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Wild Boars Are Holding Rome Residents 'Hostage'

Some neighborhoods have introduced curfews

(Newser) - Rome is being overrun not by Visigoths, but by wild boar. The animals have been considered a nuisance in the Italian capital for years, but unpleasant encounters between boar and Romans appear to be on the rise, the Guardian reports. After a spate of attacks, including one in which a...

Shakira: I Was Attacked by Wild Boars

Singer says hogs stole her bag in Barcelona

(Newser) - Shakira says she was attacked by a pair of wild hogs. The Colombian singer described the apparent attack in a Barcelona park, where she was walking with her son, on Wednesday in videos posted to her Instagram stories, which are no longer visible. The Grammy winner, who is married to...

Nudist Has Last Laugh After Boar Steals Laptop

'We all clapped and congratulated him for his success'

(Newser) - A German nudist had the last laugh after giving chase to a wild boar that had run off with a bag containing his laptop, the AP reports. Pictures posted on social media show the naked man running after a sow and her two piglets to the mirth of fellow bathers...

Son Accidentally Kills Father During Boar Hunt

Italian man could face manslaughter charge

(Newser) - An Italian man hunting illegally in a national park area killed his own father after mistaking him for a wild boar, authorities say. Police say the 34-year-old son was moving through thick bushes in the southern province of Salerno with his father Sunday when he opened fire after hearing rustling...

Wild Boar Kills German Hunter
Man Killed by Boar
He Was Hunting

Man Killed by Boar He Was Hunting

German man shot at animal, followed it into reeds

(Newser) - Authorities in Germany are trying to find a wild boar that turned the tables on a hunter Sunday, fatally injuring the man after he fired a shot and followed it into a reed bank. Witnesses say the male boar apparently surprised the man as he searched for it, Deutsche Welle...

Zoo Admits It Kills Extra Deer, Serves Them to Eat

Also on the menu in restaurants at Zurich's Langenberg zoo: wild boar

(Newser) - "Deer cutlet" and "braised wild boar roast" on a restaurant menu might warrant a double-take no matter what—but probably a little more so when it's a zoo restaurant doing the serving. "Is this not an April Fools' joke?" a visitor to the Langenberg wildlife park...

Germany Grapples With Chernobyl's Radioactive Boars

Government compensates hunters for unsellable meat

(Newser) - The effects of Chernobyl are still being felt 700 miles and nearly three decades away—in the form of radioactive boars. Wild boars' meat is considered a delicacy, the Telegraph notes, but a third of those animals wandering Saxony, eastern Germany, exhibit radioactivity levels beyond the EU's legal limits,...

Big Belgian Boar Hunt a Hilarious Flop

Some 200 hunters chasing 170 boars manage to kill ... one

(Newser) - Belgians went on a boar hunt and at first it looked like no contest: 200 hunters vs. 170 wild boars. Yet in the end, only one boar was slain. As hunter Jef Schrijvers said after a frustrating day: "The boars won. The hunters lost." The northern town of...

Wild Boar Goes on Rampage in Berlin

Attacks, injures 4 people

(Newser) - Berlin authorities say they shot and killed a 265-pound wild boar after it attacked and injured four people including a police officer in a residential neighborhood. The boar bit a 74-year-old man on the back and leg, and knocked a 74-year-old woman to the ground and injured her hip yesterday...

Boars on Rampage in Islamabad

200-pound animals feast on local trash

(Newser) - Just another winter in Islamabad: Wild boars with healthy appetites are wreaking havoc in the city, streaming in to munch on the Pakistani capital's garbage. Visiting some of the city's ritziest locations—including the president's home and classy hotels—they have reportedly caused car accidents, injuries, and...

Boars Invade Berlin
 Boars Invade Berlin 

Boars Invade Berlin

City hires a hunter to try to control population

(Newser) - Wild boars are increasingly intruding into Berlin, rummaging through garbage bins and destroying lawns and property, reports the BBC . Shooting boars is dangerous in cities, and the smart animals quickly learn to avoid traps. But now Berlin has hired a wild boar hunter to try to control the pests. "...

Boar Not Just Nasty, but Radioactive

Seriously: German boar still contaminated by Chernobyl

(Newser) - Here's a weird twist on the boom in the wild boar population in Germany that has seen packs of the beasts rampaging down city streets and attacking people in parks: A bunch of them are radioactive. Believe it or not, they were contaminated by the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear...

Berlin Divided Over Wild Boars
 Berlin Divided Over Wild Boars 

Berlin Divided Over Wild Boars

Some locals call for extermination, shocking others

(Newser) - Berliners are sharing their city with thousands of wild boars—and citizens are split on how to treat the porkers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some prefer a more aggressive approach: Don’t feed them corn, says one licensed urban boar hunter, “feed them lead." But others are...

Boar Crashes Church Breakfast

2008 has seen a rash of boar attacks

(Newser) - Mothers and their children were eating breakfast in a Frankfurt church yesterday when a wild boar came crashing in through a glass door, Der Spiegel reports. The sow ran feverishly around the room and exited the same way it came in, leaving moms and kids standing on chairs and tables...

German Boars Run Wild
 German Boars
 Run Wild 

German Boars Run Wild

Savage beasts go shopping, try gardening, attend church

(Newser) - Wild boars wreaked havoc in a German town this weekend, attempting to shop for hardware, go to church, and do some gardening, Der Spiegel reports. One of the beasts, acting like "an elephant in a porcelain store," was eventually cornered at the checkout of the home-improvement center, police...

Wild Boars Run Amok in France
Wild Boars Run Amok in France

Wild Boars Run Amok in France

One scatters shoppers, while another ties up trains

(Newser) - Shoppers weren't the only thing going hog-wild over the weekend, reports the Independent. One wild boar rampaged amid last-minute gift-buyers in a clothing store in France, while another stepped in front of a high-speed train, delaying trains for hours. 

Boorish Boars Overrun Texas
Boorish Boars Overrun Texas

Boorish Boars Overrun Texas

Feral swine win out in war against humans

(Newser) - Everything's bigger in Texas, and the pig population is no exception. They aren't cute porkers, either—wild boars wreck crops and cause some $52 million in annual damages in the state. For some, that means an opportunity for heavy-duty huntin', but the solo efforts aren't enough to slow a wave...

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