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Things Get Nasty Between Ex-Hills Star, Husband

Abusive incident alleged in Audrina Patridge court documents

(Newser) - Audrina Patridge, a former star of MTV's The Hills, has filed for divorce from her husband of less than a year and been granted a temporary restraining order against him, reports TMZ . Patridge—who wed Australian BMX rider Corey Bohan last November, five months after giving birth to the...

Heidi and Spencer Are Adding to Their Pratt Pack

Former stars of 'The Hills' are expecting first child in October, per 'Us Weekly' interview

(Newser) - He thought he was getting banana bread, but instead he got news he was going to be a dad. Spencer Pratt, who used to star in MTV's The Hills along with wife Heidi Montag, reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly how he found out Montag is carrying...

Heidi Montag: Implants Were G-Cup-Size Mistake

Reality star wants breast reduction

(Newser) - The very last person to realize that Heidi Montag's plastic surgery binge was a mistake has seen the light. "It's heartbreaking," the reality star tells Life & Style in an interview about her G-cup implants." I can't live an everyday life." Complicating matters is the death...

Spencer: I Picked Fame Over Heidi

For some reason, magazines still chatting with Pratt

(Newser) - Spencer Pratt, really a parody of himself at this point, confesses that he chose “fame” (infamy?) over wife Heidi Montag. “We love each other but I'm a famewhore and I'll never grow out of it,” Pratt tells People , adding that Heidi “doesn't want that.” Despite...

Heidi, Spencer Faked Split?
 Heidi, Spencer Faked Split? 

Heidi, Spencer Faked Split?

Break-up may have been—surprise—a PR grab

(Newser) - The split between Heidi and Spencer Pratt was just another PR move by the oh-so-strategic couple, Us Weekly reports. As the Hills wraps up, the couple reportedly cooked up the idea to stay in the headlines. "Heidi and Spencer are laughing over it and having a blast," a...

Little Kids Skewer Hills in Video Send Up

Audrina: Oh my God, oh my God

(Newser) - In the latest evidence that film creativity is biggest right now on small screens, Babegum has released a hilarious kid-casted send up of The Hills, complete with a plastic mask for surgery queen Heidi Montag. The 3-minute video combines the corny, angst-ridden songs and sweeping vistas of LA with the...

10 Reality Show Rivalries
 10 Reality Show Rivalries 

10 Reality Show Rivalries

Pamela Anderson not a fan of Kate Gosselin, and more

(Newser) - Everyone apparently hates Kate Gosselin, and that includes fellow Dancing With the Stars competitor Pamela Anderson. In their honor, the Frisky lists the 10 best reality show rivalries:
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie: The rivalry that all others aspire to. After starting The Simple Life as besties, they had a

Heidi Wants to Save the World With '3D Boobs'

Montag fancies herself a 'mogul,' looks forward to film career

(Newser) - The Hills is leaving your television screen after this season—and if you think you’re heartbroken over the loss, imagine how Heidi Montag must feel. Well, actually she feels just fine: “I’m so excited The Hills is finally over,” she tells People , before moving on to...

Sorry, Folks: Spencer Is No Cyber Crime Fighter

 Sorry, Folks: 
 Spencer Is No 
 Cyber Crime 
he just got kicked off his show

Sorry, Folks: Spencer Is No Cyber Crime Fighter

Pratt is leaving the Hills for a while, but not for noble reasons

(Newser) - Poor Spencer Pratt just is not having a good week. First, the reality star’s wife fired him as her manager and replaced him with a psychic . Now it comes out that Pratt’s story about leaving The Hills to fight cyber crime is a lie. The truth? “He...

Spencer Pratt Ditches Hills to Fight Cyber Crime

MTV reality villain in talks with LA firearms-training firm

(Newser) - Spencer Pratt aims to remove both the “reality-TV” and “villain” facets of his character, as he’s planning a break from MTV’s The Hills to focus on fighting cyber crime. Pratt, 26, is studying software engineering, and, inspired by President Obama’s recent pronouncement that online threats...

