Newser) - Banning a book is a move laden with ironies that can make the banner seem dull-witted in the long run. For National Banned Books Week, lists "the most hypocritical, ignorant, and, based on the content of the books, ironic" bans:
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury: The sci-fi

Ian McEwan: I Sheltered Rushdie After 1989 Fatwa

Novelist reveals how he protected his friend

(Newser) - Twenty years after the Iranian leadership declared a death sentence on Salman Rushdie, fellow novelist Ian McEwan reveals that he sheltered the writer in a house in the English countryside. In a long profile of McEwan in the New Yorker, the novelist describes how the pair listened to news of...

Fatwa Against Rushdie Set Off Self-Censorship
Fatwa Against Rushdie Set Off Self-Censorship

Fatwa Against Rushdie Set Off Self-Censorship

Edict brought Muslim culture war to the West: Hitchens

(Newser) - When Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens knew what it meant: "This was not just a warning of what was to come,” he writes in Vanity Fair, “it was the warning.” A global culture war, between Muslim fundamentalists and everyone else, had...

Debuts Edge Favorites for Booker Shortlist

Rushdie, O'Neill passed over for top literary award

(Newser) - The jury for the Man Booker Prize announced its shortlist today—and left off the two books most hotly tipped to win the prestigious literary award, reports the Bookseller. Six novels were chosen, including two debuts. But many were surprised by the omission of Salman Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence,...

Midnight's Children Wins Best of Bookers

Rushdie's epic novel beats out 6 others by public vote

(Newser) - Salman Rushdie's classic Midnight's Children, which nabbed the Booker Prize 27 years ago, has now won the Best of the Bookers by public vote, the Guardian reports. About a boy born at the hour of India's independence, the novel won over six previous prize winners. The prize "looks at...

That's Sir Salman Rushdie
That's Sir Salman Rushdie

That's Sir Salman Rushdie

Pshaw Iran, Queen Elizabeth knights the controversial author in a 'private moment'

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth officially knighted Salman Rushdie today, the AP reports, a year after the award was announced to widespread Muslim protest. “I have no regrets about any of my work,” said Rushdie, when asked about his novel The Satanic Verses, for which the Shah of Iran awarded him...

Brokeback Headed to Opera Stage

Composer working on converting Oscar-winning movie

(Newser) - Brokeback Mountain, the groundbreaking gay love story of two Wyoming ranch hands which went on to claim 3 Oscars, will be transformed into an opera, Reuters reports. The New York City Opera has commissioned a composer to write the work. 

Protect Her Like You Promised
Protect Her Like You Promised

Protect Her Like You Promised

Dutch must keep free-speech advocate alive, Rushdie and Harris argue in the LAT

(Newser) - Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi deserves “the freedoms of speech and conscience we take for granted," argue Salman Rushdie and Sam Harris—who urge the Dutch to keep protecting her from Islamic killers. The Dutch promised protection in 2002, and should “recognize a scandal in the making”...

Rushdie Honor Sparks Furor
Rushdie Honor Sparks Furor

Rushdie Honor Sparks Furor

Novelist's knighthood prompts uproar from some corners of the Muslim world

(Newser) - Pakistan wants Britain to revoke Salman Rushdie's just-granted knighthood—and the UK should prepare for suicide attacks if it doesn't, a Pakistani cabinet minister said today. "If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologizes and withdraws the...

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