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This Grim Arctic Milestone Is Only Years Away
This Grim Arctic Milestone
Is Only Years Away

This Grim Arctic Milestone Is Only Years Away

Decades after its first 'ice-free' day, ocean could be mostly water for months and months

(Newser) - If the Arctic were a color, it would be white. But not for long, apparently. Scientists say to expect a "blue Arctic" in summer months within a decade as emissions from the burning of fossil fuels continue to warm the planet, melting Arctic sea ice . Researchers used climate models...

ExxonMobil Sues Own Investors in Warning to Climate Activists

Lawsuit to test SEC rules as investor groups abandon climate proposal

(Newser) - ExxonMobil investors have abandoned calls for the company to act more aggressively to curb emissions from its operations after ExxonMobil sued them in response. In what the Financial Times reports is "likely to have a chilling effect on similar forms of shareholder activism," ExxonMobil took "the unusual...

Out of COP28, 'Historic' Deal to 'Do What Is Long Overdue'

But critics say little has changed with loopholes that could 'potentially take us backward'

(Newser) - United Nations climate negotiators directed the world on Wednesday to transition away from planet-warming fossil fuels in a move the talks chief called historic, despite critics' worries about loopholes, per the AP . "Humanity has finally done what is long, long, long overdue," Wopke Hoekstra, European Union commissioner for...

12 Richest People Cause More Pollution Than 2M Homes

New Oxfam report points the finger at the 1% for more carbon emissions than poorest 2/3 of world

(Newser) - If you're feeling guilty that you haven't yet bought an EV or installed solar panels on your roof to cut down on your portion of greenhouse gases, you're (somewhat) off the hook—you can blame the 1% for a lot of that pollution. A new Oxfam International...

Amid High Emissions, We Have 'Reasons to Be Hopeful'
New Climate Change Report
Has Hopeful Tone

New Climate Change Report Has Hopeful Tone

International Energy Agency acknowledges 'spectacular increase' in clean energy tech

(Newser) - The remarkable growth of clean energy technologies, including electric vehicles, is offering a glimmer of hope as the world faces the effects of a warming planet. In a new report , the Paris-based International Energy Agency finds the path to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and reaching net-zero...

Alarmed by Melting Glaciers, Swiss Vote for Climate Steps

Referendum sets 2050 deadline for achieving 'net zero' emissions

(Newser) - Swiss voters on Sunday approved a bill aimed at introducing climate measures to sharply curb the rich Alpine nation's greenhouse gas emissions. Final results released by public broadcaster SRF showed that 59.1% of voters were in favor of the bill, while 40.9% voted against. The referendum was...

Greenpeace Hit With Suit by Major Oil Firm

TotalEnergies slams environmental group for report that says its 2019 emissions were higher than claimed

(Newser) - In November, Greenpeace France put out a damning report that found oil giant TotalEnergies had carbon emissions in 2019 that were nearly four times what the company claimed. Now, Total is suing the environmental group, accusing Greenpeace's report of "false and misleading information," per Reuters . In the...

EPA Wants End Date on Emissions From Power Plants

Supreme Court blocked attempt during Obama administration

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency wants power plants to almost eliminate their carbon dioxide emissions, an effort blocked by the Supreme Court during President Barack Obama's administration. The Biden administration proposal, which is still being developed, probably would force fossil fuel-burning plants to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from their...

New Zealand Wants to Tax This Cow's Burps

Farmers are not on board with the plan

(Newser) - There are just 5 million people in New Zealand but some 10 million beef and dairy cattle and 26 million sheep. New Zealand's government on Tuesday proposed taxing the greenhouse gasses those farm animals make from burping and peeing as part of a plan to tackle climate change. The...

Country Plans First Tax on Cow, Sheep Burps

New Zealand is including agriculture in emissions-trading scheme

(Newser) - New Zealand is looking into slapping a tax on one of the country's main sources of greenhouse-gas emissions: The livestock that outnumber human New Zealanders by more than seven to one. Agriculture accounts for around half the country's emissions, mainly methane produced by the burps of sheep and...

