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5 Ways to Make Cash Online
 5 Ways to Make Cash Online 

5 Ways to Make Cash Online

Many sites pay for a quick contribution

(Newser) - Look no further than the Internet for some recession relief. Popular Science suggests some ways to make money—a little bit, at least—online:
  1. Charge for wit. lets Facebook and Twitter fans award you for your quips.
  2. Research for the KGB. The Knowledge Generation Bureau, silly. It

Utah, Hawaii Happiest States; W. Va. Not So Much: Poll

Happiness poll links bliss to wealth

(Newser) - Money can't buy happiness? Tell that to 350,000 Americans surveyed in a Gallup study. The jolliest congressional districts were also among the wealthiest, the gloomiest among the poorest. Researchers also attributed contentment to factors like outdoor recreation and a young population, the AP reports. Utah, Hawaii, and Wisconsin ranked...

Consumer Spending Rises in Jan.

But experts don't expect boost to last

(Newser) - Consumer spending rose in January after falling for a record 6 consecutive months, pushed higher by purchases of food and other non-durable items. But the increase is expected to be fleeting given the problems facing the US economy. Spending rose 0.6% in January, better than the 0.4% gain...

Watch Wall Street Pay Swing Down From Stratosphere

Finance bigwigs' income to match doctors, lawyers

(Newser) - President Obama’s $500,000 salary cap may herald a new era on Wall Street, in which pay for financial executives is aligned with doctors’ and lawyers’ compensation. Wall Street income is cyclical, it turns out, and a recent study found that it only surged—relative to that of peers...

Blair Banks $20M in First Year as Ex-PM

Feat beats Clinton, but UN wonders if he's doing his peace job

(Newser) - Tony Blair took in around $20 million since stepping aside as British PM last October, the Times of London reports, six times what he’d made in his entire life and more than double Bill Clinton’s take in his first year out of office. Some at the UN have...

Dell, Income Data Sour Stocks
 Dell, Income Data Sour Stocks 

Dell, Income Data Sour Stocks

3-day streak of gains broken on weak computer profits, lower income figures

(Newser) - Stocks lost value today on disappointing second-quarter earnings from computer maker Dell and news of declining personal incomes, MarketWatch reports. Trading remained light ahead of the Labor Day weekend as the Dow lost 171.22 to close at 11,543.96. The Nasdaq dropped 44.12, to 2,367.52,...

Diaz Tops Best-Paid Actresses
 Diaz Tops Best-Paid Actresses

Diaz Tops Best-Paid Actresses

Shrek , Kutcher pic helped bring in $50M

(Newser) - Hollywood's leading ladies earn big bucks for delivering box office gold, and rake in even more with lucrative product endorsements. Together, the top 10 best-paid actresses made more than $244 million in the last 12 months, reports Forbes. Here's how the stars stack up:
  1. Cameron Diaz, $50 million
  2. Keira Knightley,

7 Reasons to Get Hitched
 7 Reasons to Get Hitched

7 Reasons to Get Hitched

Marriage has physical, emotional and financial benefits

(Newser) - If you're considering getting married—or divorced—it may be time to mull over Maclean's reasons why matrimony is healthy:
  • Married people have less chance of dying from car accidents, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, heart attacks, and homicide.
  • Men who divorce or separate are six times more likely to

Ivy Leaguers Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Take that English degree to Wall Street and you'll still cash in

(Newser) - How much you make correlates with where you went to school, a new study finds. Bachelor’s degree holders’ salaries grow at the same rate over the first decade of their careers regardless of the school, the Wall Street Journal reports, but Ivy League graduates’ median starting salary is 32%...

Next Round's on Cindy After Bud Buyout

Stock belonging to McCain's wife worth up to $5.6M in takeover

(Newser) - The $52 billion takeover of Anheuser-Busch means Cindy McCain's stock in the brewing giant is worth between $2.8 million and $5.6 million, Reuters calculates. Though the presidential campaign of her husband, Republican John McCain, didn't say how many shares Cindy owns, it appears she and her dependents have...

