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Jane Goodall Surrounded by Underwear in New Ad

Primatologist, 88, keeps her own clothes on in ad for sustainable clothing brand Boody

(Newser) - Dr. Jane Goodall has accomplished a lot in her life. But for the first time, at age 88, she's now fronting an underwear campaign. The renowned primatologist appears front and center in a new ad for Australian sustainable clothing brand Boody. Though her clothes remain on in the rainforest...

Ivanka's Advice for Stressed Women: Try Calligraphy

'Don't gossip' among business tips in new book

(Newser) - Ivanka Trump says her new book , with tips on how to be a successful working woman, is a "manual for architecting the life you want to live." Reviewers say Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success is a nauseating read with no more helpful advice than "...

Jane Goodall May Have Just Ended Experiments on Chimps

US rules give more protection to those in captivity

(Newser) - The US is alone in conducting medical experiments on chimps, but a move yesterday by federal officials may end the practice, reports the Washington Post . The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared that all chimps are now endangered. Previously it made a distinction between those in the wild, which have...

Jane Goodall Borrowed Text From Wikipedia

Author apologizes for verbatim passages in new book

(Newser) - Renowned chimp expert Jane Goodall took some passages in her upcoming co-written book almost directly from a range of Internet sources, including Wikipedia, the Washington Post reports. The author has apologized for the unattributed text. "I am distressed to discover that some of the excellent and valuable sources were...

Mauled Student Climbed Under Fence to Get Rock

Chimps involved in attack on Andrew Oberle will be allowed to live

(Newser) - The chimps who viciously mauled US grad student Andrew Oberle will be allowed to live, a South African government investigator declared today. Conservationist Dries Pienaar chalked the attack up to human error on the part of Oberle, who bypassed two safety fences to get close enough to the chimps to...

Chimps Maul US Student at Goodall Sanctuary

Texan loses fingers, part of his ear in South Africa

(Newser) - An American grad student is in critical condition after being attacked by chimpanzees at Jane Goodall's sanctuary in South Africa. The student from the University of San Antonio, Texas, was guiding a group of tourists at the sanctuary for abused chimps when two large males pulled him under a...

Scientists Debate Ending Chimp Research

Ethics, declining usefulness cited for the change

(Newser) - After years of using chimpanzees for scientific research—shooting them into space, testing hepatitis vaccines on them, using them for HIV studies—man's closest relative could be nearing retirement, reports the Washington Post . The European Union banned using chimps for scientific research last year, and now the Institute of...

Goodall: Environment Near 'Point of No Return'

(Newser) - The LA Times catches up with chimp guru Jane Goodall, who argues in a new book that that the world is nearly "at the point of no return" on the environment, but that political will can turn things around. Interview excerpts:
  • On the environment: "When I began there

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