Heidi and Spencer Launch iPhone App
 Heidi and Spencer 
 Launch iPhone App 

Heidi and Spencer Launch iPhone App

$1.99 will buy you all the Speidi you could ever want

(Newser) - For those not totally puking in their own mouths over the surgically enhanced, attention seeking antics of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the Hills twosome is now offering an iPhone app. For the bargain price of just $1.99, you can download SpeidiWeb, an application that allows you to view...

MTV Tunes Recession Chic With New 16 and Pregnant

Down-to-earth shows much more in tune than 'Hills' et al.

(Newser) - MTV is definitely hip to the recession, with the proof no further than the new season of 16 and Pregnant , airing tonight. That show, plus others like Jersey Shore, show that “audiences seem to have tired of the contrived dramas” of The Hills or The City, “and the...

MTV Loses 'Music Television' From Its Logo
MTV Loses 'Music
Television' From Its Logo

MTV Loses 'Music Television' From Its Logo

After all, music videos aren't even an afterthought now

(Newser) - In a move likely only to surprise anyone just out of a 25-year coma, MTV is dropping the words “Music Television” from the channel’s logo. MTV has been mostly music-video-free for some years now, giving over its airwaves to reality standbys like The Hills, The Osbournes, and its...

Heidi: Mom Looked at Me 'Like a Zoo Animal'
 Heidi: Mom 
 Looked at Me 
 'Like a Zoo Animal' 
plastic surgery fallout

Heidi: Mom Looked at Me 'Like a Zoo Animal'

Montag discusses the consequences of plastic surgery

(Newser) - Just when you hoped you'd heard the last of Heidi Montag's plastic surgery drama, the reality star is sharing with the world her pain at her mother's reaction. "She was looking at me almost like a zoo animal," Montag tells People . "It wasn't like I was her...

Heidi Montag's Mom 'Horrified' by Surgeries

'The Hills' star will, of course, record their reunion for reality TV

(Newser) - In case you’ve been on Mars and haven’t heard, Heidi Montag had 10 plastic surgery procedures in 1 day—and now she’s scared to confront her “horrified” mother with her new face. The reality star, featured in an exclusive in People (timed to coincide with the...

Spencer Vs. Al, Round 2
 Spencer Vs. Al, Round 2 
SIGNS OF THE apocalypse

Spencer Vs. Al, Round 2

Plus, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag want their own show—of course

(Newser) - The inexhaustible Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are at it again, re-fueling their feud with Al Roker and campaigning for their own show. Pratt insulted Roker via Twitter (“WEATHERMAN I thought you were out of town today getting your stomache [sic] stapled again?” among other gems) when the couple’...

LA Police Bust Suspect in Lohan Burglary

18-year-old man also involved in break-in at home of Hills star Audrina Patridge: cops

(Newser) - Los Angeles police today arrested a man suspected of breaking into the homes of Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge. Nicholas Prugo, 18, is being held on $20,000 bail on suspicion of felony burglary; authorities gave no details on whether items had been recovered.

Spencer: I Want to Be the Next Brad Pitt

The scary part? He's probably serious.

(Newser) - Spencer Pratt has officially gone off the rails: In his upcoming book, How to Be Famous, he expresses his ambition to be the next Brad Pitt, the New York Daily News reports. Pratt is most in awe of Pitt for managing to dump “beloved” Jennifer Aniston for “home-wrecking...

Hallelujah: E! Goes Speidi-Free

94% of readers are sick of reading about reality show couple

(Newser) - Christmas has come early for anyone who sick to death of the antics of Spencer and Heidi Pratt. E! has decided to go Speidi-free after a recent poll, in which 94% of respondents said the “stars” of such reality gems as The Hills and I’m a Celebrity …...

Brit Still a Mess, Literally
 Brit Still a Mess, Literally 

Brit Still a Mess, Literally

Plus, Courtney Love owes AmEx $350K, and more

(Newser) - Don’t read if you’re easily grossed out: A source tells the New York Post that Britney Spears' recent Elle shoot was a disaster because “they dressed her in all these beautiful couture clothes—and, well, let's just say she forgot what time of the month it was....

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