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Millennials Now Outnumber Baby Boomers

And that could mean big changes in America

(Newser) - For decades, Baby Boomers have been the most powerful generation in the US, driving everything from culture to the economy, CBS News reports. Well, no more. According to Pew Research , Millennials officially overtook Baby Boomers to become the biggest generation in the US this month. Numbers released by the US... More »

Step Aside, Boomers: Millennials to Be Biggest Generation

They'll number 75.3M this year: reports

(Newser) - If you're aged between 18 and 34 this year, welcome to the biggest generation in the country. Millennials, approximately defined as those born between 1981 and 1997, will this year see their population's size surpass that of baby boomers for the first time: the millennial generation is projected... More »

Hey Colleges: Stop Asking Broke Grads for Money

Schools have a lot of nerve given recent grad unemployment, Alexander Aciman writes

(Newser) - At the end of senior year, Alexander Aciman made the mistake of donating $25 to his college's alumni fund. Now, he knows that's "a lot like inviting a vampire into one's home," he writes at the New Republic . He's now constantly bombarded by calls... More »

Millennials Are Dooming ObamaCare

They're not signing up, and the White House needs them

(Newser) - President Obama had little trouble garnering young people's support for his election—but when it comes to youth backing for the Affordable Care Act, it's a different story. Young enrollees are essential to the functioning of ObamaCare, but as of the end of February, just 1.08 million... More »

52% of Young Adults Want to 'Recall' Obama

Few plan to enroll in ObamaCare: Harvard data

(Newser) - A new poll has some worrying news for a president long popular with young people. Some 52% of 18- to 24-year-olds would vote to recall President Obama if that were an option, Mediaite reports. Just 41% of 18- to 29-year-olds, or millennials, approve of the job he's doing in... More »

Current Grads Will Retire 12 Years Late

Thanks to student debt, study predicts new median retirement age of 73

(Newser) - Your student loans won't just cost you money, they'll cost you years of labor. A new analysis from Nerd Wallet estimates that today's graduates won't be able to retire until they're 73, a full 12 years later than the current average retirement age of 61,... More »

GOP's ObamaCare Brawl May Win Over Young People

Health care law supporters can't ignore Millennial grumbles, warn Robert Hahn, Peter Passell

(Newser) - The commentariat has widely written off the GOP's crusade against the Affordable Care Act as a short-sighted tactic, either cynical or foolhardy. But Robert Hahn and Peter Passell think it might actually "prove a plausible strategy" for winning over voters Republicans have been losing badly: People in their... More »

Hey, Young People: Why Aren't You Protesting?

Shutdown deserves a response from millennials: Michael Kazin

(Newser) - On a range of issues from immigration to unions, polls suggest today's twentysomethings are lefties. Yet here we are, in the midst of a government shutdown , and the millennials aren't coming out against it. "They should be surrounding the Capitol to defend Obamacare and blast the Republicans... More »

For Class of '16, the Secretary's a Madame

And what's radio? A look at generational quirks of freshmen

(Newser) - Does the phrase "Who shot JR?" mean anything to you? Do you remember booklet-style airline tickets, the last baseball strike, or the Clinton presidency? Well, those are things you don't have in common with this year's crop of college freshmen, Beloit College would like to remind you.... More »

How Millennials Are Going to Improve the Workplace

They won't tolerate our work-too-much lifestyles, writes Emily Matchar

(Newser) - Gen Y millennials have begun arriving in force in the workplace, and given their reputation as self-centered, spoiled brats, this can only be a bad thing, right? Exactly the opposite, writes Emily Matchar in the Washington Post , who at 30 thinks of herself as an "older sister" to millennials.... More »

The 9-to-5 Workday Could Soon Punch Out

Young workers are demanding flexibility

(Newser) - Show of hands, how many people are still clocking in at 9 and out at 5 every day? Well, you might be in the minority soon. In its annual list of top trends, communications firm Euro RSCG Worldwide is predicting that “Generation Y will upend the traditional workday, as... More »

Gen Y on Jobs: Facebook Access Trumps Fat Salary

40% of students would take less pay in exchange for social media freedoms

(Newser) - If you employ a lot of 20-somethings, don’t block their access to Facebook—they might revolt. Today’s young people value access to the Internet and social media extremely highly, according to a new Cisco report, which surveyed 1,400 students and 1,400 young professionals aged 21-29. Among... More »

Dear Millennials: Shut Up. Sincerely, Gen X

Generation X had it tough too: Mat Honan

(Newser) - Mat Honan has a message seemingly directed at the current generation occupying Wall Street and feeling sorry for itself: “Generation X is sick of your bullshit.” A recent New York article claimed this might be the first generation to end up worse off than its parents: “Please.... More »

Millennials Are 'Mushy' Christians

Young adults avoid church, are 'more spiritual than religious'

(Newser) - Devoted Christians are hard to find among young adults: a new survey found that 72% of 18- to 29-year-olds describe themselves as "more spiritual than religious." Though 65% describe themselves as Christian, most never or rarely go to church, pray with others, or read the Bible. While Christianity... More »

Spendthrift Generation Y: Screwed and Oblivious

Lost generation doesn't realize it's a loser

(Newser) - Economically, things are very, very bad for Generation Y, but the hipster cohort doesn't seem to have noticed. A whopping 37% of 18-to-29-year-olds are underemployed, the worst figure any age group has seen in over 30 years. Nearly 70% aren't building up a cash cushion, and they're drowning in credit... More »

Stop Calling It the Slacker Mandate!

It's insulting to both young Americans and their parents

(Newser) - Conservatives have found a new punching bag in the health care reform legislation: the so-called “slacker mandate,” which allows parents to keep their kids under their health insurance until age 26. Michelle Malkin has railed against it as an example of the “Nanny state gone wild,”... More »

Politics Driving Young Away From Religion

Millennials less likely to belong to a faith; conservatives blamed

(Newser) - Young people are turning their backs on religion, with a whopping one in four 18- to 29-year-olds unaffiliated with any particular faith, according to a recent Pew study of the so-called “Millennial” generation. Yet the number who say they believe in god or pray frequently is similar to past... More »

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