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Mackenzie Phillips: I Forgave Dad for Me, Not Him

She sat down with half-sister Chynna on her YouTube show

(Newser) - Mackenzie Phillips sat down with half-sister Chynna Phillips Baldwin for an emotional talk including a discussion about their father, John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas, whom Mackenzie accused of incest in her 2009 memoir. Speaking about her forgiveness of her father, Mackenzie said, "I get a lot...

11 Stars Who Are Estranged From Their Folks

Brie Larson says she used the experience for 'Room'

(Newser) - Fame doesn't necessarily guarantee ideal familial relations. Ranker rounds up celebrities who are estranged from their parents. A sampling:
  1. Brie Larson: The Room star says her own childhood inspired her performance. Her parents divorced when she was 10, and she ceased contact with her dad when she was 16.

7 Celeb Kids With Serious Issues

Courtney Wagner is just the latest

(Newser) - Daughter-of-Natalie-Wood Courtney Wagner's arrest for drug possession may have you fearing for the future of Suri Cruise or Blue Ivy Carter. ABC News is worried, too, and rounds up six more troubled celebrity offspring:
  • Mackenzie Phillips: Drug addiction. Arrests. Rape. Incest. The daughter of John and Michelle Phillips, stars

Mackenzie Phillips Debuts $50K Face

Former child star also discusses last year's incest claim

(Newser) - Mackenzie Phillips is finally happy, and she’s displaying her inner peace outwardly—with a new $50,000 face. The former child star, last in the spotlight for alleging incest at the hands of father John Phillips, debuted her Botox, Restylane, laser treatments, dental work, and hair extensions yesterday on...

Mackenzie Phillips: Sex With Father Not Consensual

Talking to incest survivors convinced her it wasn't

(Newser) - Mackenzie Phillips changed her tune today on her sexual encounter with her father at age 19, saying after talking to incest survivors, she’d “like to reframe my word, ‘consensual.’” She wrote in her book that her relationship with musician John Phillips was indeed consensual; Mackenzie,...

Papas' Song About Mackenzie Gets New, Creepy Meaning

After incest claims, recently unearthed Phillips song sounds seriously inappropriate

(Newser) - Now that Mackenzie Phillips has revealed her incestuous relationship with papa John, the songs he wrote about her take on a whole new meaning. Especially “She’s Just 14,” which includes the lyric that gave Phillips the title for her book High on Arrival, E! notes. Suddenly, lines...

Michelle Phillips: Incest a Lie
 Michelle Phillips: Incest a Lie 

Michelle Phillips: Incest a Lie

Mamas and Papas singer says rape claim a product of stepdaughter's drug abuse

(Newser) - Mackenzie Phillips’ other stepmom is none too happy with her claim of an incestuous relationship with dad. Michelle Phillips, John’s ex-wife and bandmate, says Mackenzie told her about the affair in 1997—"then she called me back and said, ‘You know I’m joking.’ I said...

Is Incest Always Rape?
 Is Incest Always Rape? 

Is Incest Always Rape?

Blog pundits debate if consent is ever an issue in father-daughter sex

(Newser) - Actress Mackenzie Phillips has already raised the "Stockholm syndrome" regarding 10 years of sex with her rock icon dad, leaving many to wonder if incest can ever be consensual. The blogosphere appears unanimous that John Phillips' sex with a blacked-out Mackenzie was rape since she was unable to consent—...

Abortion Ended Relations With Dad: Phillips

John Phillips' former wife says allegations aren't true

(Newser) - More unfortunate details from the Mackenzie Phillips saga: She tells Oprah on today's show that she ended her decade-long incestuous relationship with her father only after having an abortion. He paid for the procedure, but she wasn't sure who fathered the child, notes USA Today. After that, “I never...

Chynna Phillips: I Knew About Incest

Half-sister also thinks mutual heroin addiction could have led to incest

(Newser) - Chynna Phillips’ half-sister Mackenzie told her of the 10-year affair she had with their father in 1997—a claim Chynna believes to be true. “Somebody could have dropped a piano on my head and I probably wouldn't have felt it,”  the former Wilson Phillips singer tells Us....

Mackenzie Phillips: 'I Slept With My Dad'

'We're going to hell for this,' actress worried about incest with her Mamas and Papas pop

(Newser) - Actress MacKenzie Phillips slept with her musician father John Phillips in a long-term incestuous relationship that began when she was 19 on the eve of her wedding, she reveals in her bombshell memoir High on Arrival. The Mamas and Papas singer showed up "determined to stop" MacKenzie's marriage to...

Mackenzie Phillips Busted for Drugs
Mackenzie Phillips Busted for Drugs

Mackenzie Phillips Busted for Drugs

Heroin, cocaine found on One Day at a Time star at LA airport

(Newser) - 1980s TV star Mackenzie Phillips, 48, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport this morning for allegedly trying to take small amounts of heroin and cocaine on a flight, E! News reports. The former One Day at a Time star—who lost her role because of drugs—has more recently...

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