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The Bottles Were Labeled as Gin. That's Not What Was Inside

Australia distillery forced to recall wrongly labeled hand sanitizer

(Newser) - Australia's Apollo Bay Distillery sold nine bottles of what it thought was gin last weekend before realizing the bottles had actually been filled with a liquid with a different kind of burn. The distillery in southwestern Victoria—which had dedicated some of its space to production of hand sanitizer...

2 Big Names Will Be Churning Out Hand Sanitizer

Tito's vodka company, Anheuser-Busch will be tweaking production to make cleansing gels

(Newser) - Just a couple of weeks ago, Tito's warned consumers not to use its vodka as a DIY hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak. But perhaps that got management thinking about how it actually could help during the pandemic, because now Tito's has made itself a full-fledged partner in...

Hand Sanitizer, All Gone? These People Give It Away

Distilleries are pitching in during the coronavirus pandemic

(Newser) - Trying to buy hand sanitizer? Then you know it's increasingly unavailable or overpriced. That's why distilleries across America are stepping up and cranking out their own product during the coronavirus pandemic, CBS News reports. Whether it's the Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta, the Durham Distillery in North...

Distillery to Pepsi: 'Mountain Dew' Is Fair Game for Moonshiners
Distillery to Pepsi:
'Mountain Dew'
Is Fair Game for

Distillery to Pepsi: 'Mountain Dew' Is Fair Game for Moonshiners

Ole Smoky Moonshine says the brand name has long been a descriptor for hooch in Appalachia

(Newser) - In Appalachia, those who distill moonshine have long called their product "mountain dew," and the descriptor as such can even be found in the dictionary . That's exactly what a Tennessee distillery is counting on as it fights to force PepsiCo to let it, and others, use the...

Kentucky Has Pair of Newly Poured Bourbon Ponds

After warehouse's partial collapse, hastily constructed retention ponds collect 120K gallons

(Newser) - Willie Nelson might've implored a whiskey river to wash his blues away, but the Barton 1792 Distillery in Kentucky has a couple of brand new, relatively unanticipated bourbon ponds, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal . After the partial collapse of a warehouse last month sent up to 9,000 barrels crashing...

New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Booze

 New Bipartisan Cause: 
 Cheaper Tequila 

New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Tequila

House bill slashes federal tax on whiskey, rum, too

(Newser) - Raising a glass of whiskey, rum, or tequila to the spirit of bipartisan cooperation could become cheaper under a bill introduced to the House Tuesday. The Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act, co-sponsored by Indiana Republican Todd Young and Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth, would dramatically cut federal taxes on...

'Rogue' Workers Busted in $100K Bourbon Ring

9 charged with years of theft from 2 distilleries

(Newser) - There are those, perhaps scarred by youthful overindulgence, who might wonder why anyone would steal even a shot of Wild Turkey, and then there are the nine people indicted today in Kentucky with taking thousands of dollars worth of bourbon from two distilleries. The case is attracting a lot of...

Distillery Neighbors Sue Over 'Black Gunk'

Whiskey distilleries lead to gross-sounding fungus

(Newser) - The good news when you live next door to a whiskey distillery is that … you live next door to a whiskey distillery. The bad news? Apparently those distilleries cause a fungus—or, as the New York Times calls it, a "sooty-looking black gunk"—to spread over houses,...

India Raids Bootleggers Amid Toxic Booze Deaths

Death toll hits 170, a dozen arrested

(Newser) - Police raided dozens of liquor dens and illegal distilleries in eastern India today, arresting a dozen people, as more and more people fell ill thanks to illegal methanol-tainted booze . Police are still searching for the mastermind behind the operation, a district magistrate tells the AP . So far 170 people have...

Modern Moonshine: 'Artisanal,' Not Rotgut

Hot but illegal trend produces fashionable spirits

(Newser) - Moonshiners these days are just as likely to be in a basement in Poughkeepsie as in a holler in West Virginia. Though homebrew is illegal in all 50 states, the trend is on the rise, writes Josh Ozersky in Time . And unlike the "mountain dew" of yore, these "...

Kentucky Bourbon No Backwoods Booze
 Kentucky Bourbon 
 No Backwoods Booze 

Kentucky Bourbon No Backwoods Booze

Sophisticated stuff sees popularity spike

(Newser) - Bourbon is sweet, but that’s no reason to call it unsophisticated, as one lover of the stuff learned on a trip to Kentucky. Making the whiskey is a process so complex and nuanced that master distillers are few—and the job often stays within families, writes spirits expert and...

Sun Rises on Japanese Whiskey

After claiming numerous awards, Nikka and Suntory plan global marketing push

(Newser) - Japanese whiskey is becoming a contender on the world stage, set to steal market share worldwide from the likes of Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal, the Guardian reports. Japan’s Nikka and Suntory distilleries took the single-malt and blended whiskey awards, respectively, at last year’s world whiskey awards, and...

Surging Whiskey Sales Inspire Eco-Distillery

Demand for whiskey hits an all-time high

(Newser) - Worldwide demand for whiskey has prompted Scotland to start building a new eco-friendly distillery, the Guardian reports. The huge, industrial-scale plant will emit only 15% of the usual CO2 and recycle all of its water; its leftover liquids will be used to generate heat. "The important point is that...

Distillers Like Taste of Bourbon Boom

Weak dollar, rising exports help fuel spike in sales

(Newser) - Kentucky bourbon is popular in the likes of Russia and China as drinkers worldwide flock to the US drink, the AP reports. A weak dollar, rising exports, and a bourbon trend among young Americans are also fueling the boom. "Younger consumers are interested in drinks that were, you might...

Scotch Makers Blend Subtler Spirits

Distillers hold tradition close, but explore unconventional tastes

(Newser) - The art of distilling whiskey is alive and well in Scotland, with makers sticking to the spirit’s roots while expanding its flavor ranges, AFP reports. Though earthy, smoky beverages remain at their core, the Dewar’s and Glenmorangie distilleries are developing whiskeys with mild flavors ranging to honey, waxed...

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