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Most Conservative, Liberal Members of Last Congress

Todd Akin was No. 1 on the right

(Newser) - Todd Akin may have cost himself a Senate seat with his views on "legitimate rape" last fall, but he gets a consolation prize: the title of most conservative member of the last Congress, as bestowed by the National Journal . Akin had a nearly perfect score of 97 when it...

GOP Rep Fooled by Onion's 'Abortionplex' Story

Rep. John Fleming outraged over fake Planned Parenthood facility

(Newser) - The Abortionplex, a fake business dreamed up by the Onion , has fooled quite a few naïve souls who were simply outraged when they read about it. Now you can add a Louisiana congressman to the list of people who, somehow, failed to figure out that the Abortionplex is a...

Jon Stewart to GOP Rep John Fleming: Eat at Subway!
Stewart Has Fix for GOP Rep Who Spends $200K on Food

Stewart Has Fix for GOP Rep Who Spends $200K on Food at Subway!

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has some helpful advice for Louisiana Rep. John Fleming, who laments that he only has $400,000 each year after spending $200,000 to "feed my family:" Eat at your own Subway (Fleming owns 33 of them). "There is a place where you can buy...

GOP Rep: More Taxes Would Kill My $600K a Year

John Fleming attacks Obama deficit plan

(Newser) - Welcome to the tragic world of Rep. John Fleming: Sure, he pulled in $6.3 million last year from his Subway and UPS franchises, but "that's before you pay 500 employees, before you pay rent, you pay equipment, and food." After coughing up those expenses, the Louisiana...

Narrow Ohio Dem Victory Boosts House Majority to 79

Kilroy snatches 21st seat from GOP

(Newser) - The last outstanding contest for the House of Representatives is over, with Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy declared the winner in a tight Ohio contest, boosting the Democratic majority to 79 seats. Kilroy is the first Democrat in a generation elected to the House in her county. Her victory over state...

5 Stories