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After Model Alleges an Affair, Adam Levine Responds

Maroon 5 frontman denies affair but admits 'crossing the line'

(Newser) - On Monday, Instagram model Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video in which she claimed to have carried on a nearly year-long affair with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and showed Instagram messages that were allegedly from him. (Stuff like, "You are 50 times hotter in person.") Levine...

Coach's Run on The Voice Ending After 16 Seasons

Gwen Stefani will take Adam Levine's chair

(Newser) - The Voice will go on, but without Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer and three-time coaching winner of the NBC singing competition will not return for the show's 17th season, he announced Friday. Levine and friendly nemesis Blake Shelton have been in their chairs since the first broadcast in...

Adam Levine Has Message for His Critics
Adam Levine Has
Message for His Critics
the rundown

Adam Levine Has Message for His Critics

Thank you, writes Maroon 5 singer

(Newser) - The reviews of the Super Bowl halftime show anchored by Maroon 5 haven't exactly been stellar. "Designed to be forgotten" is the headline of a review at the Atlantic , one voicing a typical sentiment. But lead singer Adam Levine seems to be taking it in stride. "We...

Amid Super Bowl Flap, a Message From Adam Levine

Maroon 5 singer says he thought hard about halftime show, those angry at him 'will be heard'

(Newser) - "We got you." Per , that's Adam Levine's cryptic message on what he and Maroon 5 will do Sunday during the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, a performance the band is getting a lot of flak for from fans angered by the NFL's treatment...

Here's Your (Alleged) 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Act

Maroon 5 will perform at the big game, sources claim

(Newser) - Two sources tell Variety the Super Bowl LIII halftime act has been chosen, and it's Maroon 5. Another source tells Us , "The offer has been extended and they’ve pretty much accepted," while ETOnline says the band is the "frontrunner" to perform. The band itself, fronted...

Adam Levine: I'll Pay for Voice Singer's Funeral

Christina Grimmie's brother says Maroon 5 singer has reached out

(Newser) - Adam Levine was Christina Grimmie's coach during her time on reality competition The Voice—and now the Maroon 5 singer has offered to pay for her funeral, Billboard reports. Grimmie was murdered after a concert Friday night; her brother, Marcus, wrote on Facebook Sunday night that Levine "personally...

5 Celebs Who've Struggled With Mental Health

And what they had to say about it

(Newser) - Drew Barrymore has been opening up about mental health issues recently, first revealing she struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her second child, then later talking about her childhood, during which she was "institutionalized" at a hospital for the mentally ill at age 13. The Chive rounds...

Denny's Patron Punches Marilyn Manson in Face

And Adam Levine gets ambushed by fan

(Newser) - Marilyn Manson may be older and mellower these days, but apparently he still knows how to get into trouble. After his Saturday night concert in Alberta, Canada, he went to Denny's around 2am, where he got into an argument with patrons at another table, according to TMZ . Manson allegedly...

Adam Levine Gets Hitched
 Adam Levine Gets Hitched 

Adam Levine Gets Hitched

Married Behati Prinsloo yesterday in Los Cabos

(Newser) - Adam Levine, alleged Sexiest Man Alive and non, uh, jerk , is now just a boring old married dude. The Maroon 5 frontman tied the knot with native Namibian and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo yesterday in Los Cabos, reports US , in front of some 300 people that included Jonah...

Adam Levine Explains Why He Is Not a Douche

At length, and in great detail, to GQ

(Newser) - The world seems about evenly split between people who think Adam Levine is the Sexiest Man Alive and people who think he's a douche . Well, in a new interview with GQ , the 35-year-old Maroon 5 singer explains—at great length—why he is actually not a douche. The relevant...

Adam Levine's Pre-Wedding Mission: Apologize to Exes

All we have to say is, barf

(Newser) - Today's entry in the ongoing collection of Things That Make Adam Levine Sound Like a Real Prize: The Maroon 5 frontman and current Sexiest Man Alive is on a mission to clear the air with some of his exes before marrying Behati Prinsloo next month. He reached out and...

9 Stars Who'd Be Rich Even If They Weren't Famous

Some of these celebs are also ... noble

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper's mom isn't leaving him any of her Vanderbilt family fortune—but we're guessing he wouldn't exactly be destitute even if he hadn't made his own name for himself. Perez Hilton rounds up 18 more celebrities who were already rich before they were famous....

People's Sexiest Man Alive Still Not Ryan Gosling

It's Adam Levine of 'Maroon 5,' 'The Voice'

(Newser) - People is apparently determined to remain unswayed by America's legions of Ryan Gosling fans: For the second year running after Gosling-philes actually protested the fact that their crush was not named Sexiest Man Alive, he was once again not named Sexiest Man Alive . Instead, People bestowed the honor on...

 SNL Does 'YOLO' 


Turns out furniture = "killing machines"

(Newser) - Adam Levine hosted Saturday Night Live last night, ripping his shirt off in an opening monologue that riffed on his gig on The Voice, but more notably teaming up with SNL alum Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake in an epic digital short, YOLO. As Mashable notes, the music video is...

12 Celebrity Bromances
 12 Celebrity Bromances 

12 Celebrity Bromances

Matt Damon and ... wait for it ... John Krasinski

(Newser) - Everyone knows about Ben Affleck's "bromance" with Matt Damon, but did you know The Office star John Krasinski is also good buddies with Damon? The two first met while Damon was filming The Adjustment Bureau with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt, and then they co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred...

17 Celebs Who've Posed Nude
 17 Celebs Who've Posed Nude 

17 Celebs Who've Posed Nude

Natalie Portman's Dior ad is the latest

(Newser) - Natalie Portman showed off her post-baby body recently in a bare-skinned ad for Christian Dior. The Rouge Dior Nude Lipcolour ad features the 31-year-old topless on a couch—positioned, of course, so you can't actually see anything too private. Celebuzz rounds up 16 more celebrities who've gone sans...

10 Celebs Who Are Lousy in Bed
 10 Celebs Who Are Lousy in Bed

10 Celebs Who Are Lousy in Bed

Paris Hilton? 'A drunken prude'

(Newser) - Just because someone is rich and famous does not, apparently, guarantee he or she is also good in the sack. The Frisky lists 10 celebrities who've gotten less than fantastic reviews from their former partners:
  • Eminem: "He's not very well endowed," Kim Mathers once said. "

Maroon 5 Singer to VMAs: F-You

Adam Levine thinks MTV has abandoned its original mission

(Newser) - Apparently Adam Levine never got the memo about how if you don't have anything nice to say about MTV having forsaken its original intent, at least don't tweet it for all the world to see: "(T)he VMA's. one day a year when MTV pretends to still...

Fox, MSNBC Full of Obama/Osama Slip-Ups

Fox begins using 'Usama' spelling; celebs tweet reactions to news

(Newser) - A single-letter screw-up at Fox has Twitter abuzz. An affiliate station in Sacramento announced to viewers: “Obama Bin Laden Dead,” Metro reports. The station shrugged off the gaffe as an easy slip-up, pointing to other stations that have made similar errors—including another of its affiliates, whose anchor...

'Love Rat Pack' Dates H'wood's Leading Ladies

Cameron, Natalie, Kirsten, Scarlett: These guys get around

(Newser) - You expect Hollywood's leading men to have a gaggle of women trailing them. But now the tables have turned, and it's Oscar-nominated ladies who attract a coterie of serial daters they're practically sharing. Meet the men behind the drama, red-carpet escapades, and broken engagements:
  • Adam Levine of Maroon 5. The

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