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In Surprise Move, FDA Rejects Needle-Free EpiPen Rival

It wants ARS Pharmaceuticals to conduct additional research on its Neffy nasal spray

(Newser) - In a surprise move, the FDA declined to grant approval to a nasal spray that would be the first needle-free alternative to epinephrine autoinjectors—more commonly referred to by the brand name EpiPen. In May, the FDA's advisory committee voted to recommend approval of ARS Pharmaceuticals' Neffy. But in...

Coroner Doles Out Blame in Death of Girl Who Ate Baguette

He found Pret a Manger's labeling inadequate

(Newser) - The 15-year-old who died after eating an artichoke, olive, and tapenade baguette from the Pret a Manger sandwich shop at London's Heathrow Airport died because a key ingredient was not listed. The coroner in the case calls the allergy labeling inadequate, saying Natasha Ednan-Laperouse was "reassured" by the...

New EpiPen Competitor Approved by FDA

Generic alternative should hit the market soon

(Newser) - Parents of children with serious allergies may soon get some relief when shelling out for a epinephrine auto-injector. The FDA has approved a generic alternative to Mylan Pharmaceuticals' widely used EpiPen and EpiPen Jr., reports CNN . While other name-brand injectors exist, this one, produced by Teva, is the first approved...

Pharmacist Credited With Saving Customer's Life

Mark Davey was having an allergic reaction when he rushed into a CVS

(Newser) - “I was scared," Mark Davey tells CBS Chicago . "I thought, 'This is how I go.'" The 57-year-old was eating lunch last month when his tongue started swelling up. Davey had never had an allergic reaction to food before, but he knew it was about...

Company Rolls Out Cheaper Version of EpiPen

It will still cost $300 per pack of 2

(Newser) - Mylan is releasing a generic version of its emergency allergy treatment EpiPen at half the price of the branded option, the cost of which drew scorn from parents nationwide and spawned Congressional inquiries. The potential cost savings will depend in part on a patient's insurance coverage and qualifications for...

John Oliver Is 2016's 'Financial Crusader'

He's champion of the year, according to 'Money'

(Newser) - "Financial crusader" John Oliver is riding a horse made of money on the latest cover of Money as its champion of the year. While Oliver recently joked that he's "wasting HBO’s resources," per Vanity Fair , Money notes he dedicated whole episodes of his third season...

Mylan's Measly $100 EpiPen Profit? It's Really $160

Pharma company offers what the WSJ calls 'clarification'

(Newser) - If you thought it seemed just a bit bananas that Mylan makes only $100 profit per EpiPen two-pack, which it sells for $608, you weren't alone. CEO Heather Bresch testified to that fact in front of the House Government Oversight Committee last Wednesday, as one disbelieving congressman flat-out asked,...

CEO: Mylan Only Makes $50 Profit Per EpiPen

Heather Bresch testifies before Congress

(Newser) - Outraged Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday grilled the head of pharmaceutical company Mylan about the significant cost increase of its life-saving EpiPens and the profits for a company with sales in excess of $11 billion, the AP reports. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch held up an EpiPen as she told...

Mom of EpiPen CEO Helped Get Them in Schools

While head of the National Association of State Boards of Education

(Newser) - By 2013, 11 states legally required schools to stock auto-injectors for epinephrine and pretty much all the rest recommended it, while the federal government passed the "EpiPen Law" giving funding preference to schools that did so. The push for auto-injectors, of which EpiPen was pretty much the only option,...

Mylan Caves a Bit More With Generic EpiPen

2-pack will list for $300

(Newser) - Relief is coming: In what Bloomberg notes is Mylan's second move after an explosion of criticism over the price of its EpiPens, the company on Monday announced it will start selling a cheaper version. The drugmaker says it will make available in the next several weeks a generic EpiPen...

