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Da Vinci Code Author, Ex Settle Suit Over Alleged Secret Life

The terms were not disclosed

(Newser) - The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown and his ex-wife have agreed to settle a lawsuit in which she alleged he led a secret life during their marriage that included several affairs. The couple agreed to voluntary dismiss the lawsuit and "any and all claims and counterclaims in this...

Dan Brown's Ex Sues, Lobs Big Accusations

Blythe Brown says 'Da Vinci Code' author cheated, hid millions

(Newser) - Dan and Blythe Brown divorced last year, but the drama is only just beginning. Blythe Brown filed suit against her ex Monday in New Hampshire, and the filing is a doozy: She alleges the Da Vinci Code author cheated on her, including at least once with a woman half his...

Charity Shop Slammed With Copies of Da Vinci Code

14 years later, we apparently still have some copies to unload

(Newser) - The Da Vinci Code has sold so many copies—that would be at least 80 million —that it's bound to turn up in book donation piles. But at one charity shop in the UK, it's been donated so heavily that the shop has posted a sign propped...

Inferno Finds Hell's Basement
Inferno Finds Hell's Basement

Inferno Finds Hell's Basement

A Madea Halloween movie just beat it with $16.6M

(Newser) - Tom Hanks and Ron Howard's latest Dan Brown adaptation, Inferno, went up in flames at the weekend box office, handing Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween a surprise victory. Perry's latest Madea movie remained No. 1 for the second straight week, reports the AP , topping the North...

Aptly-Named Inferno Is 'Hell'
Aptly Named
Inferno Is 'Hell'

Aptly Named Inferno Is 'Hell'

'One of the worst movies of the year'

(Newser) - Even the ever-lovable Tom Hanks can't save this movie. Critics are giving the latest Robert Langdon adventure Inferno , based on the Dan Brown book in which Langdon must use Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy to track down a virus with the potential to destroy half the world's population,...

7 Books Hitting the Big Screen Next Year

So you can get a head start on your reading

(Newser) - Looking for some summer reading? Consider these books listed by Christian Science Monitor , all of which are being made into films coming out next year:
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: A boy trying to uncover whether a monster killed his grandfather stumbles onto a home

The Philippines Would Like a Word With Dan Brown

Government official unhappy with 'gates of hell' description

(Newser) - Manila officials were probably excited to learn that one of the characters in Dan Brown's latest sure-to-be blockbuster visits the city. That is, until they read the descriptions of the child-sex trade, pollution, and poverty, all of which prompted the character in Inferno to declare, "I've run...

How Dan Brown Could Finally Get Some Respect

He just needs to insert some actual substance into his books: Alan Yuhas

(Newser) - Make no mistake: Alan Yuhas is not a Dan Brown fan (the headline of his Guardian column begins, "Dan Brown still can't write"), but he does think the Da Vinci Code author deserves some credit for at least trying to get his readers interested in high-minded ideas....

Dan Brown Has New Novel Coming in May

Brown-esque stunt helps launch 'Inferno' publicity blitz

(Newser) - Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown is bringing back fictional code-breaker Robert Langdon in a new novel in May. Inferno will center on Dante, taking its name from the first part of his 14th-century work, The Divine Comedy. Brown and Doubleday announced the title today in a social media stunt...

Cardinal: Satan, Media Trying to Break Vatican

Bertone also accuses reporters of imitating Dan Brown

(Newser) - Misguided reporters under the influence of Satan are trying to undermine the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope's No. 2 said today. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone also accused journalists of trying "to imitate Dan Brown," author of bestsellers like The Da Vinci Code, by reporting on the so-called "...

Top Cultural Game-Changers
 Top Cultural Game-Changers 
decade in review

Top Cultural Game-Changers

What will we still be talking about next decade? Britney, for one

(Newser) - The ‘00s were full of important contributions to culture, but which ones will we still be talking about in another decade? Here are some of New York ’s picks:
  • TV: The Sopranos for inventing quality cable, American Idol for changing the music industry, and of course all things

Lost Symbol Sets Record for Random House

Brown's DaVinci Code sequel has stunning first-week sales of 2M+

(Newser) - Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code sequel sold more than 2 million English-language copies in its first week, a Doubleday spokesman tells Publisher’s Weekly, making it the best debut Doubleday—or, for that matter, parent company Random House—has ever had. “The book is exceeding our expectations,”...

Lost Symbol Sets Record in First Day

Da Vinci Code follow-up sells 1M copies in 24 hours

(Newser) - To the surprise of exactly no one, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code follow-up, The Lost Symbol, is a smash hit, selling, between its hardcover and e-book editions, 1 million copies in its first day on the shelves, the New York Times reports. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both say...

Dan Brown Goes to Washington
Dan Brown Goes to Washington

Dan Brown Goes to Washington

The master pulls off a DC Da Vinci Code : secrets, conspiracy, plus giant squid

(Newser) - Nobody can pull off Dan Brown's well-worn Da Vinci Code formula for treasure-hunt thrills anymore—except Dan Brown, Janet Maslin writes in the New York Times. Brown's new book The Lost Symbol, hitting bookstores tomorrow, "clicks even if at first it looks dangerously like a clone," packing in...

It's a Busy Fall for Books
 It's a Busy Fall for Books 

It's a Busy Fall for Books

Dave Eggers, Philip Roth, Jon Krakauer have new titles out

(Newser) - Hoping to salvage a miserable year, publishers are flooding the fall season with more hot tickets than normal. Some samples, from the Wall Street Journal:
  • Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, Sept. 1: The next in a series from the Da Vinci Code writer.
  • Nicholson Baker, The Anthologist, Sept. 8: A

Dan Brown's Next Could Spark 'E-Book Revolution'

Big-selling author could lift e-reader sales

(Newser) - Dan Brown’s next book has a 6.5 million-copy print run—one of the biggest ever—but the Lost Symbol could mark a new chapter in the digital world, the Daily Telegraph reports. The Da Vinci Code author’s publisher says an e-book version of the novel will be...

Weird Facts About Best-Selling Authors

Dan Brown, pop musician? And more.

(Newser) - Summer's here, and that means it's time for beach reading. Mental Floss compiles some surprising facts about the authors most commonly toted along to the shore:
  1. Dan Brown hasn’t spent his whole life pondering Vatican conspiracies: he was also a musician and pop singer. The name of his second

Angels & Demons Has Wings
 Angels & Demons Has Wings  

Angels & Demons Has Wings

Da Vinci Code follow-up barrels its way through Dan Brown's brand of hokum

(Newser) - Da Vinci Code sequel Angels & Demons is a fast-paced improvement on its sluggish predecessor, say critics, although filmgoers without a high tolerance for hooey are advised to steer clear.
  • Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer: The "ticking-bomb thriller tightly wrapped in a papal plot and cinched with the ribbons of

Catholics 'Will Enjoy' Da Vinci Prequel: Howard

Director defends Angels & Demons from 'smear campaign'

(Newser) - Ron Howard wants to make something clear: He is not anti-Catholic, and neither is his upcoming film, Angels & Demons. The beleaguered prequel to the similarly controversial Da Vinci Code is under fire from the Catholic League, and Howard responds to the latest “silly and mean-spirited work of propaganda”...

4 Years Overdue, New Dan Brown to Land in Sept.

(Newser) - The follow-up to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code should finally see the light of day later this year, the New York Observer reports. Publisher Doubleday says The Lost Symbol will hit shelves Sept.15, 4 years after originally hoped. The first print run will be 5 million copies, the...

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