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Cop Pulls Over Daughter's Boyfriend, Bad Things Happen

Ohio officer John Kovach is out of a job

(Newser) - An Ohio police officer was fired for pulling over his daughter's boyfriend and detaining the young man in his squad car, Fox 8 reports. "You can get out. For what? You're going to jail. For what? Get out. For what? Have a seat in my car. We'...

Rick Perry: Abuse of Power Indictment Is Abuse of Power

Says it's 'outrageous' and vows to fight it

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry said today that the indictment against him was an "outrageous" abuse of power and vowed to fight it. "This indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and I cannot and will not allow that to happen," Perry said at a news...

Rick Perry Indicted for 'Abusing His Powers'

Texas governor indicted for carrying out veto threat

(Newser) - A grand jury indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry today for abusing the powers of his office by carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption—making the possible 2016 presidential hopeful his state's first indicted governor in nearly a century. A special prosecutor spent...

Corruption Trial Looms for China's Bo Xilai

Former pol accused of bribery, embezzlement

(Newser) - Nearly a year after his wife was sentenced in the death of a British businessman, former top Chinese politician Bo Xilai is headed for a trial of his own. He has been charged with corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power, the BBC reports. The charges accuse Bo of using...

Ukraine Court Upholds Tymoshenko Verdict

Cries of 'Shame!' greet verdict supporters say is politically motivated

(Newser) - Ukraine's highest court today upheld the guilty verdict against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is in jail on abuse of office charges. Tymoshenko, an architect of Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution that promoted democracy, was sentenced to seven years in prison last October, when she was found guilty...

DA Drops Case Vs. Woman Who Taped Cops

Emily Good plans lawsuit

(Newser) - Emily Good, the woman who made national headlines after police arrested her while videotaping a traffic stop, scored a victory in court today when the prosecutor dropped the sole misdemeanor charge against her. Good's actions simply didn't meet the definition of police intimidation required under the law, her...

Cops Get Strict on Parking —at Rally Over Arrest

Rochester officers crack down at meeting over videotape incident

(Newser) - Strange coincidence in Rochester, New York: Police busted out their rulers (literally) and issued a slew of tickets to cars parked even an inch beyond regulation from the curb. The coincidence part? It happened outside a community meeting to question police action in the arrest of Emily Good, who videotaped...

More Berlusconi Drama: Are There Naked Photos?

Alleged pictures of PM with girls spark tabloid bidding war

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is not most people's idea of a sexy hunk, but photographs allegedly showing the 74-year-old Italian prime minister naked—reportedly taken by one or more of the showgirls who entertained the PM in the "bunga bunga" party room of his mansion—have prompted a bidding war between...

Texas Cop Fired for Overkill Investigation

Sheriff's lieutenant shut down car wash over wife's missing $16

(Newser) - A Texas sheriff’s lieutenant has been fired for using police resources to investigate the alleged theft of $16 from his wife at a local car wash, the Houston Chronicle reports. Louis Guthrie and a group of deputies taped off the establishment for an hour to question employees. “This...

Gitmo Abuse Worse Under Obama: Lawyer

Guards 'get their kicks in' before controversial prison shuts down

(Newser) - Prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay has gone up since the election of President Obama, who’s promised to close the facility, a lawyer tells Reuters. Detainees represented by Ahmed Ghappour complained of beatings, dislocation of limbs, overfeeding while on hunger strike, and pepper spray on their toilet paper. “Guards...

Alaska AG, Troopergate Fixture, Resigns

(Newser) - Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg, a key figure in the Troopergate scandal that dogged Sarah Palin's vice presidential bid, has resigned "in the best interest" of the state, Palin's office said in a statement today. Colberg represented seven of the state employees subpoenaed as a result of the abuse-of-power...

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