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10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths
 10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths 

10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths

Mysterious circumstances surround these celebrities

(Newser) - Brittany Murphy's sudden death has always been mysterious, especially when it was followed by the death of her husband, months later, apparently from the same cause. Now her dad wants the investigation into Murphy's death re-opened, because he thinks she was poisoned. The Huffington Post rounds up 30...

7 Bizarre Celebrity Deaths

From accidental drownings to fan club shootings

(Newser) - The rocker who may have been killed by a spider bite . The reality star who died while off-roading . The singer found dead and surrounded by rotting food and dog feces . Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding celebrity deaths are just plain strange, as in these seven examples, from a group of 17...

Wife Blames Film Co. for Carradine's Death
 Wife Blames 
 Film Co. for 
wrongful death suit

Wife Blames Film Co. for Carradine's Death

Anne Carradine files wrongful death suit

(Newser) - David Carradine’s wife alleges her husband wouldn’t have died if the production company he was shooting a movie with had taken better care of him. The assistant assigned to Carradine was supposed to get him to dinner with the film’s director on the night he died, but...

Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests
 Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests 

Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests

As you probably guessed, Randy and Evi Quaid, Amy Winehouse made the list

(Newser) - Randy and Evi Quaid certainly aren’t the first celebrities to prove themselves awful hotel guests. In perhaps the understatement of the year, Concierge.com editor Peter Frank tells ABC, “Some of these celebrities do not know how to behave in a civilized manner.” Some of the worst...

Quaids' Wild Ride a Tale of Drugs, Paranoia

Texas arrest for stiffing hotel bill is just the tip of the iceberg

(Newser) - The arrest of Randy and Evi Quaid in Texas for stiffing a California hotel is only the latest twist in a bizarre tale of unpaid bills and paranoid fantasies. A private investigator hired by the Quaids—she’s out $17,000—tells Diane Dimond the actor and his wife owe...

Autoerotic Asphyxiation No Choking Matter

Death rate roughly equivalent to NYC's homicides

(Newser) - Autoerotic asphyxiation may seem like a fringe pursuit, but it kills hundreds of American men every year, Ian Daly writes in Details. Dubbed AeA, it involves partially choking oneself during orgasm to cut off oxygen and unleash a flood of pleasure-inducing chemicals in the brain. Once considered the fatal fetish...

Autopsy Rules Out Carradine Suicide
 Autopsy Rules 
 Out Carradine 

Autopsy Rules Out Carradine Suicide

Plus, drama at Farrah's funeral, and more

(Newser) - David Carradine’s private autopsy was completed yesterday, and the medical examiner officially ruled out suicide due to the way the actor's body was bound, Reuters reports. “The cause of death was asphyxiation, an inability to breathe, now why that happened is still what we're working on,” he...

David Carradine Funeral Draws Hundreds

'More laughter than tears' as loved ones remember actor

(Newser) - David Carradine's funeral took place under gray skies, but the mood was upbeat, reports People. Hundreds of friends and family members turned out—including Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour, and former Kill Bill co-star Lucy Liu—to honor the actor who was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room earlier...

Carradine's Family: Thanks, But Give Us Space

(Newser) - A forensics specialist hired by David Carradine's family doesn't think the 72-year-old committeed suicide and didn't rule out the possibility of foul play, reports ABC. No final determination can be made until Bangkok police release details of the scene, he said. Carradine's family, meanwhile, spoke out for the first time,...

Carradine Death Pics Reveal Fishnets, Wig

(Newser) - Actor David Carradine appears to be wearing a wig and fishnets in photos taken of his body  in his Bagkok hotel room, deepening the mystery of his death, reports ABC News. Red lingerie lies on the bed. Cross dressing is often an element of autoerotic asphyxiation, which Thai officials have...

Sex-Death Expert to Conduct Carradine Autopsy

(Newser) - Famed pathologist Michael Baden is traveling to California to conduct a private autopsy of actor David Carradine, reports Radar. One of Baden's skills is tracking autoerotic asphyxiation, which may have been the cause of Carradine's death, but the former chief medical examiner of New York City is also trained to...

Family Furious as Carradine Death Pics Leaked to Press

(Newser) - David Carradine's family expressed outrage yesterday after photos of the dead actor were published in a Thai newspaper. Family members were "profoundly disturbed" by the photos taken in the actor's Bangkok hotel room, where his body was discovered, said a statement. Half brother Keith Carradine threatened a lawsuit for...

Kung Fu Sect May Have Killed Carradine: Lawyer

Actor 'very interested' in exposing underworld

(Newser) - A secret kung fu sect may have killed actor David Carradine for uncovering its secrets, his family's lawyer says. "If there was some foul play, that that may be the first area where" authorities "should look," Hollywood lawyer Mark Geragos said on Larry King Live. He...

Sex Strangulation Unsafe, But Doable
 Sex Strangulation 
 Unsafe, But Doable 

Sex Strangulation Unsafe, But Doable

...if you follow some crucial rules

(Newser) - The kinky details of David Carradine’s death may leave you asking a seemingly forbidden question: Is there a safe way to engage in autoerotic asphyxiation? Most doctors say no, and strongly discourage self-strangulation during sex or masturbation. But there are ways to make it less dangerous, Christopher Beam writes...

Carradine Family Wants FBI to Investigate Death

(Newser) - David Carradine’s family has asked the FBI to look into his death, the New York Daily News reports. “They want an investigation,” said a lawyer for Carradine’s brother. The 72-year-old actor was found in a hotel closet in Bankok with a rope tied to his neck...

Carradine 'Joyous' During Final Days

Divorce filing accused actor of deviant sexual behavior, incest

(Newser) - David Carradine seemed anything but suicidal in the days before his death, colleagues and staff in the Bangkok hotel where he died tell People. The actor—found dead Thursday with ropes tied around his neck and genitals—was "joyous and productive," associates say. He played piano and serenaded...

Sex Technique Linked to Carradine Hanging

Actor may have died accidentally during autoerotic asphyxiation

(Newser) - David Carradine's manager disputed reports that the actor committed suicide as information emerged that he may have died accidentally during autoerotic asphyxiation. Carradine was found hanging naked in his Bangkok hotel room with cords around his neck and genitals, reports the Telegraph. There was no evidence of assault or that...

Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor'
 Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor' 

Carradine: An 'Actor's Actor'

(Newser) - David Carradine was “an actor's actor,” Brian Warmoth writes on MTV.com, “a performer who left an indelible mark on everything he did with adeptly conceived roles in even the campiest environments.” Though best known for his '70s role on the TV show Kung Fu and...

Kung Fu Star Carradine Dead at 72

(Newser) - David Carradine, the star of campy '70s TV classic Kung Fu who enjoyed a career renaissance as the villain in the Kill Bill films, was found dead today in Bangkok, where he was shooting a movie, the AP reports. Carradine, part of a prominent Hollywood family that included father John,...

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