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Unabomber Terrorist Dies in Prison
Ted Kaczynski Dies in Prison

Ted Kaczynski Dies in Prison

Called the Unabomber by the FBI, he was the subject of the agency's longest manhunt

(Newser) - Ted Kaczynski, the Harvard-educated mathematician who retreated to a dingy shack in the Montana wilderness and ran a 17-year bombing campaign that killed three people and injured 23 others, died Saturday. He was 81. Branded the Unabomber by the FBI, Kaczynski died at the federal prison medical center in Butner,...

'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski Transferred to Prison Medical Facility

The reason why has not been made public

(Newser) - The man known as the “Unabomber” has been transferred to a federal prison medical facility in North Carolina after spending the past two decades in a federal Supermax prison in Colorado for a series of bombings targeting scientists. Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, 79, was moved to the US Bureau...

Journo's Attic Find: Letters to Him From the Unabomber
Journo Cleaning Attic Makes a
Stunning Find: 'It Can't Be Him'
in case you missed it

Journo Cleaning Attic Makes a Stunning Find: 'It Can't Be Him'

Jack Epstein found letters from Ted 'Unabomber' Kaczynski: 'Thankful I hadn’t been rude to him'

(Newser) - Most people might expect to find old tchotchkes, photos, and letters when cleaning out the attic, but two letters found by Jack Epstein this summer while cleaning out his own attic weren't yellowed love notes or ancient report cards—they were letters to him from Ted Kaczynski, aka the...

'Unabomber': I Didn't Write Earlier Notes, Journos Are Dumb

Ted Kaczynski says 'some creep' wrote previous letters in his name

(Newser) - Ted Kaczynski may have been a prolific manifesto-writer before he was identified as the "Unabomber," but he claims he wasn't the one who penned letters to journalists earlier this year, BuzzFeed reports. The site had requested an interview with Kaczynski, who declined that interview, but he did...

Unabomber Note: 'Ready to Speak' After 20 Years

But the letter-writer has conditions

(Newser) - The Unabomber is apparently ready for a prison interview for the first time in 20 years—as long as a few conditions are met. "I am ready to speak to someone from the media regarding my brother's recent comments and to discuss how they are being used to...

Letters Reveal Unabomber Fell in Love With Pen Pal

Yahoo News reporter Holly Bailey pored over Ted Kaczynski's letters

(Newser) - In handwritten letters to hundreds of supporters and curiosity seekers, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski expressed shock over the 9/11 attacks and wrote that he preferred Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential race. The correspondence was described in a report published by Yahoo News early Monday and picked...

Author: FBI Thought I Was the Unabomber

After that, William Vollmann was suspected in anthrax attacks

(Newser) - Acclaimed author William Vollmann has an essay in Harper's that won't exactly inspire confidence in the FBI's sleuthing abilities. Vollmann got a look at his own government file and learned that he was once "Unabomber Suspect Number S-2047," he tells NPR . All because an anonymous...

Unabomber Updates Status in Harvard Magazine

Under awards: 'Eight life sentences ...'

(Newser) - In the alumni magazine for Harvard University you can find class notes on the lives of Supreme Court justices, titans of industry, Nobel laureates, and … serial killers. The recent issue of the mag features an "update" from former student Ted Kaczynski, class of 1962—otherwise known as the...

Unabomber Auction Rakes in $200K

His hoodie, sunglasses, personal journals, typewriter all find homes

(Newser) - To most people, Theodore Kaczynski's bomb-making tools are meaningless relics from a life devoted to mayhem. but to Janine Vaccarello, COO of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, they're priceless. For a mere $1,766 at an online government auction that ended yesterday, Vaccarello's...

Unabomber's Hoodie Pricier Than Scrawled Manifesto

And in other weird auction news...

(Newser) - Get out your checkbooks, kids: There is a slew of famous and infamous items up for auction. The US Marshal's office's online auction of the Unabomber's personal effects ends tomorrow, and Aol's Weird News astutely observes that Ted Kaczynski's 35,000-word handwritten manifesto ($17,525)...

Unabomber: FBI Wants My DNA in Tylenol Investigation

Ted Kaczynski says he's not the culprit, though

(Newser) - The Unabomber case just took a weird twist: The FBI has him on its list of suspects in the 1982 Tylenol poisonings that killed seven people, reports the Chicago Tribune . Ted Kaczynski himself made the revelation in legal papers he filed seeking to block a federal auction of his personal...

Feds Will Auction Unabomber Items

Proceeds will go to his victims

(Newser) - Unabomber Ted Kaczynski has a lost a legal battle to prevent his personal effects from being auctioned off. US marshals will stage an online auction May 18 through June 2 of items collected from his Montana cabin, including tools, driver's licenses, typewriters, and 20,000 pages of written documents—...

For Sale: Unabomber's Lair
 For Sale: Unabomber's Lair 

For Sale: Unabomber's Lair

Ted Kaczynski's 'very secluded' land on the market

(Newser) - Maybe you need a getaway. Like, say, to the desolate place where a maybe-deranged guy assembled bombs he mailed out all over the country? If this sounds like you, luck has it that the Montana land where Unabomber Ted Kaczynski lived is up for sale—a chance for you to...

Unabomber Battles Auction
 Battles Auction 

Unabomber Battles Auction

(Newser) - Unabomber Ted Kacynski is battling plans by the federal government to auction his belongings, including diaries, typewriters, a hatchet, and his trademark sunglasses and hooded jacket, reports CNN. Proceeds of the sales will go to four wounded survivors of his  mail bomb attacks who are owed $15 million awarded to...

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