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Arctic Forecast: Rainy With a Chance of Chaos
Arctic Forecast: Rainy
With a Chance of Chaos
new study

Arctic Forecast: Rainy With a Chance of Chaos

Shift to more rain than snow on track to happen decades earlier than expected

(Newser) - A weird thing happened at the summit of Greenland over the summer: It rained for the first time in recorded history. Now, a new study in Nature Communications delivers a clear message—get used to it. The study predicts that the Arctic is on a path to seeing more rain...

Man Works to Save the Arctic —With Help From Camels

Research shows large herbivores can slow permafrost thaw

(Newser) - Scientist Sergey Zimov lives 80 miles from Russia's Arctic coast, yet he can't find any of the permanently frozen ground that once covered much of Siberia. The melting of permafrost has also been observed in Arctic regions in Canada and Norway , where temperatures are rising at more than...

Russian Minister Dies in Lifesaving Attempt

Yevgeny Zinichev jumped off cliff to save film director Alexander Melnik; both died

(Newser) - Russia's emergencies minister died Wednesday during a drill exercise while attempting to save a filmmaker, who also died. Film director Alexander Melnik slipped off a cliff at the Kitabo Oron waterfall in the Putorana nature reserve in northern Siberia, landing in water, the BBC quotes Margarita Simonyan, the head...

Dinosaurs Survived Brutal Ancient Arctic
Dinosaurs Braved Ancient
Arctic Year-Round

Dinosaurs Braved Ancient Arctic Year-Round

Tiny fossils suggest they nested there through all the seasons

(Newser) - The High Arctic experiences months of darkness in winter, which can pose a challenge for human inhabitants, just as it did for dinosaurs who occupied the region some 70 million years ago. Paleontologists have long wondered whether dinosaur species found along Alaska's North Slope migrated south in winter to...

Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting Twice as Fast Now
Arctic Sea Ice
Is Melting Twice
as Fast Now
new study

Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting Twice as Fast Now

Cycle of rising temperatures, thinning ice worries researchers

(Newser) - The melting ice in the Arctic is part of a worrisome climate change loop, researchers say. Global temperatures are rising, which causes more Arctic ice to melt, which exposes more dark water to the sun, which raises global temperatures. In fact, the Guardian reports, sea ice in much of the...

Russia Tests New Super-Weapon in Arctic

Bases and troops are being strengthened, and the US and NATO have made countermoves

(Newser) - Taking advantage of warmer conditions brought by climate change, Russia is strengthening its military presence in the Arctic and testing new, more powerful weapons. Satellite images show bases being built up along Russia's Arctic coastline, CNN reports, including Cold War-era installations that are being refitted. The area close to...

Lost Walrus Has Now Been Spotted in Wales

It was previously seen in Ireland

(Newser) - A hulking beast more suited for the icy north has been spotted yet again in the British Isles. Per the BBC , a walrus was seen on a Welsh sea cliff on Friday just days after a father and daughter were shocked by the very same sight on an island some...

Brace Yourself: the Arctic Report Card Is Out

It won't look the same in three decades, scientist says

(Newser) - The Arctic sure isn't what it used to be. As temperatures continue to rise, ice melts, snow recedes, and more dramatic changes are on tap for the region, according to the annual NOAA Arctic Report Card released Tuesday. Speaking to reporters, per Scientific American , scientist Rick Thoman called the...

Ship Finds Scary Gas Bubbling From the Deep
Ship Finds Scary Gas
Bubbling From the Deep
scientific find

Ship Finds Scary Gas Bubbling From the Deep

A scientific team finds methane off the coast of Siberia

(Newser) - Those are methane bubbles—and that's not good news. So said a group of international scientists after analyzing the Siberian coast along the Arctic Ocean, the Weather Channel reports. The 60-member team said the bubbles were mostly dissolving in water, but high methane levels at the surface suggest that...

Climate Scientist Is Claimed by Ice Melt

Renowned Arctic expert Konrad Steffen dies after falling through ice

(Newser) - He was a renowned climate scientist who spent his life studying melting ice in the Arctic and warning the world about the consequences. And it was those very dangers that claimed the life of Konrad Steffen, reports USA Today . The 68-year-old fell through ice at his Swiss Camp in Greenland...

