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You May Get a Specific Google Pop-Up Starting Thursday
Google Launches Plan
to Kill (Non-Edible) Cookies
the rundown

Google Launches Plan to Kill (Non-Edible) Cookies

Initiative to eliminate third-party trackers online begins with test of 1% of Chrome users

(Newser) - If you're a Chrome user who gets a pop-up from Google on Thursday, it's likely a sign that you're part of the first phase of the company's plan to eliminate cookies—the much-reviled tech gizmos that track your online activity and direct targeted ads your way....

Google to Settle Lawsuit Over Claims It Tracks People in 'Incognito' Mode

Plaintiffs argued Google continued to track users who thought they were browsing privately

(Newser) - Google will settle the class-action lawsuit, filed in 2020, accusing the tech giant of tracking users even when they were using "incognito" mode on their Chrome web browsers, the AP reports. Plaintiffs argued Google had amassed an "unaccountable trove of information" on users who were misled into believing...

Google Warns 3B Users of New Chrome 'Zero Day'

The search giant says hackers know about the issue and can exploit it

(Newser) - Google has released a security update for its Chrome web browser addressing issues, including one it considers a severe risk. For over 3 billion global Chrome users, the April 11 discovery of the first known Zero Day vulnerability of the year adds urgency to the call for users to update...

Google Delays Plan to Block Cookies
Google Delays
Plan to Ditch Cookies

Google Delays Plan to Ditch Cookies

Removal of third-party trackers from Chrome pushed back to 2023

(Newser) - Google is delaying by nearly two years a plan to remove web-tracking cookies from the world's most extensively used web browser. The plan was for Google's Chrome web browser to stop supporting third-party cookies, which track a user's web-browsing habits, by January 2022. But on Thursday, Alphabet...

The Internet Has a New Most Popular Browser

Google Chrome ends a reign dating back to last century

(Newser) - The Internet king is dead; long live the Internet king. ABC News reports Google Chrome became the most popular Internet browser in the world in April, overtaking Internet Explorer. Last month, Chrome held 41.71% of the market to Internet Explorer's 41.33%, according to analytics firm Net Market...

Plugin Wipes Out Wrong Uses of 'Literally'

Because that word is figuratively everywhere

(Newser) - Ruthless about grammar? Got Google Chrome? This plugin , highlighted at Yahoo , could figuratively solve all your problems. The "Literally" browser extension gets rid of the pesky incorrect uses of "literally" that litter the Internet, replacing them with "figuratively." According to the extension's developer, "that'...

New App Lets You Delete Chris Brown From Internet

You know you want to

(Newser) - Hate Chris Brown? Then you'll love Brownout , a new Google Chrome app from Toronto music blog AUX that effectively removes him from your web browsing experience, Digital Spy reports. "It is nearly impossible to go on the Internet without reading something about him, he is always doing something...

Google Offers Hackers $1M to Find Chrome Bugs

Challenge issued ahead of security conference

(Newser) - Google is challenging hackers to find holes in its Chrome browser—with a sweetener. The company is offering a total of $1 million in prizes to people who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Chrome at next week's CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, reports Wired . Hackers stand to win...

For Gaming Search Results, Google Punishes ... Google

Bloggers were paid for links to Chrome

(Newser) - Google cracks down on companies all the time for trying to mess with its vaunted search results, and it turns out that itself is no exception: Hundreds of bloggers were paid for putting up sponsored links to Google Chrome, with most of the posts containing the kind of irrelevant "...

MacBook Air, Windows Phone 7 Top 2011 Gadgets: Farhad Manjoo
 And the Gadget 
 of the Year Is ... 

And the Gadget of the Year Is ...

... New MacBook Air, says Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Apple may top Slate's gadgets of the year , but don't look for an iPad 2 on its list. No, the best gadget of 2011 was the new-generation MacBook Air, writes Farhad Manjoo. It's small but doesn't "feel compromised in any way," he says, calling...

