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DA's 'Smear' Should Nix Conviction: 'Rockefeller'

(Newser) - Lawyers for Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter—aka Clark Rockefeller—want his conviction overturned because the jury was unfairly prejudiced against their client, the Boston Globe reports. Rockefeller was found guilty of kidnapping his daughter. The lawyers say the prosecution “eviscerated” their insanity defense during closing arguments by calling an unqualified...

'Rockefeller' Sentenced to 4-5 Years

(Newser) - A German man who called himself Clark Rockefeller and spun fantastic stories about himself during 3 decades in the US was sentenced today to 4 to 5 years for kidnapping his 7-year-old daughter. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter was convicted of parental kidnapping today for taking the girl during a supervised visit...

'Rockefeller' Guilty of Kidnapping, Faces 15 Years

(Newser) - A Boston jury found the con man known as Clark Rockefeller guilty of kidnapping and assault today in the abduction of his young daughter last year, the Boston Herald reports. He faces up to 15 years in prison when he's sentenced this afternoon. The jury found him not guilty of...

Ex: 'Rockefeller' Went From 'Charming' to Domineering

Sandra Boss 'thought we had a lot in common'

(Newser) - The ex-wife of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter—aka “Clark Rockefeller”—testified today that the accused con artist was “charming” and “very intelligent” when they first met, but quickly became domineering and unpredictable, the Boston Herald reports. In her first public remarks since Gerhartsreiter allegedly kidnapped their daughter,...

'Rockefeller' Trial Sparks Identity Crisis

Defendant's name(s) at issue as jury readies for kidnapping case

(Newser) - A Boston court saw the selection yesterday of 11 of the 16 jurors needed to begin the trial of Clark Rockefeller. Or of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. Or of "the defendant," as the judge calls him. The mystery man is on trial for kidnapping his daughter, and because he's...

'Rockefeller' Fights False Name Charges

Con man just gave cops name he'd used for 15 years: defense

(Newser) - The con man who went by “Clark Rockefeller” attempted today to dismiss charges he gave police a fake name when arrested last year, the Boston Globe reports. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter told police arresting him for absconding with his 7-year-old daughter that he was Clark Rockefeller—as he had told...

'Rockefeller' Was Ultimate Pro of Cons
 'Rockefeller' Was 
 Ultimate Pro of Cons 

'Rockefeller' Was Ultimate Pro of Cons

Regret at losing his 'one true thing' led to kidnapping

(Newser) - How did a German student reinvent himself as the creepy Clark Rockefeller? After lifting the drawl and manner of the millionaire on Gilligan’s Island, accused kidnapper Christian Gerhartsreiter embarked on a 30-year con, Mark Seal recounts in Vanity Fair. He became a suspect in a double murder, charmed his...

Ex-Wife: Abuse Drove Me From Rockefeller

Man of many names pleads not guilty to kidnapping daughter

(Newser) - Clark Rockefeller repeatedly abused his ex-wife before she finally left him last year, prosecutors alleged yesterday during the con man’s trial for the kidnapping of his young daughter. Sandra Lynne Boss tried to leave Rockefeller— actually Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter of Germany—in 1999 but was “wooed back” and...

Ex-Wife Hired PI to Trail 'Crockefeller' Before Kidnap

Daughter Reigh now in London with mom

(Newser) - Sarah Lynne Boss hired a private eye to follow her “Crockefeller” ex-husband before he kidnapped their daughter July 27, the Boston Herald reports. Court papers indicate the detective witnessed the abduction of 7-year-old Reigh Boss, who is now in London with her mother. “Sandra’s sole focus is...

'Rockefeller' Recalls Glorious Days with Kidnapped Snooks

But he stonewalls on his past

(Newser) - The father who still insists on calling himself Clark Rockefeller described six days on the lam with his 7-year-old kidnapped daughter—nicknamed Snooks—as "glorious," reports the Boston Globe. But he refuses to discuss his past life using several aliases. "We had such a wonderful time,"...

