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This May Be the 'Most Humiliating' Who Is America? Segment Yet

Georgia lawmakers are calling for state Rep. Jason Spencer to resign after his appearance

(Newser) - The second episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? aired Sunday night on Showtime, and it may have claimed its first casualty: Georgia lawmakers are calling for state Rep. Jason Spencer to step down after what Mic calls a "life-ruining appearance" on the show. "Of all...

The List of Baron Cohen's Victims Keeps Growing
The List of
Baron Cohen's 
Victims Keeps
the rundown

The List of Baron Cohen's Victims Keeps Growing

And he responds in character to Sarah Palin ahead of show's premiere on Sunday

(Newser) - Every day, it seems, a new victim comes forward to admit being duped by Sacha Baron Cohen in a stunt for a new Showtime series called Who Is America?. Baron Cohen tricked, or tried to trick, famous people from across the political spectrum into outrageous interviews, and the results will...

Koppel to Hannity: You're 'Bad for America'

Hannity says CBS didn't air full interview

(Newser) - Veteran newsman Ted Koppel told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he is "bad for America" while interviewing Hannity for a sit-down that aired on CBS' Sunday Morning and quickly became a trending topic on social media Sunday, the AP reports. Hannity fired back on Twitter alleging that the...

10 Things That Need to Go Away
 10 Things That 
 Need to Go Away 

10 Things That Need to Go Away

We would all be better off ditching engagement rings, tipping, and more

(Newser) - In the spirit of spring cleaning, the Washington Post asked 10 writers to nominate one thing “we'd all be better off tossing out this spring.” Their ideas:
  • Engagement rings: “Here's a secret that the folks at De Beers don't want young people to know:

Olbermann Rips Koppel as 'False Priest of Objectivity'

Journalists have always exercised judgment about stories, he argues

(Newser) - A deadly serious Keith Olbermann slammed critic Ted Koppel yesterday, charging that no journalist is truly unbiased and lashing the former Nightline host as a "false priest worshiping before the false god of utter objectivity." Even journalistic lions like Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow exercised "significant"...

Bin Laden Won, Because We Overreacted
Bin Laden Won, Because We Overreacted
Ted Koppel

Bin Laden Won, Because We Overreacted

US has handed al-Qaeda everything it could have hoped for

(Newser) - “The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, succeeded far beyond anything Osama bin Laden could have possibly envisioned,” writes Ted Koppel in Sunday’s Washington Post . Not because they killed nearly 3,000 Americans, but because they provoked an excessive, crippling reaction from the US. Had George Bush stopped...

Ted Koppel's Son Died From Alcohol, Drugs

Lethal combination killed Andrew Koppel, NY coroner says

(Newser) - The son of former ABC News anchor Ted Koppel, who was found dead after a day of bar-hopping with a man he'd just met, died from a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol, the medical examiner's office said today. Andrew Koppel's May 31 death was ruled an accident. Koppel. 40,...

Inside Andrew Koppel's Troubled Life

Had history of drinking alone; may have taken drugs on day of death

(Newser) - Andrew Koppel had a long history of alcohol abuse, but friends remember him as a brilliant and "genuine nice guy" who had—they thought—successfully moved past the troubles of his youth. His death Monday left more questions than answers, and Belinda Caban, in whose apartment he was found,...

Ted Koppel's Son Dies After Drinking Binge

Witness: 'He was very drunk'

(Newser) - The son of former ABC newscaster Ted Koppel has been found dead in a New York City apartment after an apparent daylong drinking binge with a 32-year-old waiter he had just met, police say. Andrew Koppel, 40, was declared dead at around 1:30am yesterday, reports the AP . A 53-year-old...

ABC Trying to Bring Back Ted Koppel
ABC Trying to Bring Back
Ted Koppel

ABC Trying to Bring Back Ted Koppel

Veteran would anchor Sunday's This Week three times a month

(Newser) - Rumor has it that ABC is in negotiations to bring back Ted Koppel to host its Sunday show This Week. The former Nightline anchor would helm the show three times a month, reports Mike Allen at Politico , with the final week rotating among potential future hosts. The head of ABC...

Meet the Press May Get New Anchor(s) Soon

PBS' Gwen Ifill, NBC's own Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory among candidates

(Newser) - NBC could name a new anchor, or anchors, for Meet the Press by Dec. 7, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sources at the network say that could be interim moderator Tom Brokaw’s last day on the show. Up for consideration are NBC’s David Gregory, Chuck Todd, and Andrea...

NBC Pages Seek Bigtime on $10/Hour

Ted Koppel, Regis Philbin alums of yearlong program

(Newser) - Screaming girls, predawn starts, and 6-day weeks are a lot to handle on $10 an hour—but NBC pages see success at the end of the tunnel, the New York Times reports. They know that hours of smiling schlep work—think photocopies and coffee—have led luminaries like Regis Philbin...

Leno Could Doom Nightline with ABC Move

Host's retirement may set off cascade of late-night dominoes

(Newser) - These should be banner days for ABC’s Nightline, John Edwards’ confessional outlet of choice. Instead, staffers fear Jay Leno's departure from NBC will wind up costing them their jobs, the LA Times reports. ABC appears to be Leno's most likely destination after he retires next year, which would likely...

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