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Army Makes Sole Exception to Beard Rule

Sikh combat soldier could set a precedent

(Newser) - A decorated US Army captain has become the first active-duty combat soldier in decades allowed to wear a beard for religious reasons. Simratpal Singh—who had to cut off the long hair and beard his religion requires when he signed up almost a decade ago—was granted a temporary exemption...

Beard Swabs Yield 'Disturbing' Results

Some were as dirty as toilets, microbiologist says

(Newser) - Beard hygiene is important unless you want to have the equivalent of a dirty toilet seat growing out of your face, according to a microbiologist who swabbed a bunch of beards and was shocked by the results. "I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this,"...

King Tut's Iconic Mask Breaks, 'Fix' Is Even Worse

Beard reportedly knocked off in cleaning mishap is shoddily reset with epoxy

(Newser) - What do you do if someone accidentally damages one of the world's most famous artifacts under your charge at the Egyptian Museum? Do you a) report it to the nation's antiquities ministry to ensure it's properly repaired by specialists, or b) frantically call your husband so he...

Supreme Court Unanimous on Inmate Beard Length

Arkansas inmate, Gregory Holt, a Muslim, can grow a half-inch beard

(Newser) - The Supreme Court was unanimous today in a decision that will allow an Arkansas inmate to grow a half-inch beard. The state's rule specified that beard length must be kept to a quarter inch; Gregory Holt, a Muslim man also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad, had sought permission to...

In Early Image of Jesus, He's Got No Beard

Archaeologists in Spain find 4th-century engraving

(Newser) - Jesus shaved. Archaeologists in Spain have unearthed what they say is one of the earliest images of him, but you wouldn't know it from a quick glance. The engraving on a glass plate from the 4th century depicts a short-haired Jesus without a beard; he's joined by two...

Professor Fired After Pic Appears on Beer Can
Professor Fired After Pic Appears on Beer Can
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Professor Fired After Pic Appears on Beer Can

Christian university apparently didn't approve of beard brew ad

(Newser) - The owner of the most awesome beard on campus at Charleston Southern University got canned after his picture was used by a local brewery. Paul Roof, a professor of sociology, says officials at the small Christian university complained after a picture of him taken by a professional photographer at a...

Is Your Beard Racist?

 Is Your 
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Is Your Beard Racist?

Style's history is pretty tangled, writes Sean Trainor

(Newser) - These days, beards are big, in all senses of the word. But most of those wearing them probably have little idea of their troubled history in the US—one that is inextricably linked with racism and sexism, writes Sean Trainor in the Atlantic . For free black men in the early...

Army Shaves Fort Hood Killer, Faces Lawsuit

Hasan's lawyer plans to sue, calls it a 'vindictive act'

(Newser) - The beard that delayed Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan's trial for months has been forcibly removed at Fort Leavenworth, where he is one of six prisoners on military death row. The Army psychiatrist, who called the beard a "deeply sincere" symbol of his Islamic faith, began growing it...

Judge: Ft. Hood Suspect May Be Forced to Shave

He says he's growing his beard for religious reasons

(Newser) - If he doesn't shave his beard on his own, Fort Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan may be forcibly shaved, Judge Col. Gregory Gross declared today. Gross also held Hasan in contempt of court for not shaving the beard already, and fined him $1,000, the AP reports. Hasan...

Fort Hood Suspect Barred From Court Over Beard

Nidal Hasan refuses to shave, in violation of Army policy

(Newser) - Accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan got kicked out of his own court hearing today because he won't shave his beard, reports the AP . The military judge warned him about it at a previous hearing because the beard violates Army policy. When Hasan showed up again today without shaving,...

Psychologists to Guys: Shave Your Beard
 to Guys: Shave 
 Your Beard 
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Psychologists to Guys: Shave Your Beard

Women prefer clean-shaven look: study

(Newser) - To beard or not to beard? Amid much contradictory research, a group of psychologists was determined to find out once and for all whether women prefer the scruffy look. Turns out they don't, the New Zealand and Canadian researchers discovered. They showed 200 women from New Zealand and Samoa...

Amish Seek Help Over Hair, Beard Attacks

Five men arrested in hirsute crime spree

(Newser) - America's Amish have rarely gone to police for help—only over extreme cases like murder, rape, or a multi-million-dollar investment deal gone wrong. Now Amish leaders in Ohio are bending their rules and cooperating police to stop a spate of hair-cutting attacks, the AP reports. Five men from a...

3 Busted in Amish Beard Attacks
 3 Busted in Amish Beard Attacks

3 Busted in Amish Beard Attacks

Beard-stealing is matter for church, says renegade bishop

(Newser) - Police in Ohio have arrested three men suspected of being involved in attacks that left several members of the Amish community beardless . The men are part of a renegade Amish sect led by apparent revenge-seeking bishop Sam Mullet, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Two of Mullet's sons were among those...

Brad Pitt Finally Shaves That Thing

Yes, the beard is least, mostly gone

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare is over: Brad Pitt finally took care of that thing growing on his face. Some called it a beard, but after two years of it growing progressively more scraggly , most were begging for its demise. To see the shot of a slightly more well-groomed Pitt recently...

Conan Tops 400K Twitter Followers; Beard Has 144

Fans can also read thoughts of squirrel, monkey, Sharpie, freckles

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien’s breakout Twitter success—442,296 followers and counting—may be overshadowing the exploits of a coterie of related microbloggers. Conan’s beard (144 followers) has something to say, as do the squirrel who lives in his backyard (1,191), his freckles (14), and his Sharpie marker...

Ambassador to Dubai Annuls Marriage to Bearded Wife

Diplomat says he was duped throughout courtship

(Newser) - An Arab country's ambassador to Dubai had his marriage annulled after discovering he'd accidentally married a bearded, cross-eyed woman. The ambassador says his bride-to-be's face had been covered by a niqab throughout their courtship and he only discovered the beard when he went to kiss her at their wedding. He...

Dear Brad, Lose the Nasty Beard
 Dear Brad, 
 Lose the 
 Nasty Beard 

Dear Brad, Lose the Nasty Beard

We get it: You don't want to be considered just for your looks

(Newser) - Sexiest man alive? Pshaw. Brad Pitt looks more like “the guy who dealt weed in college,” writes Reed Tucker in the New York Post . Pitt’s facial hair, when it debuted in 2008, seemed like a temporary phase—but two years later, the beard is “longer, grayer,...

Chuck Todd Chickens Out on Goatee Bet

Dodger-loving reporter donates to charity rather than shaving

(Newser) - Chuck Todd isn’t shaving off his goatee, despite having lost a baseball bet to Jake Tapper. The NBC talking head has taken the coward’s way out and will donate to charity instead. Todd was supposed to shed his trademark goatee if the Dodgers lost the NLCS; had they...

Mustachioed Horse Bridles at Shaving

Shave and a hair cut: neigh way

(Newser) - When his groom tries to shave Alfie's bushy blond mustache, the proud British horse says "neigh" and runs away, reports the Independent. "He's obviously rather proud of his facial hair," said the groom. "He runs a mile if he thinks we're going to trim it."...

Men Protest Economy With 'Recession Beards'

Trend could actually mark return of clean-shaven faces

(Newser) - Some newly unemployed men are willing to take it on the chin—literally. The “recession beard” has emerged as the new act of “playful rebellion” against being a “corporate slave,” Esquire’s grooming editor—who also works for Norelco—tells Advertising Age. Despite the trend, the...

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