Experts Warn of Possible 'Taste' of Crossing Climate Threshold

There's a 48% chance temps will reach 1.5 degrees C above preindustrial levels before 2026

(Newser) - The 2015 Paris Agreement lays out the goal to try to limit global warming to a long-term average of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels. But there's already a 48% chance that we'll temporarily breach that limit in one of the next five...

Steep Rise in Methane Is 'Extremely Disturbing'

Emissions jumped by record amount last year

(Newser) - Methane doesn't linger in the air for anywhere near as long as the more notorious greenhouse gas carbon dioxide—but it traps heat 25 times more efficiently, and scientists say the recent steep rise in methane emissions is very disturbing. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the concentration...

Gas Stoves Leak Methane Even When Turned Off
Gas Stoves Leak Methane
Even When Turned Off
new study

Gas Stoves Leak Methane Even When Turned Off

New study says effect on the environment is real

(Newser) - A new study suggests that gas stoves are not as safe for the environment as once believed, Scientific American reports. Even when a natural gas cooking stove isn’t on, it leaks methane gas, and the amount is significant in the aggregate, per NPR . In fact, about 80% of the...

FAA Brings in Smoother Landings at 42 Airports

New procedure cuts noise, emissions

(Newser) - Passengers at 42 American airports, including Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Miami International Airport, might have noticed smoother landings in 2021. The Federal Aviation Administration has altered how planes land at those airports and it plans to bring the change to other airports, including New York's LaGuardia, in 2022....

Jump in Coal Use Pushes Up US Emissions

Increase outstrips economic growth, making Biden's goal harder to reach

(Newser) - Greenhouse gas emissions rose last year, making the US goal of a 50% reduction by 2030 that much harder to reach. The increase was 6.2% over 2020, pushed by a 17% jump in coal-fired electricity, the Washington Post reports. An analysis by the Rhodium Group, a research firm, showed...

Movement Tries to Sell Switching From Gas in Homes

Climate and health reasons drive the switch, though the industry argues the points

(Newser) - The movement to turn off the gas in homes is picking up steam. More cities are prohibiting the use of gas in new homes and businesses, and even in existing buildings, the Los Angeles Times reports. Just last week, the New York City Council approved a ban for most new...

Oil Giant Sets Net-Zero Target
Oil Giant Sets Net-Zero Target

Oil Giant Sets Net-Zero Target

Saudi Arabia makes announcement ahead of global climate summit

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia, one of the world's largest oil producers, has announced it aims to reach "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions by 2060, joining more than 100 countries in a global effort to curb man-made climate change. Although the kingdom will aim to reduce emissions within its own borders,...

EU Reveals Broad Attack on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
EU Proposals Would
End Fossil Fuel Economy

EU Proposals Would End Fossil Fuel Economy

Environmental groups fear the plan, though sweeping, still isn't enough

(Newser) - The European Union has announced a series of policies that would make it a leader in combatting the effects of climate change. The policies would employ tariffs and taxes to reach carbon emissions goals and would, in 14 years, take new gas- and diesel-powered cars off the market, the New ...

World Leaders Like Biden's 'Complete Change' on Climate

US lays out ambitious new goal on emissions at virtual world summit

(Newser) - President Biden convened a virtual climate-change summit with other world leaders on Thursday and kicked things off with an ambitious pledge. Biden said the US would cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 when compared to 2005 levels. In a stark contrast to the views of predecessor Donald Trump,...

Air Traffic Control to 'Throw Out the Old Rules' to Save Fuel

Pilots helming trans-Atlantic flights between Canada, UK can now pick their own flight paths thanks to pandemic

(Newser) - In 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency released its first-ever rules on airlines emissions, designed to cut down on air pollution, per the Hill . Now, a new collaboration will hopefully help reduce airlines' carbon footprint even further. The typically congested airspace between North America and Europe used to boast around 1,...

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