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Ivan Reitman Dies Unexpectedly at 75
Ivan Reitman Dies
Unexpectedly at 75

Ivan Reitman Dies Unexpectedly at 75

'Ghostbusters' director died at his California home

(Newser) - Ivan Reitman, the influential filmmaker and producer behind many of the most beloved comedies of the late 20th century, from Animal House to Ghostbusters, has died. He was 75. Reitman died peacefully in his sleep Saturday night at his home in Montecito, Calif., his family told the AP . “Our...

Ghostbusters Actor Attacked in New York

Surveillance video shows Rick Moranis fall to the ground

(Newser) - Rick Moranis was out walking in Manhattan on Thursday morning when an apparent stranger sucker-punched him in the head—and it was all caught on video, the New York Daily News reports. The Ghostbusters actor, 67, was near his Upper West Side apartment when the stranger knocked him to the...

Peter Venkman Will Be Back in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Murray, Aykroyd, Hudson will reprise roles

(Newser) - Some 36 years after he was first seen carrying out dubious ESP research at Columbia University, Dr. Peter Venkman is back. Vanity Fair has confirmed that Bill Murray will be reprising his role as one of the original Ghostbusters in upcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Fellow Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Ernie...

Sequel to Original Ghostbusters Is on the Way

'First fan' Jason Reitman will direct

(Newser) - A new sequel to the old Ghostbusters movies is on the way, 30 years after Ghostbusters 2—and it's going to be a family affair. The movie, penciled in for a summer 2020 release, will be produced by original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and directed by his son Jason...

All Hail Zuul, Dino 'Destroyer of Shins'

Newly discovered dinosaur named after 'Ghostbusters' baddie

(Newser) - If dinosaurs are only as cool as their names*, then it's going to be hard to out-cool the newly discovered Zuul crurivastator. "Zuul" obviously comes from the Ghostbusters baddie , who Reuters describes as a "big, horned, vaguely dog-like monster with glowing red eyes." The skull of...

Don't Expect Ghostbusters Sequel

Report says Sony is looking at a $70M loss

(Newser) - It seemed like a sure thing: a reboot of the beloved 1984 classic Ghostbusters with an all-female cast featuring Bridesmaids mega-stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. But now Sony is steeling for mega losses and a planned sequel seems unlikely, says the Hollywood Reporter . With a global tally of just...

Leslie Jones Doesn't Let Racists Win, Returns to Twitter

'Who else is gonna live tweet Game of Thrones,' asks the 'Ghostbusters' star

(Newser) - It appears it will take more than a bunch of racists to keep Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones off social media. The New York Daily News reports Jones quit Twitter "with tears and a sad heart" this week after what she describes as a barrage of "evil" tweets directed...

Who You Gonna Call 'No. 2'?
 Who You Gonna Call 'No. 2'? 

Who You Gonna Call 'No. 2'?


(Newser) - After months of prerelease debate, Sony Picture's female-led Ghostbusters reboot arrived in theaters as neither a massive success nor the bomb some predicted, as the much-scrutinized film opened with an estimated $46 million in North American theaters, second to the holdover hit The Secret Life of Pets. The Secret ...

Goofy Ghostbusters 'Silences the Backlash'
 Goofy Ghostbusters 
 'Silences the Backlash' 

Goofy Ghostbusters 'Silences the Backlash'

Kate McKinnon resembles 'a young Bill Murray'

(Newser) - Remaking Ghostbusters was never going to be easy. Luckily, an all-female cast wasn't afraid to answer the call. While audiences—who may or may not have read the hate blanketing the web —give this summer's reboot a 44% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes , most critics are counting...

Hillary Clinton, Ghostbusters Cast to Hit Ellen

'Get your Woman Cards ready'

(Newser) - "Get your Woman Cards ready," says Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host will sit down with Hillary Clinton, as well as the all-female cast of Ghostbusters for interviews that will air on her show Wednesday to the presumable delight of feminists. Sony Pictures, however, which booked the show...

Most Disliked Movie Trailer on YouTube: Ghostbusters

It's No. 23 on the list

(Newser) - Upon the release of the first full trailer for the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, io9 wrote that "everything looks perfect." Apparently not everyone agreed. In YouTube's most recent update of its "Most Disliked Videos" list , the Ghostbusters trailer took the 23rd slot, making it the most disliked...

Here's the 'Perfect' Ghostbusters Trailer

Reboot is out July 15

(Newser) - The first full trailer for the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is here, and the feedback is good: io9 calls it "perfect," and Deadline reports that Sony's official unveiling event Wednesday was attended by a number of "mega-fans" who gave it a standing ovation and "shouted for...

Female Ghostbusters Gets Its Cast

Director Feig's picks include 3 current and former 'SNL' cast members

(Newser) - If there's something strange in your neighborhood, the new Ghostbusters you're going to call will be women, and reboot director Paul Feig has now chosen his cast. He tweeted last night that the four main characters will Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Feig, who...

New Ghostbusters Could Be Women

Bridesmaids director could make reboot

(Newser) - The next time the world sees the Ghostbusters, the ghoul-fighting team could be made up of women, Variety reports. The plan for the next Ghostbusters movie has been changing constantly, the Sydney Morning Herald notes; this year saw the death of actor Harold Ramis , after which director Ivan Reitman pulled...

Harold Ramis' Death Will Alter Ghostbusters III

But sequel will still be made

(Newser) - Ghostbusters III will still be made following Harold Ramis' death , but the script will be reworked, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Ramis was originally to appear in a cameo in the sequel alongside fellow original co-stars Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray; the trio was to pass the reins to a...

Ghostbusters Star Harold Ramis Dead at 69

Famed actor and director was behind hits like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day

(Newser) - Egon Spengler has given up the ghostbusting. Actor and director Harold Ramis died just after midnight today, due to complications from a rare disease, his wife tells the Chicago Tribune . He was 69. Ramis was probably best known for his aforementioned role in Ghostbusters, which he also co-wrote, but his...

Ghostbusters Fans Take Over NY Library
 Ghostbusters Fans 
 Take Over NY Library 
in case you missed it

Ghostbusters Fans Take Over NY Library

Improv troupe performs scene based on movie; stunt was library's idea

(Newser) - The ghosts arrive first, and they're barely in their seats when the Ghostbusters show up to chase them out of the reading room at the New York Public Library. Both the Ghostbusters and their prey spread laughter throughout the Fifth Avenue landmark before receiving a round of applause as they...

10 Ridiculous '80s Remakes
 10 Ridiculous '80s Remakes 

10 Ridiculous '80s Remakes

Let's be honest, some of these movies were bad already

(Newser) - It seems like Hollywood is churning out nothing but remakes these days, and Tom Chivers runs down 10 of the most ridiculous sounding ones on the horizon—almost all from the glorious 1980s—in the Telegraph :
  • The A-Team: Most troubling is the casting of Liam Neeson as Hannibal: “He's

The Best Summer Blockbusters
 The Best Summer Blockbusters 

The Best Summer Blockbusters

'Jaws' takes top honors, but some surprises make the list

(Newser) - Summer is all about the beach and blockbusters, and Time Out New York set out on a big mission: To rank the 30 best. It set a few restrictions—films had to hit theaters between May and August, had to gross more than $100 million globally, and couldn't be surprise...

Game, Aykroyd Bring Ghostbusters Back From Dead

(Newser) - Dan Aykroyd has been trying to get the Ghostbusters to cross streams again for 15 years, and now it’s finally happening—in video-game form. Unlike most movie tie-in games, Ghostbusters isn’t an afterthought—Atari’s giving it blockbuster treatment, complete with voices from Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and...

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