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Trump Ditches Congress, Signs 4 Executive Orders
'We've Had It': Trump
Signs 4 Executive Orders

'We've Had It': Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders

The president defers payroll taxes and extends unemployment benefits at a reduction

(Newser) - President Trump on Saturday bypassed the nation's lawmakers as he claimed the authority to defer payroll taxes and replace an expired unemployment benefit with a lower amount after negotiations with Congress on a new coronavirus rescue package collapsed, per the AP . Trump's orders encroached on Congress' control of...

Trump Threatens Executive Action on COVID Relief

Move would likely trigger another court battle; negotiations continue

(Newser) - With a coronavirus relief deal still elusive , President Trump is considering executive orders—he detailed three of them on Wednesday—unless a deal is reached by Friday. "My administration is exploring executive actions to provide protections against eviction" as well as "looking at a term-limited suspension of the...

Republicans Ditch Key Trump Demand in New Aid Package

Payroll tax cut won't be in 'base bill'

(Newser) - Republicans have jettisoned one of President Trump's key demands even before the start of negotiations with Democrats over the next coronavirus stimulus package. Senate Republicans, who are planning to unveil the package Thursday, decided not to include the payroll tax cut the president has been calling for, the Washington ...

Tax Deadline May Be Extended
Trump Proposes
0% Payroll Tax

Trump Proposes 0% Payroll Tax

April 15 tax deadline likely to be extended

(Newser) - President Trump on Tuesday proposed eliminating the payroll tax until the end of the year to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. A few different timelines were discussed during a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers, with some talk of the rollback stretching beyond 2020, officials tell NBC News , adding Trump...

Trump: I'm Mulling Tax Cuts, But R-Word Is 'Inappropriate'

The president says he's looking at capital gains and payroll tax cuts

(Newser) - President Donald Trump says his administration is a looking at tax cut proposals but not as a response to a potential recession, the AP reports. "I'm looking at that all the time anyway," he explained. Trump talked about the economy and trade with China during a meeting...

Retailers: Payroll Tax Hit Is Going to Hurt

Nearly half of consumers say they'll spend less: survey

(Newser) - Major retailers are preparing for customers with less cash in their pockets, thanks in part to the newly restored payroll tax, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rising gas prices aren't helping, either. Some 45.7% of consumers plan to spend less in the face of 2% lower take-home pay,...

Your Paycheck Will Be Smaller Next Week

It's all but certain that payroll tax cut will expire Monday

(Newser) - No matter what does or doesn't happen with this weekend's fiscal cliff negotiations , most Americans are going to see a smaller paycheck next week, reports the Wall Street Journal . That's because neither party is still talking about extending the 2-year-old payroll tax cut, which expires on Monday,...

Psst, Taxes Go Up Next Year for 163M Workers

Neither party plans to extend the payroll tax break

(Newser) - President Barack Obama isn't talking about it and neither is Mitt Romney. But come January, 163 million workers can expect to feel the pinch of a big tax increase regardless of who wins the election. A temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes is due to expire at the...

The Payroll Tax Cut Is Doomed
 The Payroll Tax Cut Is Doomed 

The Payroll Tax Cut Is Doomed

No matter who wins in November

(Newser) - No matter who wins in November, your taxes are probably going up next year. That's because Congress has basically no interest in extending the payroll tax holiday that was so hotly contested earlier this year, the New York Times reports. Negotiators are fixated on the so-called "fiscal cliff,...

DC Silent as Payroll Tax Cut Chugs Toward Expiration

No one going to bat for stimulus measure

(Newser) - Less than a year ago, the White House was vigorously campaigning to extend the payroll tax cut, leading to a pitched showdown in Congress. Now, no one seems to care about it, the Wall Street Journal observes. The Obama administration is perfectly content to let the cut, enjoyed by 122...

What Mitt Romney's Not Saying About Social Security
What Mitt Romney's Not Saying About Social Security
Gail Collins

What Mitt Romney's Not Saying About Social Security

Gail Collins on the real way to fix the system

(Newser) - Mitt Romney recently gave a speech on Social Security, and no one noticed—people were distracted by all the empty seats. But Gail Collins was listening. "Romney has several ideas for Social Security, all involving cuts in benefits," she reports in the New York Times . Chief among them:...

Congress Sends Payroll Tax Cut to Obama's Desk

House, Senate easily approve extension

(Newser) - No last-minute Capitol Hill surprises: Congress today passed legislation renewing a payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and jobless benefits for millions more, backing the main items on President Obama's jobs agenda in a rare burst of Washington bipartisanship. The Senate approved the $143 billion measure by a...

Government to Auction Off Public Airwaves

Payroll tax compromise could lead to faster wireless speeds

(Newser) - Congress is expected to approve a bill that would sell off public airwaves currently used for television to wireless Internet companies, speeding up broadband for mobile devices across the country, while at the same time creating a long-sought-after national communications network for emergency services. What is this revolutionary communications bill?...

Congress Strikes Payroll Tax Deal

Pension, health care issues final sticking points

(Newser) - Congressional negotiators have reached a deal on a $150 billion economic bill that will extend the payroll tax holiday through the end of the year, while also extending unemployment benefits and preventing an automatic cut in doctors' Medicare reimbursements. Congress could vote on the bill as soon as today, the...

Payroll Tax Deal: $20 a Week in Paychecks

Tentative deal emerges in House-Senate talks

(Newser) - House-Senate talks on renewing a payroll tax cut that delivers about $20 a week to the average worker yielded a tentative agreement today, with lawmakers hopeful of unveiling the pact tomorrow and sending the measure to President Obama as early as this week. Under the outlines of the emerging agreement,...

House GOP Caves, Backs Payroll Tax

Boehner and Co. say they'll accept tax cut without paying for it elsewhere

(Newser) - House Republican leaders have surprised and angered rank-and-file lawmakers by abruptly backing down from demands that a 10-month extension of the payroll tax cut be paid for with cuts elsewhere. GOP leaders are wary of holding up a tax cut for 160 million Americans in an election year, Politico notes,...

Charles Krauthammer: GOP Fell Into Democrats' Trap on Payroll Tax

 GOP Fell Into 
 'Trap' on 
 Payroll Tax 
charles krauthammer

GOP Fell Into Democrats' 'Trap' on Payroll Tax

Looked 'heartless' as Obama seized advantage: Charles Krauthammer

(Newser) - Republicans really blew it in the payroll tax debate—both in terms of policy and politics, writes Charles Krauthammer. For one thing, the two-month extension simply doesn't make sense: It requires businesses to plan for "two-thirds of a one-quarter tax-holiday extension." More importantly, for Democrats, it was...

House Passes Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Measure heads to Obama for his signature

(Newser) - Americans will have something additional to toast to on New Year's Eve: The first day of 2012 will begin with the payroll tax cut firmly—albeit temporarily—in place. The House today green-lighted a two-month renewal of the cut and unemployment benefits, passing it by a voice vote in...

House Expects to Clear Payroll Tax Cut Today

Though it's possible dissenting members could delay things

(Newser) - The payroll tax cut deal is expected to be ratified today, with congressional leaders planning voice votes that would require just a handful of members to be present, the Washington Post reports. Politico notes that the House will be using unanimous consent rules, however, meaning a dissenting member could force...

House Frosh May Balk at Payroll Deal

Angry Republicans could force House to reconvene

(Newser) - Most members of Congress have already headed home for the holidays, but a few freshmen Republicans in the House are so unhappy with the last-minute payroll tax deal that they might return to Washington to try to derail it. At least two freshmen legislators (Mo Brooks and Mike Kelly) have...

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