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Your Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Are Done Tuesday

On Wednesday, the liquidation sales begin

(Newser) - Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for bankruptcy , which means that the chain's ubiquitous 20% off coupons will soon be useless. But, as Business Insider reports, you do have until the end of Tuesday before stores stop accepting them. Starting Wednesday, stores (including the chain's BuyBuy Baby stores)...

Coupons Get Virginia Woman $400K and 12 Years in Prison

Once caught, the woman, who went by MasterChef, explained the scam to investigators

(Newser) - A Virginia Beach woman is going to prison for 12 years in a massive couponing scam. Lori Ann Talens designed counterfeit coupons at home, complete with product photos and working barcodes, the Virginian-Pilot reports. Because coupons are so widely distributed and thus don’t each have unique barcodes, they’re...

This Coupon King Plans to Change Its Ways

Bed Bath & Beyond to ease up on the coupons

(Newser) - Name the company most likely to have uttered this line: "We have an overreliance on the coupon." If you guessed Bed Bath & Beyond thanks to the frequency at which its blue mailers end up at your home, you'd be correct. In a Wednesday investors meetings, Chief...

We Might Be Saying Goodbye to Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons
We Might Be Saying Goodbye
to Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

We Might Be Saying Goodbye to Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

Company is testing a subscription service instead

(Newser) - If you're like a lot of Americans, you probably have a pile of 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons sitting on your entryway table, and you're likely also aware that, despite having an expiration date printed on them, they actually never expire and you can usually use...

Cops: Winn-Dixie Worker Stole $23K With Coupons

Employee accused of using bogus codes over 5 months

(Newser) - It's not quite as impressive as stealing nearly 2 million quarters , but another alleged inside job is making headlines off the police blotter. A Winn-Dixie employee in Florida is accused of ringing up $23,000 in phony coupon transactions and keeping the money, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal . The...

New JCPenney Ad: We're Sorry, Come Back!

Hopes put-off customers will return for Mother's Day

(Newser) - It's what so many of us do after our relationships implode: beg the other to come back. Please! JCPenney is now trying the groveling route as well. The embattled retail empire has released a new ad that begins "It's no secret...," apologizes for its "mistakes,...

Hack of LivingSocial Affects 50M Users

Passwords compromised, but not credit card information

(Newser) - Add LivingSocial to the list of high-profile hacking victims. The online coupon site says hackers got access to the names, emails, birthdays, and encrypted passwords of 50 million customers around the world, reports AllThingsD . The good news is that the hackers did not get any credit card or banking information....

More Bad News From Daily-Deals World

LivingSocial to lay off 400, Grouponers may want CEO ousted

(Newser) - Things still aren't so cheery in daily-deals land, with two of the biggest players in the space—Groupon and LivingSocial—taking a hit in the press after taking a hit in the wallet. The latest:
  • LivingSocial will announce today that it's cutting almost 9% of its staff, sources

Supermarkets Cut Prices— Just for You

Marketers gather heaps of data on individuals, tailor coupons to them

(Newser) - The food shopping of the future could look a lot more like buying airline tickets: You might not be paying the same price as the person next to you. That's because Safeway and Kroger—and likely soon other supermarkets—are tailoring personal prices based on your purchase history, reports...

'Extreme Couponing' Tied to Newspaper Thefts

In most recent incident, women allegedly stole 185 papers

(Newser) - Confused as to why a woman in Arkansas would, allegedly, steal 185 copies of a Sunday newspaper? You must not be an "extreme couponer." Poynter notes that TLC's Extreme Couponing, which debuted in April, has been linked to several reports of newspaper and coupon thefts in Idaho,...

Look Out, Groupon: Facebook Debuts ‘Deals’

Looks to copy successful group coupon model

(Newser) - In its relentless quest for total world domination, Facebook today unveils its latest ploy: Deals, an unapologetic attempt to capitalize on the bargain-wielding model of Groupon and LivingSocial. Debuting in five test markets—Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco—Deals is separate from the check-in-based deals model it...

Coupon Clippers Go Crazy, Turn Competitive
 Coupon Clippers Go Crazy, 
 Turn Competitive 

Coupon Clippers Go Crazy, Turn Competitive

Tough times drive many to save big, buy in bulk

(Newser) - While the recession has left many cupboards bare, others are sagging as the cash-strapped turn into coupon-wielding obsessives who stock up on months or years worth of groceries on the cheap. While coupon usage peaked in the '90s, it surged 27% last year—mainly due to extreme coupon users, reports...

Long Receipts Get Shoppers in a Twist

But some like the extra coupons

(Newser) - Buy a pack of gum at a New York drugstore, get a foot-long receipt. That’s just one example of the paper-trail overload generated by many retailers in recent years, the Wall Street Journal reports. What was once a record of your purchase has become a ribbon of countless coupons,...

Chrysler Woos Current Owners With $1K Coupons

Company hopes to help sales

(Newser) - In an effort to boost sales, bankrupt Chrysler is planning to send $1,000 coupons to all its current customers, the Wall Street Journal reports. The certificates, good toward the purchase of any new Chrysler vehicle, will be mailed in the next month or so with a letter from CEO...

Stimulus Brings Back TV Converter Coupons

(Newser) - The agency that mails out coupons for digital TV converter boxes expects to eliminate its wait list in 2½ weeks, an official said today. Helped by $650 million from the economic stimulus package, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has started to mail out coupons to the 2.3 million...

Shoppers Embrace Coupon Clipping 2.0

Digital discounts improve buyer tracking, make coupon use easier

(Newser) - The recession has more Americans clipping coupons, sort of. While coupon use has jumped 10% since October, more of those discounts were downloaded to smart phones and supermarket rewards cards—not cut out from the newspaper. And digital advertising, still a 1% sliver of the discount pie, seems to benefit...

Axl Outraged by Dr Pepper Promo Fizzle

Fury over 'exploitation' of fans in promo that offers free drinks linked to album release

(Newser) - Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is furious about a nationwide soft-drink giveaway linked to the band's latest album that went bad, reports E! Online. In a promo not authorized by the band, Dr Pepper offered free 20-ounce bottles if Guns N' Roses' new album was released in 2008. But...

Ways to Cut Your Bills Down to Size

Usual belt-tightening suspects abound: Eat at home, cut out luxuries, get a second job

(Newser) - Spendthrift Americans from all rungs of the income ladder are taking a page from Scrooge these days, adopting new, cash-lite strategies to get through hard times, USA Today notes. They're managing to save by:
  • Hocking whatever's collecting dust in their closets: The average household has $3,200 worth of

Hackers Spread Coupon Scam
 Hackers Spread Coupon Scam 

Hackers Spread Coupon Scam

Online fakes could cost millions, and take years, to clean up

(Newser) - An online coupon scam could cost manufacturers millions, and years, to clean up, the Seattle Times reports. A California company says coupons it created as part of a marketing pitch were hacked and distributed across the internet. The firm responded by canceling all coupons related to the scheme, embarrassing even...

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