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The Greediest, Angriest, Most Jealous States in America

WalletHub takes note of our sins and ranks us

(Newser) - The first day of Lent is Wednesday, and for Christians who follow the observance, it's often a time to give up a bad habit for the six weeks that follow. That may be harder for people in some parts of the country, per WalletHub , which has ranked US states...

Germany: Bus Bomber Motivated by Greed

He bought options to sell 15K shares in soccer team

(Newser) - A 28-year-old German-Russian citizen was arrested Friday in Germany on suspicion of bombing the bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund soccer team in an attack last week that prosecutors allege was motivated by financial greed. A Dortmund player and a policeman were injured in the triple blasts last week as the...

Teens Allegedly Left Girl for Dead, Kept 'Memento'

Two 16-year-olds have been arrested after girl found in Utah ditch

(Newser) - Two teenage boys charged with shooting a 14-year-old girl in the back of the head and leaving her wounded in a ditch lured her to the spot in a small Utah town with a plan to rob and kill her, prosecutors said. The 16-year-old boys set up a meeting by...

10 Awful Things We'd Do for Money

Murder, sex, assault, treason, pornography, and so much more

(Newser) - Judging by the skyrocketing Powerball jackpot , Americans are willing to turn a blind eye to statistics in the pursuit of easy money. But it turns out that's not the worst thing we'd do for a payday. "Many Americans admit they would be willing to go to incredible,...

Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy
Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy
new poll

Americans on Hard-working Rich: Admirable, Greedy

Oh, and more intelligent and less honest: Pew Research Center poll

(Newser) - Good news for the 1%: A little more than 40% of Americans think you are more intelligent and more hardworking than the average Joe, according to a new Pew Research Center poll . And if you worked hard to get your money, then 92% of middle-class Americans would describe you as...

Cost of Freedom: Everyone's Selfish
 Cost of Freedom: 
 Everyone's Selfish 

Cost of Freedom: Everyone's Selfish

From hippies to capitalists, US has embraced individual liberty: Kurt Anderson

(Newser) - The 1960s brought a raft of cultural freedoms, from women's rights to new attitudes about drugs. But anyone dreaming of economic equality has been sorely disappointed; old-school free market ideas have only gotten stronger. Kurt Anderson has a theory to explain the divide: On both the cultural and economic...

Why Money Actually Isn't the 'Root of All Evil'
Why Money Actually Isn't
the 'Root of All Evil'

Why Money Actually Isn't the 'Root of All Evil'

Common warning is actually a misquote: Trent Hamm

(Newser) - “Money is the root of all evil,” a concerned friend recently wrote to Christian Science Monitor financial blogger Trent Hamm, wondering why Hamm would devote his blog to helping people accumulate wealth. But that phrase, which you’ve probably heard or even said yourself, is actually a misquote,...

A New Way to Cheat on Your Spouse: Lie About Money

One in three admit to fibbing about financial matters

(Newser) - Infidelity isn't always the stuff of illicit affairs. A new survey shows that 31% of Americans who combine their finances with a spouse have lied about money to said spouse. "Financial infidelity may be the new normal," writes Jenna Goudreau at her Forbes blog . The most common misdeeds...

Let's Not Have a World of 'Greed Without Limits'

Goldman case is a referendum on modern America

(Newser) - The case against Goldman Sachs is about far more than the legalities involved, writes Matt Taibbi. It may "turn into a final referendum on the greed-is-good ethos that conquered America sometime in the 80s," he writes in an op-ed for the Guardian . That ethos has been worming its...

America's Greediest People
 America's Greediest People 
Year in Review

America's Greediest People

Larry Ellison heads up a list full of no-good rich folks

(Newser) - These days, it’s easy to fill up a “greediest Americans” list. Just ask , a site devoted entirely to “excess and inequality.” “We could fill an entire top 10 just with bankers from Goldman Sachs,” it boasts. The list:
  1. Larry Ellison: The really

Summers: Stimulus Is Starting to Work

(Newser) - Larry Summers sounded a note of cautious optimism today about President Obama's stimulus plan, the Washington Post reports. While it's way too early to assess its "broader economic impact," Obama's chief economic adviser called it "moderately encouraging" that consumer spending appears to be back on track.

Psychologists: Victorian Novels Helped Us Evolve

Victorian literature upheld cooperation, personal sacrifice

(Newser) - Victorian novels didn't just tout moralistic values of 19th-century British society, they helped altruistic genes flourish, a study claims. Evolutionary psychologists say classic characters such as Mr. Darcy and Count Dracula helped instill and promote a sense of right and wrong in society, the Guardian reports, specifically the notion that...

'The Oracle' Forgot One Thing: We're Greedy
'The Oracle' Forgot One Thing: We're Greedy

'The Oracle' Forgot One Thing: We're Greedy

Founding fathers quickly figured out people couldn't be trusted to be selfless

(Newser) - If those who ignore history repeat it, Alan Greenspan must have slept through a few Constitutional history classes. In promoting the risky derivatives market, the former Federal Reserve chairman was depending on individuals' restraint and care for the greater good. But Americans just aren't that altruistic, as the Founding Fathers...

Broker Breaks Ranks to Rant on Profession's 'Gibberish'

Anonymous London columnist goes public

(Newser) - A London broker who wrote a popular, anonymous newspaper column that lambasted the greed, superficiality, and "gibberish"-peddling nature of his profession is going public, quitting the financial world, and, of course, writing a book about it all, Bloomberg reports. “We didn't invent greed,” said Geraint Anderson,...

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