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Markoff Wrote Ex's Name in Blood on Wall

Scrawled a second word that looked like 'pocket'

(Newser) - As he lay dying by his own hand on what should have been his first wedding anniversary, the alleged “Craigslist Killer” scrawled his former fiancé’s name in blood on the wall of his cell, sources tell ABC News . Philip Markoff also tried to write a second word,... More »

Accused 'Craigslist Killer' Stabbed, Suffocated Himself

Reportedly used a plastic bag, pen

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff was found with a plastic bag tied over his head and puncture wounds on his neck and both ankles. A law enforcement officer says Markoff cut one of his arteries, with sources telling the Boston Herald that he used a pen and his medical-school knowledge... More »

Accused 'Craigslist Killer' Found Dead in Cell

Philip Markoff committed suicide, say authorities

(Newser) - Philip Markoff, the former Boston University medical student accused of killing a masseuse he met through Craigslist, is dead in an apparent jailhouse suicide, say authorities. A spokesman for the Suffolk County sheriff's office says Philip Markoff was declared dead by emergency medical workers at about 10:15am. The body... More »

'Craigslist Murder' a New Internet Phenomenon

Real-world cops with computers tracked real-world cybercrime

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff’s alleged crimes and capture were so tied to the Internet that a “new kind of murder” has been born, writes Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair. Not only did Markoff allegedly find victim Julissa Brisman on Craigslist, but before the meeting that Boston police... More »

In Prison Visit, Ex Closed Book on Markoff

(Newser) - Philip Markoff’s ex-fiancée visited the accused “Craigslist killer” in jail two weeks ago to say goodbye, the Boston Herald reports. Megan McAllister told Markoff “that in all likelihood she would not be coming back to Boston," her lawyer said today, adding that though McAllister had... More »

'Craigslist Killer' Pleads Not Guilty

Arraigned on 7 counts including first-degree murder

(Newser) - Philip Markoff spoke a resounding “not guilty” at his arraignment today for the murder of a masseuse, the Boston Globe reports. Prosecutors described “brutal” attacks against three women as the so-called “Craigslist killer” was arraigned on seven charges, including first-degree murder, armed robbery, armed kidnapping, armed assault,... More »

Markoff Indicted for Craigslist Murder

There's ample evidence: prosecutor

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff has been formally charged with murdering 26-year-old Julissa Brisman, the Boston Globe reports. The former med student is being arraigned today on seven charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with Brisman’s death and another attack on a prostitute. Both women advertised their services on... More »

Craigslist Drops Erotic Ads

(Newser) - Craigslist has agreed to dump its “erotic services” ads, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced today. In their place will be a new employee-reviewed adult category. The site has been under pressure to act in response to the so-called "Craigslist killer" case, in which a Boston premed student... More »

Panty Theft Led RI Cops to Markoff

Markoff linked to Rhode Island robbery after cops realized similarity to earlier crimes

(Newser) - Rhode Island cops realized accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff may have been involved in a local robbery when they learned the victim's panties had been stolen, sources tell ABC News. Investigators who noted the similarity to two attacks in Boston soon found more links to Markoff and issued a warrant... More »

RI Adds Robbery Charge for 'Craigslist Killer'

Fingerprint links Markoff to stripper, but Boston trial comes first

(Newser) - Rhode Island will heap more charges on alleged Craigslist killer Philip Markoff today, the Boston Globe reports, accusing him in the attempted robbery of a stripper at a motel last month. Officials say Markoff’s fingerprints and text messages put him at the scene, where he allegedly tried to rob... More »

'Evil' Corrupts Craigslist's Good Intent: Founder

Newmark consoles family of slain site user

(Newser) - Despite several high-profile murders involving Craigslist, founder Craig Newmark says he hopes to foster community spirit with his 14-year-old site. "Evil does exist," he said at a memorial concert for Katie Olson, 24, who was killed after responding to a babysitting ad. Newmark shared the stage with Olson's... More »

Wedding's Off After Fiancée Visits Markoff

They have 'frank' talk as cops discuss 16 pairs of panties under bed

(Newser) - Megan McAllister visited her fiancé, accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff, in jail yesterday, sans engagement ring, WBZ 4 reports. "It's time to move on with other things in her life," her lawyer says. "She's going to take up her life with her friends and her family in... More »

Markoff's Fiancée Stands by Her Man

Craigslist Killer suspect described as 'loving, caring man'

(Newser) - The fiancée of accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff plans to support him throughout his trial, ABC News reports. Meghan McAllister—breaking a weeklong silence—said the man the media has portrayed is not the "loving and caring person" she and her family know, and that people should remember... More »

RI to Charge Markoff With Robbing Stripper

New charges expected early this week

(Newser) - Authorities in Rhode Island plan to charge murder suspect Philip Markoff with a third Craigslist-related crime, CBS News reports. Markoff, 23, is expected to be charged in the robbery of a stripper who was held at gunpoint in a RI hotel room; police say his fingerprints match those found at... More »

What the Well-Dressed 'Craigslist Killer' Wears

Philip Markoff strapped into the latest anti-suicide jail fashion

(Newser) - Ever since he apparently tried to hang himself last week with his shoelaces, accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff has been strapped into a padded restraint suit in jail designed to stop further attempts, reports Gawker. The "Ferguson Safety Smock"  is aimed at keeping "problem inmates from hurting... More »

'Straight-Edge' Markoff's Pals Wonder What They Missed

Those who knew him see few hints he was dangerous

(Newser) - Those who’ve known Philip Markoff throughout his life are at a loss to explain how a “straight-edge” young man stands accused of being the Craigslist killer, the Boston Globe reports. “If there were any clues” to a sordid alter-ego, “he hid them well,” said a... More »

Markoff to Family: 'Forget About Me'

Accused Craigslist killer tells family to forget about him

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff told his family “there is more coming out” yesterday during their jail visit, a source tells the Boston Herald. Along with his parents, Markoff saw his brother and sister-in-law, telling them to “forget about me” and “move to California.” His lawyer... More »

Craigslist Founder Declines to Shut Down Erotic Ads

Defies Conn. attorney general's request in light of 'Craigslist Killer'

(Newser) - The founder of Craigslist does not plan to close the "erotic services" section of the website despite criticism that has intensified after Philip Markoff, a Boston medical student, was accused of killing a masseuse who advertised there, and robbing two others. Craig Newmark contends his site already allows users... More »

Markoff Linked to Third Craigslist Assault

Prints of Craigslist killer suspect found at RI crime scene

(Newser) - Philip Markoff has been linked to a third assault on a woman advertising sexual services on Craigslist, the Boston Globe reports. Police say the accused killer left fingerprints at a Rhode Island hotel where he tried to rob a prostitute last week and sent identifiable text messages immediately after the... More »

Parents Visit Craigslist Murder Suspect in Jail

(Newser) - Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff’s parents visited him for the first time today at the Boston jail where he is being held, the Boston Globe reports. Richard Markoff and Susan Haynes, who are divorced, did not speak to the press. Asked by reporters what the parents dreaded most about... More »

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