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Trump 'Doesn't Believe' Fox News Poll Results

'There's something going on at Fox,' he says

(Newser) - A Fox News poll showing President Trump behind the four leading Democratic candidates is evidence that there is something wrong with Fox News, according to the president. Trump, formerly very cozy with the network, slammed Fox over the poll results Sunday, saying he simply doesn't believe them, the Hill... More »

Poll: More and More, Everybody Wants to Get (Legally) Stoned

Growing majority across all age groups now favor legal marijuana

(Newser) - A growing majority of Americans say marijuana should be legal, underscoring a national shift as more states embrace cannabis for medical or recreational use. Support for legal marijuana hit 61% in 2018, up from 57% two years ago, according to the General Social Survey, a widely respected trend survey that... More »

Per One Poll, Trump's Approval Rating Is Up to 50%

But other polls paint a different picture

(Newser) - President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report post Monday morning that announced the commander in chief's approval rating is back up to 50%, with 50% disapproving of his job performance, per a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll. The daily presidential tracking gauge notes that Trump's thumbs-up numbers peaked at 59%... More »

Clinton Falling Behind in 'Critical' New Hampshire

New poll gives Bernie Sanders 16-point lead

(Newser) - Things aren't looking good for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a state seen as "vital" for the success of her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Wall Street Journal reports. A new CNN poll puts Bernie Sanders 16 points ahead of Clinton in the first Democratic primary... More »

This Poll Might Be the One Hillary Needs to Worry About

Support among women drops sharply

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is currently holding several weeks of "Women for Hillary" rallies ... but in a span of just eight weeks, support for Clinton among Democratic-leaning female voters dropped 29 percentage points. A Washington Post - ABC News poll back in July found that 71% of such voters expected to... More »

1 in 5 Americans: Bring Back the Gas Chamber

NBC News poll finds most back alternative execution methods

(Newser) - If one in five Americans had their way, the US wouldn't need to worry about an execution drug shortage because, well, we'd be gassing convicts. According to an NBC News poll, about two-thirds of 800 respondents said they would support alternative methods of execution: 20% are for gas... More »

Poll: This Congress Is Worst Ever

Two-thirds in CNN poll say this one ranks dead last

(Newser) - Congress is wrapping up a spectacularly unproductive year , as the Huffington Post notes, so why not end the year with a spectacularly dismal public-opinion poll: Enter CNN with a survey that finds two-thirds of Americans think this is the worst Congress in their lifetime. Republican or Democrat, old or young,... More »

Obama's Foreign Policy Approval at All-Time Low

Only 4 in 10 approve of the job he's doing

(Newser) - With low public support for US airstrikes on Syria, Obama's approval rating on foreign policy has also been sinking, and has now hit an all-time low, reports CNN . A poll by the news channel finds only four in 10 of those studied approve of the job the president is... More »

Spitzer: I'm Not Voting for Weiner

Says he'd fire any public employee for sexting, too

(Newser) - Ouch. When even the other sex-scandal candidate won't support you, you know you're in trouble. In an interview with MSNBC, Eliot Spitzer said he won't be voting for Anthony Weiner for mayor of New York City, and that he'd fire any public employee he caught sexting,... More »

Frontrunner in Mayor's Race Is ... Not Weiner

Christine Quinn retakes the lead, by a lot

(Newser) - Have New Yorkers had enough? In a Marist poll last month, Anthony Weiner claimed frontrunner status in the race for New York City mayor by 5 points over Christine Quinn. This week's revelations have caused a 14-point swing: She's now in front with 25% to his 16%, reports... More »

Nation Racially Divided Over Zimmerman Verdict

86% of blacks, 30% of whites unhappy with outcome

(Newser) - Two new polls find America is divided racially and politically over the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Both a Washington Post -ABC News poll (of 1,002 people) and a Pew Research poll (of 1,480) found 86% of black respondents were unhappy with the verdict, compared with 31% of... More »

Confidence in Congress Can't Get Much Lower

Only 10% of us have a 'great deal' or 'quite a lot'

(Newser) - Things Americans have more confidence in than Congress, according to the latest Gallup poll: the police, organized religion, banks, big business, HMOs ... and literally everything else pollsters asked them about. Congress came in last on the list of 16 institutions for the fourth consecutive year, and this year found the... More »

The 12 Things Nearly All Americans Agree On

Surveys show most of us believe in God, are OK with birth control

(Newser) - What can nine out of 10 Americans agree on? Survey says: not much. That's partly because the big polls such as Pew, Gallup, and the General Social Survey are designed to explore differences, not to document what unites the United States. Still, a few questions discover 90% agreement, or... More »

Support Up for Gay Marriage, Down for Abortion

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan addresses the abortion issue

(Newser) - Support for gay marriage is up, but the same isn't true for abortion, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll . The survey of 1,000 people found 53% in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to marry, up two points since December (it notes the rise is... More »

Clinton Easily Tops Republicans in Florida Poll

GOP analysts fear facing Clinton 'will be impossible'

(Newser) - With the 2016 elections right around the corner (well, a three-year corner), Hillary Clinton boasts 11-point leads over her closest Republican rivals in the swing state of Florida, according to a new Quinnipiac poll . Clinton leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush 51%-40%, and Sen. Marco Rubio 52%-41%. She also holds... More »

Poll: Congress More Popular Than Ebola, Kardashians

But not as popular as roaches, Nickelback

(Newser) - Good news for members of Congress bummed out by its 9% approval rating: Public Policy Polling has identified a few things voters like even less. In head-to-head matchups, Congress managed to narrowly beat Lindsay Lohan, telemarketers, and playground bullies. Its margin of victory was wider over the Kardashians, Ebola, meth... More »

I'm Addicted to Polls

But, writes David Brooks, he really shouldn't be

(Newser) - David Brooks has a confession to make: "Hello, my name is David, and I’m a pollaholic," he writes in the New York Times , revealing that he's spent hundreds of hours over the past few months obsessing over any and every election poll he can find, checking... More »

'Polls Don't Matter,' Says Obama Pollster

Campaign's opinion boss to volunteers: Don't get discouraged

(Newser) - Poll fluctuations are no biggie because "at the end of the day, polls don't matter," says the very guy in charge of, well, polling for President Obama. "Polls will go up, polls will go down," Obama's head of opinion research, David Simas, told... More »

Romney Pulls Even With Debate Bounce

Post-Wednesday tracking shows Romney narrows the gap

(Newser) - President Obama had the edge in Gallup polling immediately prior to last week's debate—but that changed after Mitt Romney walked away with Wednesday's debate. Registered voters are now evenly split, 47% for Romney and 47% for Obama, Gallup's daily tracking shows. Gallup's most recent poll,... More »

Obama Leading —a Bit—in Slew of New Polls

But Romney not far behind as first debate looms

(Newser) - In the final hours before the first presidential debate of the 2012 election, a host of new polls to consider:
  • President Obama has a significant lead in the battleground state of Ohio, 51% to Mitt Romney's 43%, according to an NBC News /Wall Street Journal poll. That's been
... More »

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