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Naomi Judd's Will Omits Wynonna, Ashley

Singer's husband is executor, with full rights to handle assets

(Newser) - Wynonna and Ashley Judd are not explicitly named in their mother's will. Naomi Judd, who died April 30 at age 76, named her husband, Larry Strickland, as executor of her estate. NBC News saw a copy and cites it as stating that Strickland has full authority to do what...

Judge: Prince Philip's Will to Be Kept Under Wraps for 90 Years

Even then, it may not see the light of day

(Newser) - If you've been dying to know who's going to get Prince Philip's hunting apparel, 13,000 books , and autographed pictures of himself, you'll be waiting till around the year 2111. Andrew McFarlane, a judge at London's High Court, has ruled that the will of the...

New Crimp in Aretha Franklin Estate Battle: a 4th Will
There's a
New Wrinkle in
Aretha Franklin's
Estate Battle
in case you missed it

There's a New Wrinkle in Aretha Franklin's Estate Battle

A 4th will emerges, dated not long before her 2018 death but typed and unsigned

(Newser) - Remember when it was thought Aretha Franklin didn't leave a will behind when she died, only for three handwritten wills to emerge shortly thereafter? Add a fourth one to the pile—although this one isn't handwritten and doesn't have her signature on it. On Tuesday, the Detroit ...

Larry King's Widow Hits Back at 'Barely Legible' Will

Shawn King contests 2019 handwritten document produced by stepson Larry King Jr.

(Newser) - Larry King's death last month at the age of 87 has now evolved into a family fight over his estate. Per USA Today , his widow, Shawn King, filed a petition Tuesday to claim her right to be executor of the late talk-show host's $2 million estate instead...

She Was Worth Millions. Who Did She Want It to Go To?

Inside the battle over Jill Morris' will

(Newser) - Charlie Martin often helped out Jill Morris and her partner of 18 years, Joan Anderson, with maintenance chores. And so Morris turned to Martin—who had worked as an engineer, in webcasting, and as a music promoter, but never as a lawyer—for help with her will: He had the...

One of Vanderbilt's Sons Said to Get Bulk of Her Fortune

She is survived by 3 sons

(Newser) - Gloria Vanderbilt is survived by three sons. And the New York Post reports one of them is getting nearly everything she had. According to a will filed Monday in Manhattan surrogate court, Anderson Cooper will inherit the bulk of her estate. Her eldest son, Leopold "Stan" Stokowski, will get...

Handwritten Will by Aretha Reveals a Surprise

The father of her first child wasn't who everyone thought

(Newser) - When Aretha Franklin died, the initial word was that she didn't leave a will . That changed in a big way with the discovery of not one, not two, but three handwritten wills in her home. The big questions now are whether they're real and, if so, whether they'...

Will Found Under Aretha Franklin's Couch Cushions

2 others were found as well, but it's not clear if any are legal

(Newser) - Three wills have been found in the suburban Detroit home of Aretha Franklin nearly a year after her death, including one that was discovered under cushions in the living room, a lawyer said Monday. Franklin was 76 when she died last August of pancreatic cancer. Lawyers and family members said...

'Surprising' Swerve on Aretha's Estate

Franklin may not have left a will or trust, her longtime attorney says

(Newser) - Nearly a week after her death from advanced pancreatic cancer at the age of 76, more details are emerging about Aretha Franklin's assets. One of the more notable tidbits, per her longtime attorney: The legendary performer may have left no will or trust behind. "I was after her...

She Learned She Wasn't in the Will, Allegedly Killed Mom

Gabriela Perero has been charged with premeditated murder

(Newser) - A woman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is accused of beating her 85-year-old mother to death after learning she wouldn't be receiving an inheritance from her. After Luisa Perero died from her injuries, police charged her daughter Gabriela Perero, 53, with premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person over...

Bourdain's Will May Not Have Told Full Story

Celeb set up a private trust, in addition to the $1.2M in his will, reports TMZ

(Newser) - He was a TV host recognized around the world, not to mention a best-selling author and chef. So why did Anthony Bourdain's will show that he left behind $1.2 million , a figure in the mere-mortal range? TMZ might have the answer: The website reports that the will suggests...

He Laughed at Her Plans to Donate $1M. Then She Did It
He Laughed at Her Plans to
Donate $1M. Then She Did It
in case you missed it

He Laughed at Her Plans to Donate $1M. Then She Did It

Genevieve Via Cava's gift will provide scholarships to special education students

(Newser) - Genevieve Via Cava was so frugal that a friend tells CNN she went without the hearing aids she needed. The New Jersey special education teacher died in 2011, but her penny-pinching is now grabbing national headlines thanks to her largesse. Bergen County's Dumont School District in April received a...

Marco Polo's Will Only Boosts His Travel Lore

Mention of Tatar indentured servant suggests he did reach China

(Newser) - In 1298, Marco Polo wrote a manuscript, now dubbed The Travels of Marco Polo, describing his adventures along the Silk Road to China, his meeting with Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, and the innovations he came across, like eyeglasses. In the centuries since, some historians have doubted whether the Venetian actually...

'Strikingly Opaque' Harper Lee Will Unsealed

It's not clear how estate has been divided up

(Newser) - Harper Lee's will was unsealed Tuesday in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York Times —but anybody hoping the document would answer some of the mysteries surrounding the author would have been extremely disappointed. The will, described by the Times as "strikingly opaque," does...

Court: Unsent Text Message Is a Valid Will

It was found in man's drafts folder

(Newser) - A last will and textament? An Australian court has decided that a will found in the drafts folder of a dead man's phone is valid, even though it was never witnessed or even sent, the BBC reports. The man, a 55-year-old who killed himself a year ago, made it...

Man Tried to Electrocute Dad on Thanksgiving: Cops

The older man reportedly passed out briefly

(Newser) - A central Florida man is accused of trying to electrocute his father after finding out he was the sole beneficiary of the elderly man's will. Ormond Beach police said Monday that 81-year-old John Knudsen told them his 44-year-old son, also named John Knudsen, held two black wires to his...

Woman Wants Joint Burial With (Not-Dead) Dog

Odd request in will sets off campaign to 'save Bella'

(Newser) - The most famous dog in America today just might be a 9-year-old German shepherd named Bella. As WCPO explains, Bella's owner died last month, and her will leaves Bella's fate in the hands of a close friend. The options: Send Bella to a shelter in Utah or, if...

Rooney's Widow Demands Slice of Tiny Estate

His biological children are also challenging his will

(Newser) - Mickey Rooney may not have left a celebrity-sized fortune behind, but his estranged widow wants a cut of it anyway. Janice Rooney is challenging the late actor's will, which leaves his entire $18,000 estate to stepson/caretaker Mark Aber, omitting Janice Rooney and other children, CNN reports. Her lawyer...

Google Now Lets You Create a Data Will

You can decide what happens to your account after you croak

(Newser) - Google unveiled a new feature yesterday that will answer one of life's great burning questions: What will happen to my email when I die? Dubbed the Inactive Account Manager—"not a great name, we know," the company admits in this blog post —the feature lets Google...

Poisoned Lotto Winner's Family Fighting Over Check

Court documents reveal dispute around Urooj Khan's estate

(Newser) - The plot has thickened in the case of poisoned lottery winner Urooj Khan. Court documents reviewed by the AP reveal that Khan's death has led to a bitter fight amongst his survivors over his estate—including his still uncashed $425,000 lotto check. Because Khan died without a will,...

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