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Proteins in Blood Can Warn of Cancer Years in Advance
It's a Big Jump Forward
for Cancer Prevention

It's a Big Jump Forward for Cancer Prevention

Proteins linked to cancer can be found in blood more than 7 years before diagnosis

(Newser) - Proteomics, meaning the study of proteins, isn't exactly a household word, but it's a field of research that could someday save countless lives. Cancer Research UK says a study it funded found that proteins linked to cancer can be found in people's blood more than seven years...

26 Papers by Renowned Cancer Surgeon Flagged for Iffy Data

'New York Times' details the allegations against a renowned researcher

(Newser) - The New York Times is out with a story suggesting that medical journals provide nowhere near the kind of scrutiny necessary for papers on cancer research. The newspaper reports that a top cancer surgeon at Columbia University is under scrutiny after 26 of Dr. Sam Yoon's published studies were...

Freezer Failure Wipes Out Decades of Research Samples

Cryogenic tanks at Sweden's Karolinska Institutet lost supply of liquid nitrogen over Christmas

(Newser) - Sweden's Karolinska Institutet experienced the very opposite of a Christmas gift in December: the destruction of research samples gathered over decades and worth millions. Samples from multiple institutions were stored at -190 degrees Celsius in 16 cryogenic tanks at the Stockholm medical university when the supply of liquid nitrogen...

It's a 'Milestone' for Cancer Vaccines
Cancer Just Got
a Little Less Scary

Cancer Just Got a Little Less Scary

BioNTech's mRNA vaccine appears to prevent pancreatic cancer's return in phase one trial

(Newser) - BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine overshadowed its development of an mRNA vaccine to target cancer , but that vaccine takes center stage in a phase one trial, offering new hope for the treatment of notoriously deadly and stubborn pancreatic cancers. Some 90% of pancreatic cancer patients who have tumors surgically removed see...

Bezos Family Gives $710M to Cancer Center

Seattle research center hopes to use donation to speed up trials

(Newser) - The Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has announced a $710 million gift from the Bezos family, the largest gift the center has ever received and one of the largest to go to any single cancer research organization in recent years. The donation will fund 36 new research labs, the building...

BBC Host Pens 'Message I Never Wanted to Write'
'Bowel Babe'
Blown Away
by Damehood
in case you missed it

BBC's 'Bowel Babe' Blown Away by Damehood

Deborah James awarded for charity efforts days after announcing she was in hospice care

(Newser) - Update: Deborah James' days are limited. But recent ones have been remarkable. The host of the BBC podcast "You, Me, and the Big C," now in hospice care with bowel cancer, was awarded damehood Thursday as her campaign to raise money for cancer research, started just four days...

Ovarian Cancer Screening Study 'Deeply Disappointing'

Large-scale screening failed to save lives

(Newser) - Even in advanced stages, the symptoms of ovarian cancer —including feeling bloated, a swollen stomach, and needing to urinate more frequently—are often mistaken for less serious ailments. Researchers say they hoped large-scale screening would save lives, and they were "deeply disappointed" when that didn't turn out...

McRib to Return With a Smooth Freebie Offer

Sandwich relaunches with giveaway promotion

(Newser) - The McRib's annual return to McDonald's stores always makes a splash, but the company is launching a giveaway this year to help build anticipation. The Shave 4 McRib Sweepstakes will award 10,000 free sandwiches, USA Today reports, ahead of the sandwich's reappearance on the menu board...

CEO Takes Out $6M Super Bowl Ad About His Dog

David MacNeil hopes viewers donate to veterinary research

(Newser) - WeatherTech's unofficial mascot, Scout, appeared in the auto accessories company's 2019 Super Bowl ad . And the 7-year-old golden retriever is back for 2020, both because of and in spite of an aggressive cancer treatment carried out at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. Scout's owner,...

Here's How Jeopardy! Fans Can Honor Trebek

Play-along tournament for cancer research kicks off Thursday

(Newser) - Those moved by a Jeopardy contestant's support for Alex Trebek can pay homage to the beloved TV host in a different way. Dhruv Gaur and other contestants have organized a play-along tournament in which viewers are encouraged to donate $1 to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research for...