As EpiPen Controversy Erupted, CEO Unloaded $5M in Stock

Heather Bresch sold 100K shares in deal meant to thwart appearance of insider trading

(Newser) - Mylan CEO Heather Bresch has taken her fair share of scrutiny lately over EpiPen's soaring price , her own soaring salary , her dad , and even a since-rescinded MBA from West Virginia University. But even as her company's controversy grew, Bresch did something else that's getting scrutinized: She unloaded...

EpiPen Company CEO: I'm No Martin Shkreli

Mylan's Heather Bresch defends the EpiPen's high prices, her own style to 'NYT'

(Newser) - Is Mylan CEO Heather Bresch the next Martin Shkreli? Based on public reaction to the bloated costs of her company's EpiPen, the 671% pay raise she's reaped as those costs rose, and the recently publicized fact that her dad is a US Senator , the initial answer may seem...

Sarah Jessica Parker to EpiPen Maker: I'm Out

Actress won't be spokeswoman anymore for Mylan because of steep price increases

(Newser) - As lawmakers deal with their own awkward situation related to the jacked-up costs of the EpiPen , a celebrity is taking her own stand. Sarah Jessica Parker—who Gizmodo notes has campaigned for anaphylaxis awareness for manufacturer Mylan in the name of her son, who has a severe peanut allergy—announced...

Drug CEO's Dad in Senate Now a Big Focus
Raising Eyebrows: EpiPen
CEO's Dad Is a Senator
the rundown

Raising Eyebrows: EpiPen CEO's Dad Is a Senator

Mylan's Heather Bresch is the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin

(Newser) - Prior to the recent outrage at drugmaker Mylan for jacking the price of EpiPens into the stratosphere, it wasn't widely known that company CEO Heather Bresch, 47, was the daughter of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. That has changed in a big way, with major media outlets...

EpiPen Just Got Cheaper for Some
EpiPen Just Got
Cheaper for Some

EpiPen Just Got Cheaper for Some

Caving to pressure, Mylan expands assistance programs

(Newser) - The public scolding of drugmaker Mylan over the soaring price of EpiPen seems to have worked: The company on Thursday didn't lower the price, but it made the allergy injections cheaper for many by expanding its assistance programs. Specifically, it doubled eligibility for relief to 400% of the poverty...

There's a Cheaper 'EpiPen,' but There's a Catch

Most people aren't trained on more-affordable Adrenaclick, which could lead to injuries

(Newser) - Not since Martin Shkreli has there been such outrage over the spiking costs of a life-saving device or drug. Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen, has bumped up costs by almost 500% over the past few years, and because the drugmaker enjoys a near-monopoly on the epinephrine-delivering device—the AP...

EpiPen Execs Got Huge Raises After Price Hikes

CEO Heather Bresch's pay went from $2M to $19M

(Newser) - Makers of the EpiPen gave themselves fat raises as they were jacking up the cost of the life-saving device, NBC News reports. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch saw her salary leap to $18.9 million from $2.4 million—a 671% increase—from 2007 to 2015. That was same period during...

Drugmaker Has Jacked EpiPen's Cost by Nearly 500%

Mylan is taking heat for now-expensive life-saving allergy device

(Newser) - It's the size of a marker and as common as Band-Aids in a school nurse's office. EpiPen, a device that delivers a dose of epinephrine that can stop an extreme allergic reaction, has been credited with saving the lives of children for whom a peanut or a bee...

Soaring EpiPen Prices Put the Allergic in a Dangerous Spot

Many are turning to syringes, which are cheaper but difficult to use safely

(Newser) - More and more people with severe allergies are foregoing life-saving EpiPens as prices skyrocket, Stat reports. Since 2004, the price of EpiPens has risen by 450%. According to WISC , they're $170 more expensive than they were just six months ago—figure about $600 for a two-pack. “They cost...

Woman Dies After Kissing Boyfriend Who Ate Peanut Butter Sandwich

Now her mom is speaking out

(Newser) - Four years ago, 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay died after kissing her boyfriend who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich, CTV News reports. Now her mother, Micheline Ducre, is speaking out to keep the same thing from happening to anyone else's kids. After getting home from a party, Myriam's...

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