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Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Crooked Ex

Raffaello Follieri taught her to be 'more wary,' she says

(Newser) - Anne Hathaway’s “dealbreaker” when it comes to dating? “Fraud,” she tells Vogue in its November cover story. The actress can laugh now about her relationship with Raffaello Follieri, who was convicted of cheating investors out of millions in 2008. But she also admits she is “... More »

Hathaway Tries On Her New Life

Single after much-covered breakup with fraud, star faces new roles in life, on film

(Newser) - After a split with her jail-bound boyfriend, Anne Hathaway is trying on new outfits in both her personal and professional lives, she tells Sally Singer in Vogue. A London shopping trip may find the star a bit uncertain, but colleagues don’t mince words in praising her on-screen growth: She’... More »

'Vati-Con' Agrees to Pay $3.6M

Ann Hathaway's ex says he wants to repay fraud victims, but may be too broke

(Newser) - Raffaello Follieri, the jailed ex-boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway who used alleged connections to the pope to scam investors, has agreed to return $3.6 million to victims, including two priests and celeb-billionaire Ron Burkle. It’s a small chunk of the $13 million the “Vati-Con” is accused of... More »

Hathaway's New Man a Bad Seed, Too

Shulman an 'opportunist,' actress 'addicted to losers:' source

(Newser) - Anne Hathaway has a “sexy” new man, and he’s no high-flying fraudster like her now-in-prison ex, but they may share a quality. Still-struggling actor Adam Shulman is an “opportunist,” a source tells the New York Post. “When he was at Brown [University], he went after... More »

Hathaway's Ex 'Deteriorates' in Prison

Con man Follieri can't handle 'filthy, smelly' conditions, bad food

(Newser) - Moving from his $37,500-a-month Trump Tower apartment into a windowless dorm room shared with 120 other inmates has not been good for Raffaello Follieri’s health, the New York Post reports. The convicted con man’s lawyer told a judge that Anne Hathaway’s ex has blood in his... More »

Hathaway Mocks Conman Ex

Actress' SNL monologue includes dig at Rafaello Follieri

(Newser) - Anne Hathaway made fun of her high-profile split with convicted fraudster Rafaello Follieri on Saturday Night Live, reports MSNBC. “I broke up with my boyfriend … and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud … I mean, we've all been there, right, ladies?” the actress said... More »

Hathaway's Ex Cops a Plea

Admits laundered money used to fund his lavish lifestyle

(Newser) - Wearing prison attire, Raffaelo Follieri pleaded guilty today to 14 federal counts of fraud and money laundering, Reuters reports. "I knew what I was doing was wrong," actress Anne Hathaway's ex said as he admitted misrepresenting his ties to the Vatican and using investors' money to fund his... More »

Hathaway's Ex Considers Copping Plea

High-living Follieri weighs deal with feds on fraud charges

(Newser) - Italian entrepreneur Raffaello Follieri may plead guilty as soon as today to fraud and money-laundering, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anne Hathaway's ex could still opt for a trial. He faces federal charges that carry a sentence of up to 5 years, even with the plea deal, but the government's... More »

How 'Vati-Con' Follieri Fooled the World

Hathaway's boy toy lived large on Other People's Money

(Newser) - Raffaello Follieri has been sensationalized as some new kind of con man, but Anne Hathaway’s ex is actually an old archetype, Michael Shnayerson writes in Vanity Fair. Like the heroes of 19th-century social novels, Follieri is a young man from the provinces who conquered the world, got the girl—... More »

Feds Confiscate Hathaway's Diaries

Actress could be drawn into fraud case against ex-boyfriend

(Newser) - Anne Hathaway could be drawn into the scandal surrounding her ex-boyfriend. The FBI has seized the actress’ diaries, looking for evidence in the fraud investigation against Raffaello Follieri. They also confiscated personal photos of the pair, along with other documents, a Tiffany clock, watches, and an antique Bible. Hathaway hasn’... More »

High-Rolling Hathaway Ex Charged With Fraud

Raffaelo Follieri said to use Vatican in scam, which ensnared billionaire Burkle, others

(Newser) - Actress Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend was charged today with defrauding investors of millions with a real-estate scheme in which Raffaello Follieri claimed intimate connections with the Vatican, the Smoking Gun reports. Billionaire Ron Burkle appears to be the "principal investor" scammed by Follieri, 29, who used Burkle’s money... More »

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