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Obama Ditches Teleprompter

 Obama Ditches 

Obama Ditches Teleprompter

He often gives stump speeches without it, notes the Hill

(Newser) - In his latest appearances, President Obama has left behind a trusted friend: his teleprompter. The speechmaking tool has been absent during speeches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia, and the change is clear as the president refers to written notes rather than gazing left and right, writes Amie Parnes at the...

Foster Friess: I Hope Obama's 'Teleprompters Are Bullet-Proof'

We can't imagine why anyone would be offended, can you?

(Newser) - Former Rick Santorum sugar daddy Foster Friess picked an unfortunate metaphor in an interview yesterday on Fox Business. "There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other," he said, according to the LA Times . "...

Is Santorum Too Honest for His Own Good?

Washington Post thinks he's shooting himself in the foot

(Newser) - Rick Santorum's campaign has a problem: namely, Rick Santorum. The candidate prides himself on speaking off the cuff—he thinks teleprompters should be illegal for presidential candidates—but that's made him a veritable fountain of gaffes lately, leaving insiders questioning his ability to be the party standard bearer,...

GOP Has Made Teleprompter a Symbol of Ineptitude

Prior to Obama, they were used by most presidents, candidates

(Newser) - When a truckload of presidential equipment was stolen yesterday , it was just another chance for conservatives to home in on the missing teleprompter. The Drudge Report’s headline: “SPEECHLESS: OBAMA’S TELEPROMPTER STOLEN!” The theft, of course, culminates years of Republican jibes at President Obama for his reliance...

Thief Swipes Obama's Teleprompter

Truck containing $200K of equipment stolen in Virginia

(Newser) - He took the words right out of Barack Obama's mouth—sort of. A thief (or thieves...) in Henrico, Va., made off with a truck that just so happened to contain the president's teleprompter, podium, related audio equipment, and, should he have been unclear on just who he...

Palin: I Joined Fox for Fairness, Balance

She also rips White House on Leno appearance

(Newser) - So now we know why Sarah Palin joined Fox: to boost "fairness and balance" in the media. That's what she told Jay Leno in his second night back at the helm of the Tonight Show. "The mainstream media is quite broken and I think there needs to be...

Sarah Palin's Hand Is 'A Poor Man's Teleprompter'

Ex-Governor says she was tired, touts simple talking points

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is defending herself for writing notes on her hand during a Tea Party convention interview … sort of. She brought up the incident herself in an appearance on Sean Hannity's show yesterday. “Hey, remember those talking points that I had written on my hand?” she said. “...

Sarah Palin's Cheat Sheet: Her Palm

Former Alaska governor uses prompts during Tea Party Q&A

(Newser) - Sarah Palin sniped at President Obama last night for using a Teleprompter, but it soon became clear that she objects to the technology, not the concept—the Tea Party convention keynote speaker referred to notes scrawled on her palm during her post-speech Q&A. Her left palm bore the words...

Jon Stewart Turns Barbs Against Obama

President's turn as butt of Daily Show spurs partisan buzz

(Newser) - Barack Obama hasn't just lost the earnest liberals; Jon Stewart's recent barbs show the honeymoon is also over with left-leaning comedy. Stewart is a "pop-culture bellwether," Howard Kurtz writes in the Washington Post , so left and right alike took notice last week when Stewart ripped the president for...

No, Obama Didn't Use a Teleprompter to Talk to Kids

Conservatives jump all over president for

(Newser) - Conservative blogs are beside themselves with glee today, jumping on President Obama for using a teleprompter to talk to 6th graders last week. “It would surely be funny if he had,” says the Weekly Standard . “But it doesn’t appear that he did.” Photos of Obama’...

Teleprompter's No Cop-Out: Lincoln Would've Loved It

It's no cop-out: Presidents should be precise

(Newser) - President Obama has taken much flak for his reliance on the teleprompter—it's a crutch, goes the charge. In fact, it plays a very different—and essential—role, writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post: It “represents the elevation of writing in politics,” showing that the president and...

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