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In First Excerpt, Obama Recalls Weightiest Fight in Congress

Focus is on passage of ObamaCare in 'New Yorker' release

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with the first excerpt of former President Obama's forthcoming memoir, A Promised Land, and the focus is on how he and his team got ObamaCare passed. Before the legislative fight even began, Obama recounts a conversation with advisers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, who...

Cops: Guy Who Wanted to Dognap Bo Obama Arrested

On firearms charges, not dognapping charges

(Newser) - Scott Stockert allegedly traveled from North Dakota to Washington DC ... to dognap Bo Obama. Stockert was arrested Wednesday at a Hampton Inn in downtown DC by police officers responding to a tip from the Secret Service about the alleged dognapping plan, NBC Washington reports. Police found a shotgun, a rifle,...

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead
The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

Breed has become a symbol of racial segregation, poverty: Emily Nusser

(Newser) - The Obamas just adopted a pretty new Portuguese water dog . But if the first family really wanted to make a statement, they should have adopted a pit bull from the pound instead, writes Susan Nusser at Salon . Pit bulls are "resilient, unpretentious, and a little gritty," she says....

Obamas Get New Puppy
 Obamas Get New Puppy 

Obamas Get New Puppy

New arrival Sunny is another Portuguese water dog

(Newser) - A new puppy is following in the footsteps of White House pets including Lyndon Johnson's beagles and Andrew Jackson's swearing parrot. Sunny is a female Portuguese water dog—the same breed as Bo, the dog President Obama promised daughters Sasha and Malia after his 2008 victory. Sunny is...

Obamas Might Want to Keep Bo Inside

Study says dogs don't play well as public props in tough economy

(Newser) - The doggie debates have begun again . Forget about strapping a dog to the roof of your car —even having a canine companion could be a political hazard in a tough economy, a study suggests. "In times of war or scandal, dogs are welcome public companions, but not so...

Is Bo Obama a Pricey Jetsetter?

Nope. Bo didn't go to Hawaii with Michelle...

(Newser) - Oh-oh. The star of the Obamas' holiday card is in trouble again. After the first family got a shellacking from Sarah Palin for featuring their dog, Bo, alone, on their White House greetings, they're now under fire for transporting the dog all the way back from Hawaii just to...

Palin Rips Obama Family Holiday Card

What, did you expect her to like it?

(Newser) - Is someone a little put out that she didn’t get a holiday card from the first family? Sarah Palin was recently on Fox News criticizing the Obama family’s pic , noting that the card—which features Bo Obama in front of a White House fireplace—focuses on the dog...

White House Decorations All About Bo

First dog is the main theme this year

(Newser) - As Michelle Obama welcomed military families to the White House yesterday, the building was decked out for the holidays—and Bo Obama was everywhere. Each room had a replica of the dog, made of everything from licorice to buttons to trash bags, the Washington Post reports. The dog is also...

Michelle: I Sneak Out Unrecognized 'Frequently'

People don't notice her because they're not expecting her, she tells 'Today'

(Newser) - Apparently that Michelle Obama Target trip was not an isolated occurrence: The first lady often goes out unnoticed, she revealed this morning on Today . “It’s amazing how people don’t recognize you,” Obama said. “They don’t expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle....

First Dog Bo Cost $1,600

 First Dog Bo 
 Cost $1,600 

First Dog Bo Cost $1,600

Obama family's Portuguese water dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy

(Newser) - The Obama family's Portuguese water dog, Bo, cost $1,600, according to financial disclosure documents made public today. The scoop on Bo's price tag is the most interesting tidbit from the forms; President Obama's financial situation was made clear when his tax returns were released last month, the Washington Post...

