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He Paid $35 at a Yard Sale for a Bowl Worth Up to $500K
Yard Sale Price: $35.
Sotheby's Wants $500K
in case you missed it

Yard Sale Price: $35. Sotheby's Wants $500K

Someone picked up 15th-century bowl at a Connecticut yard sale

(Newser) - It might be better if the poor soul near New Haven, Conn., who sold an old bowl for $35 at a yard sale last year never finds out about this. It turns out the porcelain bowl dates back to China's Ming dynasty of the 15th century and is expected...

Angelina Jolie's Churchill Painting Sets Auction Record

Former British prime minister's 'most important work' sells for almost $10M

(Newser) - A painting by former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill has just sold for an auction record, making Angelina Jolie millions of dollars richer. The actress had offered up The Tower Of The Koutoubia Mosque, which Churchill painted in Marrakech, Morroco, during World War II. An anonymous buyer nabbed it...

JFK's Harvard Sweater Has a New Owner

Presidential items auctioned ran from Washington to Biden

(Newser) - John F. Kennedy's Harvard University sweater, given away to a television cameraman who mentioned that he was chilly while interviewing Jacqueline Kennedy, has sold at auction for more than $85,000. The crimson wool cardigan, featuring a large, black, block-letter "H" and eight white mother-of-pearl buttons, was one...

This Manet Painting Has Never Been Seen in Public

Portrait of a pet dog expected to fetch up to $430K at auction

(Newser) - A dog painting by the great French modernist artist Édouard Manet, not seen in public in the nearly 150 years since its creation, is headed for auction. "It is not one of his chefs-d'œuvre [masterpieces] but it a marvelous interpretation of Manet's skill; a wonderful...

She Used It as a Step to Mount Horses, Then Took Closer Look

Ancient Greek inscription results in rock going up for auction

(Newser) - For years, a UK woman used the same rock in her stable as a stepping stone while mounting her horses. Then she happened to notice laurel wreaths and some kind of inscription carved into it, reports CNET . Turns out, that humble rock is a Roman marble slab dating back to...

This Person Really Wanted to See the Mona Lisa

Bidder paid $98K to get closer glimpse of da Vinci's famous piece during annual inspection

(Newser) - How much would it be worth to get to see that Mona Lisa smile up close and personal, without any fellow gawkers blocking your view? According to one person, $98,000 . That's how much a bidder paid for the chance to watch as da Vinci's famous painting is...

Lennon Signed It for His Own Killer. Now, the Auction Block

TMZ estimates its value at up to $2 million

(Newser) - The album John Lennon signed for his killer is hitting the auction block and could rake in up to $2 million, TMZ reports. Lennon signed the Double Fantasy album for Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980, only hours before Chapman shot him four times on the Upper West Side...

This Is an Expensive Pigeon
This Is an Expensive Pigeon

This Is an Expensive Pigeon

New Kim brings record $1.89M in Belgian auction

(Newser) - After a flurry of bidding in the last half-hour, a Belgian racing pigeon sold Sunday for a world record $1.89 million—a gravity-defying bid that's more than anyone expected, Reuters reports. "These record prices are unbelievable, because this is a female," said Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, chief executive...

'Blue Marble' Photo, First Space Selfie Up for Grabs

2.4K vintage photos showcase the golden age of space exploration

(Newser) - The only photograph showing Neil Armstrong walking on the moon is set to go to the highest bidder. Christie's is auctioning off some 2,400 rare NASA images amassed by French collector Victor Martin-Malburet, and though the one of Armstrong is expected to fetch the highest price, an estimated...

It Has Banksy's Signature. Here's Why He Won't Authenticate It

Artwork was taken from a seaside wall, a no-no in the world of Banksy

(Newser) - A man who appeared on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, hoping to hear the value of his Banksy artwork, ended up receiving a rebuke from the show's specialist and Banksy's team. The unidentified man told specialist Rupert Maas that he found the artwork—featuring Banksy's name and...

Bar From Hitler's Yacht Spent 69 Years in a Maryland Barn

'Fantastic relic' is now being auctioned off

(Newser) - The bar from a yacht that Adolf Hitler planned to sail down the Thames to celebrate his conquest of Britain is being auctioned off after spending almost 70 years in a Maryland barn. After the war the globe-shaped bar from the Aviso Grille, which can be seen at Alexander Historic...

Like That Rudolph TV Special? This Auction Might Be for You

Assuming you've got a quarter-million to spare

(Newser) - Rudolph and his still-shiny nose are getting a new home, and it's bound to be a lot nicer than the Island of Misfit Toys. The soaring reindeer and Santa Claus figures who starred in the perennially beloved stop-motion animation Christmas special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are going up...

Auction World Revolutionized by These Nobel Winners

Paul Milgrom, Robert Wilson take home Nobel Prize in Economics for their work in auction theory

(Newser) - Americans Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson, both academics from Stanford University, have won the Nobel Prize in Economics and will split the $1.1 million prize for "improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats." Technically known as the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic...

Buyer of $15.7M Diamond 'Bagged a Bargain'

Sale of 'conflict-free' diamond breaks multiple records

(Newser) - An anonymous bidder got a gem of a deal Monday when they snapped up a flawless 102-carat diamond for $15.7 million, experts say. The sale of the diamond found in northern Ontario in 2018 broke multiple records, the CBC reports. It broke the record for a diamond sold at...

New Home for Ugly Piece of Virginia History

Stone marking slavery auction site will go into museum, with newly scrawled graffiti

(Newser) - A 176-year-old stone block that was used for slave auctions in Virginia will go on display at the Fredericksburg Area Museum, with signs explaining the context of recent protests against racial injustice that left it covered in graffiti, per the AP . The stone block sat for nearly two centuries in...

Biggie's Crown Smashes Auction Estimates

Sells for nearly 100K times what the photographer paid

(Newser) - The crown that the Notorious B.I.G. wore in his last photo shoot, three days before his death, cost $6 in 1997. On Tuesday night, it sold for nearly 100,000 times that amount, the New York Post reports. The plastic crown, purchased by photographer Barron Claiborne, was auctioned...

President's Hair, Bloody Telegram Up for Auction

Abraham Lincoln's hair is expected to fetch at least $75K

(Newser) - This is one macabre auction: A lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair, wrapped in a bloodstained telegram about his 1865 assassination, is up for sale, the AP reports. Boston-based RR Auction said bidding has opened online for the items ahead of a live auction scheduled for Sept. 12 in New...

Crown Biggie Wore 3 Days Before His Death Is for Sale

Sotheby's sale also includes a teen Tupac's love letters

(Newser) - Letters from a lovestruck 16-year-old Tupac Shakur will be auctioned off at Sotheby's first-ever sale devoted to hip-hop history. The 22 letters to Kathy Loy, one of the rapper's classmates at the Baltimore School for the Arts in the 1980s, are expected to fetch up to $80,000,...

A Coveted Phone Number Sells for $325K

It has 5 consecutive 8s, which is seen as lucky in China

(Newser) - There's a reason the 2008 Olympics in Beijing started at 8:08 on the eighth day of the eighth month, notes ChannelNewsAsia . In China, the number eight is considered lucky because it sounds much like the word for "prosperity." All of which might help explain why somebody...

'Holy Grail of All Dollars' Could Fetch $10M at Auction

'Flowing Hair' coin was Mint's first-ever silver dollar

(Newser) - The first-ever silver dollar minted by the United States is going up for auction—but if you want to get your hands on it, you'll probably need at least 10 million younger dollars. The "Flowing Hair" 1794 dollar, which has Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle...

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