FBI Confirms 'Rockefeller' Is German Con Man

27-year-old print matches Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter's

(Newser) - The FBI and Boston investigators confirmed today that accused kidnapper and con man "Clark Rockefeller" is indeed a German national named Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. Analysts matched his fingerprints with those from an immigration document he filled out as a teenager almost 3 decades ago, the Boston Herald reports. Officials...

Kidnap Dad Now 'Of Interest' in Calif. Murder

LA officials probing 1985 cold case join grilling of 'Rockefeller'

(Newser) - Los Angeles police have joined officials interrogating accused kidnapper Clark Rockefeller in Boston after declaring him a “person of interest” in the 1985 disappearance of a couple now believed dead. Remains believed to be John Sohus were discovered in 1994, and wife Linda is yet unaccounted-for; authorities think Rockefeller—...

'Rockefeller' Prints Linked to Calif. Murder Case

Kidnapper dad's connection to decade-old incident unclear, but adds to mystery

(Newser) - Fingerprints taken from kidnapper dad Clark Rockefeller reveal a connection to a decade-old California murder case, the Boston Globe reports. Prints taken after his arrest Saturday in Baltimore match those on a driver’s license application under another alias—which in turn is on a list of those wanted in...

'Rockefeller' Headed Back to Boston on Kidnap Charge

Man accused of abducting 7-year-old daughter OKs extradition from Md. to Mass.

(Newser) - Clark Rockefeller waived his right to an extradition hearing in Baltimore today, the Boston Herald reports. The blueblood imposter may be arraigned in Boston as early as tomorrow morning, though authorities have until Aug. 15 to transfer him. Rockefeller—likely an alias—faces charges of felony parental kidnapping and assault....

'Rockefeller' Forged New Phony Life

Kidnap dad created yet another identity in Baltimore: cops

(Newser) - Bogus blueblood Clark Rockefeller, who went on the lam after abducting his 7-year-old daughter during a custody dispute, was creating a new identity in Baltimore when he was arrested Saturday, reports the Boston Herald. He was using the name Chip Smith or sometimes Clark Rock, and had already been building...

FBI Collars Alleged 'Snooks' Kidnapper

Agents find daughter 'overjoyed' in Baltimore apartment

(Newser) - A week-long manhunt ended today as authorities arrested Clark Rockefeller, 48, and found the daughter he is accused of kidnapping, the Boston Herald reports. Seven-year-old Reigh "Snooks" Boss was reportedly "overjoyed" when FBI agents and police rescued her from Rockefeller's Baltimore apartment. Agents had been watching them for...

Mom Begs: Bring Snooks Home
 Mom Begs: Bring Snooks Home

Mom Begs: Bring Snooks Home

Rockefeller's ex makes emotional video appeal

(Newser) - The ex-wife of fugitive millionaire Clark Rockefeller, the man on the run with their 7-year-old daughter, has videotaped an emotional appeal for the child's return. "Please, please bring Snooks back. There has to be a better way for us to solve our differences," pleads Sandra Boss, using the...

Missing Girl's Dad Bought Gold
 Missing Girl's Dad Bought Gold

Missing Girl's Dad Bought Gold

Converted cash to bullion to use anywhere in world, say cops

(Newser) - The wealthy businessman accused of abducting his 7-year-old daughter has apparently exchanged cash for gold as part of his elaborate kidnapping plot, reports the Boston Globe. Clark Rockefeller, a man with a mystery history who lied about his connections to the Rockefeller family, can use the gold anywhere in the...

Accomplice Helping Cops in Kidnap Case

7-year-old, father who lied about Rockefeller ties still missing

(Newser) - As more details emerge about the man thought to have kidnapped his 7-year-old daughter in Boston on Sunday, police said today the driver of the SUV used in the abduction is cooperating with the investigation, the Globe reports. Police believe Clark Rockefeller—one of several names the man uses—and...

Kidnap Suspect May Be Fleeing NY by Yacht

Cops: Bahamas could be destination for Rockefeller, 7-year-old

(Newser) - The man believed to have kidnapped his daughter after a custody visit in Boston yesterday could be trying to flee the country on his yacht, authorities said today. Clark Rockefeller might have been dropped off, along with 7-year-old Reigh, at New York’s Grand Central Station last night, aiming to...

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