Obama: Tea-Baggers Control GOP Agenda

 Control GOP 
also, Rahm hates bo

Obama: Tea-Baggers Control GOP Agenda

President blames Republican opposition to the stimulus

(Newser) - New York has an early look at Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter's book on the Obama White House, The Promise. Tidbits (some newsier than others):
  • Obama tells Alter that GOP opposition to the stimulus "helped create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party where it

Sasha, Malia Dish on White House Christmas

Obamas tell kid patients of 26 trees; 'presents not under each one'

(Newser) - The first family—minus the president, but plus the first dog—talked about their first White House Christmas yesterday, but Michelle Obama wouldn’t spill any secrets on what’s waiting for Barack under the tree. Malia told patients at the Children’s National Medical Center about the 26 trees...

Bearing Cookies, Obama Spreads Cheer
 Bearing Cookies, 
 Obama Spreads Cheer 
kids want tech, not bikes

Bearing Cookies, Obama Spreads Cheer

President visits Boys and Girls Club, reads 'Polar Express'

(Newser) - A Washington Boys and Girls Club had an unexpected visitor this afternoon: President Obama. The Elf in Chief chatted with 6- to 11-year-olds, read The Polar Express, handed out cookies—some shaped like first dog Bo—and asked the kids what they want for Christmas. He seemed surprised when they...

If Barack Wrote a Holiday Card...
 If Barack Wrote a Holiday Card... 

If Barack Wrote a Holiday Card...

An inside look at the Obamas' totally real, nonpolitical holiday greeting

(Newser) - Not on Barack Obama’s Christmas card list? Don’t worry; Slate snuck into the Oval Office Salahi-style and made off with a copy...or something like that. But the card doesn’t mention politics at all—just family stuff like their new dog. “Bo turns out to be...

Gingerbread White House Boasts Candy Bo
 White House 
 Candy Bo 
white house holidays

Gingerbread White House Boasts Candy Bo

Eco-friendly lights, 27 trees liven up the full-size executive mansion

(Newser) - Everyone got into the act of readying the White House for the holidays—staffers and volunteers who helped with decorating, community groups whose members created ornaments, and even the White House bees, whose honey went into the gingerbread that became a 390-pound replica of the executive mansion. At the bottom...

Michelle Wants Prez to Lose (to Her, at Tennis)
 Michelle Wants Prez 
 to Lose (to Her, at Tennis) 
First Lady's 10 @ Ten

Michelle Wants Prez to Lose (to Her, at Tennis)

But won't spill girls' Halloween costumes to Jay Leno

(Newser) - What's President Barack Obama's most annoying habit? Practicing his speeches for hours in front of the bathroom mirror? Talking too much foreign policy at the dinner table? No—First Lady Michelle Obama said last night it's his tennis game. When they play, the president usually wins. "He beats me...

Obama: I'm 'Surprised and Deeply Humbled' by Nobel

President will accept the honor as a 'call to action'

(Newser) - A beaming President Obama says he's honored to win the Nobel Peace Prize but isn't sure he's done enough to earn it. Appearing in the Rose Garden today, Obama acknowledged he was "both surprised and deeply humbled" to win the award. He said he does not "view it...

Doting Obamas 'Demote' Pooch Wrangler

(Newser) - Dale Haney has been wrangling White House animals since 1976, but these days his responsibilities are much diminished, insiders tell US News & World Report. “He doesn’t see Bo as much because the girls and Mrs. Obama, the whole family, is taking care of Bo, so Dale has...

Want a Dog Like Bo? Here's Your 11-Page Application

Potential buyers face tough application process

(Newser) - Since Bo Obama became first pup, everyone seems to want a Portuguese water dog, the Wall Street Journal reports. Good luck with that. Though requests are soaring, the nation's approximately 200 breeders are a pretty picky bunch. About 1,400 puppies are born each year, and only 1 in 10...

Collect Him! Trade Him! Bo Stars on Baseball Card

(Newser) - Do you—or does someone you love—have Bo fever? Are you one of the apparently considerable number of people who have bombarded the White House with requests for info about him? Michelle Obama's press staff has heard your call. Send a request (and preferably an SASE), and your new...

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