Stimulus' Boost Seen; How Long It Lasts Unsure

Economists debate impact, as inflation outpaces wage growth

(Newser) - The government's stimulus package has worked—for now at least, the New York Times reports. Spending rose 0.4% last month, the Commerce Department said today, buoyed by the $50 billion in checks sent to consumers. But subtract the stimulus, and income levels rose only modestly, and wage growth lagged...

Many Retirees Will Have Less Than They Think

Economist compares direct-benefit to direct-contribution plans

(Newser) - Many employees will enter retirement with a much smaller income than they expect, the Economist reports. By 2014, the amount of money saved in direct-contribution retirement plans—ie 401Ks—will outpace than the amount saved in old-fashioned direct-benefit plans. But workers set contributions to their DC schemes at lower levels...

Health Costs Hurt Insured Americans, Too

More cut back on doctor visits to save much-needed bucks

(Newser) - Even Americans with health insurance are ducking the doctor these days as health costs rise and the economy stays queasy, the New York Times reports. Family premiums have doubled in recent years, and out-of-pocket costs have gone up, too: “It just keeps eating into people’s income,” said...

Italy Puts All Salaries Online
Italy Puts All Salaries Online

Italy Puts All Salaries Online

Critics hammer 24-hour privacy breach as residents check up on neighbors, celebs

(Newser) - The outgoing Italian government posted all citizens’ earnings and tax information, briefly, on the Internet yesterday, sparking outrage over lost privacy, the BBC reports. The site was quickly clogged by Italians checking up on neighbors’ and celebrities’ financial status. The information went offline after about 24 hours in response to...

Personal Spending Slows to a Crawl in February

Inflation cooling, but consumer confidence is down

(Newser) - Personal spending—a major force in the health of the economy— rose just 0.1% in February, its smallest increase in 16 months, the Wall Street Journal reports. The increase, which actually beat analysts' estimate of a 0.1% decrease, came despite a bump in personal income and signs that...

Goldman Drops 53%, Beats Analysts' Estimates
Goldman Drops 53%,
Beats Analysts' Estimates
Earnings Report

Goldman Drops 53%, Beats Analysts' Estimates

Giant brokerage writes off $2.1 billion, sees revenues fall 35%

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs today beat analysts' dire predictions even though it reported a 53% drop in first-quarter profits—the worst falloff since 1999—after a $2.1 billion writeoff, reports Bloomberg. Analysts had expected the Wall Street brokerage to see profits drop more than 60%. Goldman said net income was $1....

Child Nutrition Boosts Adult Income: Study

Guatemalan kids given supplement earn 50% more as grown-ups

(Newser) - Eating a nutritious diet as an infant has a significant effect on income later in life, a study published in the Lancet finds. Researchers looked at Guatemalan males over a three-decade period and found that those who had received a nutritious food supplement were earning close to 50% more per...

10 Taxes That Sneak Up on You
10 Taxes That Sneak Up on You

10 Taxes That Sneak Up on You

Sometimes the government can get downright clever when it comes to taking your hard-earned money.

(Newser) - You don't have to be a fool to part with your money.  Forbes gives you the 10 hidden taxes that cost you the most.
  1. Gasoline tax
  2. Cigarette tax
  3. Sugar "tax"

US Poverty Rate Dips, but Uninsured Swell

Income inequality reaches all-time high

(Newser) - The US poverty rate has finally taken a downturn for the first time in 10 years, census figures show. The poverty rate was 12.3% in 2006, down from 12.6% the previous year, and annual household income rose to $48,200. But the news isn't all rosy: the number...

Consumer Confidence Rises
Consumer Confidence Rises

Consumer Confidence Rises

Shoppers buying again after June slump

(Newser) - Consumer spending rose more than expected this month, to its highest level in 6 years, after shoppers tightened their belts in June, Bloomberg reports. Consumer confidence jumped 7.3 points according to a Conference Board index, suggesting the slump was temporary. Economists chalk up the spending jump to low unemployment...

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