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He Opened Freezer in Dead Mom's Home. Then, 'Screaming'

NYC police are investigating why a decomposed body was found in duct-taped freezer

(Newser) - Police say a man found a decomposed body in his dead mother's freezer as he was clearing out her Manhattan apartment, the AP reports. He found the body this week in a chest freezer that had been sealed with duct tape, the New York Daily News reported. Investigators say... More »

Cops: Woman Lived With Mom's Body Out of 'Curiosity'

Donna Sue Hudgins charged with felony concealment of a death

(Newser) - Donna Sue Hudgins' neighbor thought Hudgins possibly had a sewer problem, reports the News & Observer . The source of the odor ended up being much more jarring. Police allege the Enfield, NC, woman kept her mother's dead body in their home for months "because she was curious and... More »

Scientists Spot Grisly First Among Deer

They're seen scavenging on human remains for the first time

(Newser) - When scientists dropped a human carcass in the woods to study its decomposition, they expected the usual suspects such as vultures and raccoons to show up to speed things along. Their cameras, however, also picked up an unexpected visitor: a deer. In fact, it's the first time a deer... More »

To Say Goodbye, Man Slept Beside Dead Wife's Body

Russell Davison says he recommends the experience to everyone

(Newser) - It may sound like a case of not being able to let go, but a British man who lost his wife to a 10-year battle with cervical cancer last month says that staying by her body for six days actually helped him say goodbye and was a "beautiful and... More »

When the Long-Dead Are Finally Found, He Cleans Up

Scene Clean goes in when the cops leave

(Newser) - "Diabetics' bodies have a stronger odor when they decompose. There’s certain diseases that smell stronger." That is one of the things Nate Berg has learned over the past three years of cleaning up after the dead. Berg is president of Scene Clean, a Minnesota biohazard business that... More »

Science Proves It: Walking Dead Can't Walk

Death does really unfortunate things to bodies, forensic consultant points out

(Newser) - It's Halloween, so odds are you're going to see some zombies today. But fear not, because if they were real zombies, they wouldn't be able to shamble, feed, see, or really do much of anything, Rutgers professor and forensic consultant Kimberlee Sue Moran explains to the South ... More »

Bodies Left to Decompose in Texas Field—for Science

Students study decomposition at the 'Body Ranch'

(Newser) - Donating one's body to science has rarely sounded so gruesome. CBS DFW shines a light on Texas' "Body Ranch," the final destination for people who have decided to skip the graveyard in favor of a different final resting place. Here, naked bodies are left out in the... More »

Bodies Clogging Tripoli Spark Disease Fears

Decay and summer heat threatens to unleash health disaster

(Newser) - As fighting continues in Tripoli for the future of Libya, bodies are piling up in the streets—from combat, reprisals, and innocents just caught in the crossfire. And as the corpses decompose in the summer heat, they are becoming such a health risk that removing the bodies has become the... More »

Bug Expert: 'Coffin Flies' Meant Body Was in Trunk

Insects attracted to human remains

(Newser) - Flies and fly larvae found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's Pontiac suggest that a body had been decaying there for three to five days, according to testimony by an insect expert at Anthony's trial yesterday. The entomologist said Caylee's body had already undergone a brief period... More »

Green Burial Method Turns You Into Soil— Via Liquid Nitrogen

(Newser) - As the movement toward greener, more natural burials gains steam, a Swedish biologist who specializes in soil production thinks she's got the best method, reports the Walrus magazine. It's called promession, and it's a doozy: Corpses are frozen with liquid nitrogen, then shattered into tiny pieces on a vibrating table.... More »

10 Stories
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