Chrome Surges to No. 2
 Chrome Surges to No. 2 

Chrome Surges to No. 2

Explorer, Firefox down as Google's browser makes big gains

(Newser) - Less than three years since its official public launch, Google's Chrome has become the second-most popular web browser in the world, reports Digital Trends . In November, Chrome accounted for 25.7% of global browser usage, climbing just past declining Firefox, which fell to 25.23%. Just two years ago,...

Study: IE Users Have Lower IQs
 Study: IE Users Have Lower IQs 

Study: IE Users Have Lower IQs

Especially if they haven't upgraded

(Newser) - If you’re reading this site on Internet Explorer 6, you should know you’re not in good company. A new study from a Canadian company called AptiQuant has found that Internet Explorer users are on average significantly less intelligent than users of other browsers, especially if they’re using...

Angry Birds Launches on the Web

Now you can feed your addiction without your phone

(Newser) - You no longer need a smartphone to shoot furious fowl at evil swine: As its international popularity continues to soar, Angry Birds is taking off on the Web. Maker Rovio has teamed with Google for a beta version of the game, which was developed for Google’s Chrome OS and...

IE9 Looks Like a Game-Changer
 IE9 Looks Like 
 a Game-Changer 

IE9 Looks Like a Game-Changer

Microsoft's latest puts it back ahead in browser wars

(Newser) - It's been quite a while since Microsoft was in the lead for browser innovation, but Internet Explorer 9—released in beta form yesterday—is good enough to lure some users back from Firefox and Chrome, say reviewers.
  • IE9 "not only catches up with its competitors, but improves in several

Hey, Apple, Google Chrome Is Kicking Safari's Ass
Google Chrome Spells Doom
for Apple
Henry Blodget

Google Chrome Spells Doom for Apple

Look to browser wars for lesson in path to niche irrelevance

(Newser) - Apple doesn't seem to realize it, but its new hardware-software gadget strategy is a road right back to the irrelevancy it so recently crawled out of, argues Henry Blodget of Business Insider . As before, Apple will prevail only in the small, premium market, muscled out by a more ubiquitous standard....

Google Chrome Says Goodbye to http://
Google Chrome Says Goodbye to http://

Google Chrome Says Goodbye to http://

Prefix no longer necessary, developers decide

(Newser) - Do you really need that http:// at the front of a web address? Google doesn't think so. The developer version of its Chrome browser now just hides the ubiquitous prefix, Mashable reports. It's an aesthetic improvement, but not necessarily a functional one—some users have already reported the feature...

Google TV Wants to Take Over Your Living Room

Search king teams up with Intel, Sony for TV project

(Newser) - Google is scrambling for a piece of the action as more and more people use their TVs to access web content. The search giant has teamed up with Intel and Sony to build a new generation of TVs and set-top boxes using its Chrome browser and Android cell phone system,...

Firefox Falters as Chrome Muscles In

Open source browser may never hit 25% market share

(Newser) - The Firefox phenomenon could be running out of steam. February saw the browser’s market share inch down for the third month in a row, according to recently released figures. That still gives the upstart open source browser 24.2% of the market, making it easily the second most popular...

Google Chrome Wins Browser War
 Google Chrome 
 Wins Browser War 
tech review

Google Chrome Wins Browser War

Chrome 4 is the best way to surf the web, writes Farah Manjoo

(Newser) - Chrome 4, Google's latest version of its web browser, beats Internet Explorer 8—no surprise—and Firefox 3.6 hands down, writes Farhad Manjoo. He's been a fan of Chrome's earlier versions: They've always been fast, handled web video well, and compartmentalized tabs, so problems on one website don't crash...

New Sony Vaio PCs Will Include Google Web Browser

Facing Microsoft, search giant aims to expand market for Chrome

(Newser) - Google Chrome, languishing in the browser wars, will get a substantial boost thanks to a deal with Sony—which is shipping new Vaio PCs with Chrome pre-installed. Google is also talking to other computer manufacturers, the FT reports, as it attempts to weaken the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which...

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