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Priest Punches Best Man for Following Old Tradition

Irate priest in Cyprus lands more than one punch

(Newser) - The best man slapped the groom on the back, which is an old Cypriot wedding custom. The priest punching the best man would be an innovation. But Cyprus police said Monday they are investigating an allegation that this happened at a wedding over the weekend, the AP reports. Police say... More »

Bride-to-Be Pummels Bridesmaid at 30K Feet

Ryanair staff break up fight as passenger gets it on video

(Newser) - Here comes the bride ... so watch out. A bride-to-be flying from England to Barcelona last week was caught on video pummeling a bridesmaid with a friend's help—until Ryanair staff broke up the fight, the Manchester Evening News reports. "All of a sudden I heard it all kicking... More »

Cause of Mistrial: Fallen Eyeball

Glass eye pops out during emotional testimony

(Newser) - A witness in a Pennsylvania courtroom was relating the tragedy of his lost eye when out it popped, forcing the trial to shut down. John Huttick caught the glass eyeball as shocked jurors looked on, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. "I couldn't believe it just came out," Huttick... More »

Flight Attendant Fisticuffs Ground Plane

Passengers cleared after brawl on NY-to-Atlanta flight

(Newser) - A flight from Rochester, NY, to Atlanta wasn’t even off the ground when a throwdown between two flight attendants scrapped the whole trip. The two women “got into a fistfight,” one passenger says. So “the pilot decided to kick everyone off the plane.” Pinnacle Airlines,... More »

Editor Gets Punchy Over Article—Literally

'2nd worst story' ever pushes vet Post hand to violence

(Newser) - An editorial dispute in the Washington Post newsroom devolved into fisticuffs last week. The item was for the Style section, a department long known for taking an anything-goes attitude toward its reporters. When the story crossed the desk of veteran editor Henry Allen—grumpy about his part-time work and the... More »

S. Korean Parliament Brawls Over Media Bill

(Newser) - Parliamentary debate over the relaxation of media ownership rules in South Korea descended into fisticuffs today, AFP reports. After negotiations stalled, the ruling conservative Grand National Party moved to vote on the reform, which will allow newspapers to own a greater stake of television media. In response, MPs of the... More »

Texas School Forced Teens Into Cage Fights

Students ordered to settle differences in bare-knuckle fights as others cheered

(Newser) - Employees at a Dallas high school forced troubled teens to settle their differences in bare-knuckle brawls inside a locker room cage while spectators cheered, says a report obtained by the Dallas Morning News. The principal of South Oak Cliff High at the time did nothing to stop the fights and... More »

LiLo and Sam Are No More

Couple broken up after series of spats, sources say

(Newser) - After a stormy, and violent, holiday trip to Miami, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have called it quits, Radar reports. LiLo has since been on the Los Angeles scene hitting on both sexes and proclaiming her single status. Though the Florida fistfight that led to the split has been denied,... More »

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