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After Oil Spill, Sea Turtles Are Fed Mayo as a Cure-All

It cleans their digestive tracts, say rescuers in Israel

(Newser) - When it comes to saving sea turtles, Israeli rescuers have discovered that mayonnaise is a miracle, per the AP . Employees at Israel's National Sea Turtle Rescue Center are treating endangered green sea turtles affected by a devastating oil spill that has coated Israel's coast with thick black tar....

Group Finds 2-Headed Baby Turtle
Behold, a 2-Headed Baby Turtle

Behold, a 2-Headed Baby Turtle

SC sea turtle group says 'we thought we had seen it all'

(Newser) - A group that monitors sea turtles in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, has reported finding a two-headed Loggerhead hatchling. Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island says in a Facebook post that "we thought we had seen it all," until the group found "this bicephalic hatchling on Tuesday....

Sign of 'What the Future Could Look Like' in Remote Hawaii
Sign of 'What the Future Could
Look Like' in Remote Hawaii
in case you missed it

Sign of 'What the Future Could Look Like' in Remote Hawaii

East Island disappears beneath Pacific waves

(Newser) - Hawaii might've grown a peninsula this year, but it's now lost a whole 11-acre island, and perhaps endangered seals and turtles along with it. East Island, the second-largest islet in the French Frigate Shoals atoll, a few hundred miles northwest of the Hawaiian island chain, has disappeared since...

This Is a Turtle on Drugs*
This Is a Turtle on Drugs*

This Is a Turtle on Drugs*

*Or rather trapped by a pile of cocaine, as Coast Guard saves the day in international waters

(Newser) - Coast Guard officials on a recent patrol managed to arrest 24 suspected smugglers—and save a life. While patrolling in international waters near Central America, officials came across a sea turtle entangled in ropes connected to floating contraband, later identified as 1,800 pounds of cocaine, according to a release...

Turtle's Coin-Eating Habit Proves Fatal

'Bank' dies 2 weeks after surgery to remove 11lbs of change from her stomach

(Newser) - A 25-year-old sea turtle in Thailand who swallowed nearly a thousand coins tossed by tourists seeking good luck died Tuesday, two weeks after having surgery to remove the coins from its stomach, reports the AP . The cause of death was blood poisoning from the loose change, said Dr. Achariya Sailasuta,...

Tossing Coins for Good Luck Has Unfortunate Side Effect

A sea turtle ended up with an 11-pound ball of coins in her stomach

(Newser) - Tossing coins in a fountain for luck is a popular superstition, but a similar belief brought misery to a sea turtle in Thailand from whom doctors have removed 915 coins. Veterinarians in Bangkok operated Monday on the 25-year-old female green sea turtle nicknamed "Bank," whose indigestible diet was...

Suspect Busted With 107 Stolen Sea Turtle Eggs

Officers say Florida man was taking them as the turtle was laying them

(Newser) - Jupiter is the big story in the news today, but Jupiter Island, Fla., is making headlines, too, for an entirely different reason, WJXT reports. Per a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Facebook post , a report came in about someone taking sea turtle eggs from a beach behind a local...

Couple Charged With Smuggling Hundreds of Sea Turtle Eggs

They're worth $3 to $5 on the black market

(Newser) - Federal officials say a Southern California couple has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling more than 900 endangered and threatened sea turtle eggs into the US from Mexico. The US Justice Department said this week that Hemet residents Olga and Jose Jimenez have been charged in a four-count indictment. Each...

This Trippy Creature Is World's First Glowing Turtle

It's the first known example of biofluorescence in reptiles

(Newser) - "I've been [studying turtles] for a long time, and I don't think anyone's ever seen this," sea turtle expert Alexander Gaos tells National Geographic . "This is really quite amazing." Gaos is referring to video footage showing a hawksbill sea turtle glowing neon red...

Woman Arrested for Allegedly Riding Sea Turtle

That's a felony offense in Florida

(Newser) - A 20-year-old Florida woman was arrested today for allegedly riding a sea turtle, NBC News reports. Back in July, photos of two women who appeared to be sitting on or riding a large turtle went viral on social media, leading to a flurry of angry complaints to the Florida Fish...

Central America Hit By Mass Die-Off of Sea Turtles

Scientists aren't sure what's going on

(Newser) - Between late September and mid-October, 114 sea turtles washed up dead on El Salvador's beaches. All across Central America, the same thing is happening: In Guatemala, 115 have died this year; in Costa Rica, 280; late last year, 200 died in Panama. In Nicaragua, in addition to the turtle...

Restaurateur Saves Rare Turtle From Pot

They're 'spiritual creatures,' says Hong Kong chef

(Newser) - A critically endangered sea turtle species is a little further from extinction today thanks to a friend in an unlikely place—a Hong Kong seafood restaurant. The restaurant's owner, who doubles up as the head chef, says that when a customer came in and asked him to cook a...

Despite Oil, Sea Turtles Released in Gulf

Dangers of captivity greater than danger of getting oiled

(Newser) - Federal biologists are releasing thousands of endangered Kemp's ridley baby sea turtles into the western Gulf of Mexico, betting that by the time the silver dollar-sized swimmers make it to the oil-fouled waters of the eastern Gulf, BP will have cleaned up its goopy mess. Texas has not been significantly...

Why the Oil in This Crab Could Be Very Bad News

Effects in small sea creatures could ripple upwards

(Newser) - Scientists are reporting early signs that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is altering the marine food web by killing or tainting some creatures while spurring the growth of others more suited to a polluted environment. Near the spill site scientists have found a massive die-off of pyrosomes, which endangered...

Massive Gulf Turtle Rescue Launched

Tens of thousands of eggs being moved

(Newser) - Wildlife experts scrambling to save hatchlings from the Gulf oil spill have hatched the biggest turtle rescue effort in history. Tens of thousands of sea turtle eggs will be dug up from beaches along the Gulf coast and trucked to Florida's Atlantic coast, where they will be hatched in temperature-controlled...

Feds: Rushed Shrimpers May Be Killing Turtles
May Be Killing Turtles: Feds
not oil spill

Shrimpers May Be Killing Turtles: Feds

Shortcuts ahead of oil slick could have caused 3 dozen deaths

(Newser) - About 3 dozen endangered sea turtles have washed up on Gulf Coast beaches in recent days—with no trace of oil—and the mysterious deaths have triggered a spat between federal authorities and shrimp fishermen. Marine officials suspect that fishermen, desperate to maximize their catch before the oil slick moves...

Baby Turtles Go Out for Italian
 Baby Turtles Go Out for Italian 

Baby Turtles Go Out for Italian

(Newser) - Sixty baby turtles took Rome restaurant-goers by surprise when they showed up under a table, Reuters reports. The newly hatched creatures normally instinctively head toward the sea from their beach birthplace, but “they saw the artificial lights and took the wrong route,” said a wildlife conservator. “The...

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