Teen Jeopardy! Champ Donates in Honor of Trebek

Avi Gupta says host's struggle with pancreatic cancer has inspired him

(Newser) - Alex Trebek has inspired millions with the candor he's shown in detailing his dealings with pancreatic cancer, but he touched one young Jeopardy! contestant so much that the 18-year-old reached into his wallet. Avi Gupta, a freshman at Columbia University, emerged as the champion in the game show's...

A Cancer Cure in the Next Year? Not Exactly

Israeli biotech company makes a bold claim

(Newser) - There's a decent chance you saw the headline, which quickly made its way across the Internet on Tuesday: "A Cure for Cancer? Israeli Scientists Say They Think They Found One." The Jerusalem Post article contains bold quotes from the biotech company behind the treatment: "We believe...

Top Cancer Researcher in Hot Water Over Financial Ties

Dr. José Baselga failed to list connections to Roche, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and others

(Newser) - One of the world's top breast cancer researchers is taking heat after a New York Times and ProPublica report revealed he failed to list his financial ties to big pharma in major publications and elsewhere. Dr. José Baselga reportedly did not follow established guidelines for reporting such ties in...

Study Links Food Compound to Spread of Cancer

Asparagus may be cancer's favorite vegetable

(Newser) - Making big changes to your diet could deprive cancer of a nutrient that it needs to spread throughout the body, researchers say. A study published in the journal Nature links asparagine—an amino acid found in many foods, including asparagus, beef, poultry, nuts, and potatoes—to the spread of secondary...

Scientists Halt Growth of Colon, Stomach Cancers
Scientists Halt
Growth of Colon,
Stomach Cancers

Scientists Halt Growth of Colon, Stomach Cancers

Protein-inhibiting drug possible within 3 years: researchers

(Newser) - Australian researchers have discovered a "revolutionary" new way to stop the growth of colon and stomach cancers, which could lead to a new cancer-fighting drug within three years. Matthias Ernst at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute explains that white blood cells called macrophages help to heal wounds and...

An Answer for Cancer Patients Who Wonder 'Why Me?'
An Answer for
Cancer Patients
Who Wonder
'Why Me?'
new study

An Answer for Cancer Patients Who Wonder 'Why Me?'

Unavoidable typos in DNA help fuel cancer

(Newser) - Cancer patients often wonder "why me?" Does their tumor run in the family? Did they try hard enough to avoid risks like smoking, too much sun, or a bad diet? Lifestyle and heredity get the most blame, but new research suggests random chance plays a bigger role than people...

Boy Gets Own Diagnosis Days After Shaving Head for Cancer

He's still fighting for other kids to stay strong

(Newser) - Just days after Benny Martinez shaved his head last year to raise money for cancer research at a school fundraiser in Park Ridge, Ill., he wound up in the emergency room while his family was vacationing at Disney World, complaining of an awful headache and nausea. A CT scan revealed...

Women to See 60% Spike in Cancer Deaths by 2030
Ominous Stats on the
Women's Cancer Horizon

Ominous Stats on the Women's Cancer Horizon

A 60% rise in deaths by 2030, per an ACS report

(Newser) - Two disturbing reports were issued this week on the cancer front, with one noting women will see a spike in cancer deaths over the next decade or so—5.5 million cancer deaths by the year 2030. The other report adds that women afflicted with breast cancer alone could nearly...

Nasty Parasite in Cat Poo May Be a Cancer Fighter
Nasty Parasite in Cat Poo
May Be a Cancer Fighter

Nasty Parasite in Cat Poo May Be a Cancer Fighter

In mice, it fights ovarian tumors

(Newser) - Again and again, research on the parasite toxoplasma gondii, commonly found in cat feces, reveals just how nasty and widespread it is. It's linked to rage disorder , might boost one's risk of schizophrenia and other mental disorders, and in an odd and probably fatal twist, makes the mice...

Trial for Cancer Drug Continues Even After 3 Die

Immunotherapy offers hope in cancer fight

(Newser) - The FDA suspended a cancer drug trial earlier this month after three people died. But just a few days later, the agency gave Juno Therapeutics the green light to resume testing JCAR015 on leukemia patients. Such a re-evaluation often takes the FDA more than 30 days to complete, according to...

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