New Study Has Grim News on Polar Bears

They could be almost completely extinct by 2100

(Newser) - Polar bears are likely to be almost completely extinct by the end of this century if climate change continues at its current pace, a new study warns. Scientists already knew polar bears were in deep trouble—they depend on sea ice to survive, and sea ice is disappearing—but researchers...

Humans and Sled Dogs: a 10,000-Year History
Scientists Make Surprise
Find on Ancient Sled Dogs

Scientists Make Surprise Find on Ancient Sled Dogs

They were helping humans far longer than thought, at least 10K years

(Newser) - Ancient dogs specially adapted to the cold have been helping humans survive in the Arctic for a surprisingly long time—more than 10,000 years—a new study suggests. "Until now, we have thought that sledge dogs were only [2,000 to] 3,000 years old," says Mikkel...

Trump's Plan for the Poles: an Icebreaker Fleet by 2029

Memo asks for review of possible locations, icebreaker capabilities

(Newser) - Countries including China and Russia are increasing their military presence in the high Arctic, and US President Trump is looking to follow suit. Trump has ordered an assessment of possible US bases at the North and South poles along with plans for a fleet of icebreakers to be ready by...

Odd Find in Arctic: 'What on Earth Were They Doing There?'

Several new chlamydia species found in high-pressure, oxygenless environment

(Newser) - Not many studies have been conducted on the diversity and ecological systems of the bacteria that causes chlamydia. So, per Newsweek , researchers from Sweden's Uppsala University and Norway's University of Bergen headed up to Loki's Castle—a field of hydrothermal vents in between Norway, Iceland, and Greenland—...

Russian Opposition Leader: Staffer Abducted, Sent to Arctic

Alexei Navalny says Ruslan Shaveddinov was forcibly 'conscripted' for military service

(Newser) - The Russian military says it's simply making a 23-year-old draft dodger fulfill his one-year conscription—but President Vladimir Putin's main opponent is calling what happened earlier this week a kidnapping. The Guardian reports that Ruslan Shaveddinov, an activist and project manager at opposition leader Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption...

Russian Navy Boat Gets Sunk by Angry Mammal

Seems a walrus was protecting her cubs

(Newser) - A Russian Navy vessel was apparently sunk last week by an ill-tempered walrus, CBS News reports. Researchers on an Arctic tugboat had boarded a rubber landing craft for shore when the marine mammal attacked. "During the landing at Cape Heller, a group of researchers had to flee from a...

This Is a Hotel. If You're Brave Enough

The Finnish travel company Luxury Action offers heated domes in the Arctic

(Newser) - Want a unique vacation? Try going to sleep with the northern lights and waking up to polar bears. Yep, a Finnish travel company has devised a way for people to vacation in the Arctic, the Washington Post reports. Called North Pole Igloos , it will allow travelers to sleep in one...

In Sunken Terror , One Door Remains Closed
Eerie Wreck Looks Like
the Crew Left Yesterday

Eerie Wreck Looks Like the Crew Left Yesterday

Parks Canada dives into the HMS Terror

(Newser) - Turns out a haunting remnant of seafaring hasn't changed that much since 1845. A remote-controlled vehicle sent to investigate the sunken HMS Terror —which carried 133 men to their doom in the Arctic—found neatly organized desks and beds, glasses and plates on shelves, and scientific instruments in...

Microplastics Abound in Arctic Snow
Abound in
Arctic Snow
new study

Microplastics Abound in Arctic Snow

Scientists say air is carrying particles to remotest corners of the world

(Newser) - Scientists say they've found an abundance of tiny plastic particles in Arctic snow, indicating that so-called microplastics are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried long distances to some of the remotest corners of the planet. The researchers examined snow collected from sites in the Arctic, northern Germany, the...

'Terrifying' Arctic Find: 200 Dead Reindeer

Climate change blamed for difficult conditions in Norway

(Newser) - In an ongoing bout with climate change, Arctic reindeer aren't doing so hot. Some 200 of the animals have been found dead on Norway's Svalbard archipelago, each below the average weight of 150 to 200 pounds. The Norwegian Polar Institute, which made the discovery during the annual wild...

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