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NC City Just Picked Its Mayor Via a Coin Toss

Robert Burns wins office in Monroe, North Carolina, after tie with opponent

(Newser) - Five candidates recently ran for the office of mayor in North Carolina's city of Monroe, and two of them ended up at the top during the Nov. 7 election, with the same exact number of votes: 970 each. Now Robert Burns has been declared the new mayor of the...

Mom of Uvalde Victim Won't Be Town's Next Mayor

Kimberly Mata-Rubio says she won't stop fighting

(Newser) - The mother of a 10-year-old girl killed in the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday lost her race to become mayor of the town. A former Uvalde mayor, Cody Smith, was instead voted back in to replace the current mayor, who is stepping down to pursue a seat in...

City's Mayoral Race Certainly Has Interesting Candidates

Molly the rescue pup, comedian, former police chief, high school senior all vying for Toronto title

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan made his picks for the six top contenders to be the next mayor of Ontario's capital, after Friday's deadline for submitting candidacy papers came and went. Most notable in this year's mayoral race, Keenan wrote: the "whopping" 102...

Chicago Mayor's Race: One Incumbent, 8 Rivals
A 'Stunning Defeat' in
Chicago Mayoral Race

A 'Stunning Defeat' in Chicago Mayoral Race

Lori Lightfoot fails to make the runoff

(Newser) - For the first time in four decades, a Chicago elected incumbent mayor has failed to win a re-election bid. When the city went to the polls Tuesday, Lori Lightfoot did not get enough votes to make the runoff election, WBEZ reports, meaning she'll be a one-term mayor. The top...

Chicago Mayoral Hopeful Blames Hackers for Iffy Likes

Paul Vallas says it's obvious Twitter account was tampered with

(Newser) - Days before Chicago's mayoral election Tuesday, one of the frontrunners has found himself at the center of a controversy related to Twitter "likes." The account of Paul Vallas, one of eight candidates running against incumbent Lori Lightfoot, has what CBS Chicago calls "a history of offensive...

Town Elects Candidate Who Was Shot to Death

Mayoral winner was killed hours before the polls opened in Ecuador

(Newser) - A candidate shot to death the day before elections in Ecuador was elected mayor of the city of Puerto López. Omar Menendez, 41, was killed Saturday by gunmen while he was working in an office with campaign staffers, the BBC reports; a teenager also died of gunshot wounds. Menendez'...

Brothers Who Haven't Spoken in Decades Both Want to Be Mayor

Estranged siblings are squaring off for the office in Canadian town of Port Colborne

(Newser) - Port Colborne is looking for its next mayor, and on Monday, the small Ontario town will decide if that person is going to be incumbent Bill Steele or his only challenger, Charles Steele—the estranged brother he hasn't spoken to more than 30 years. "A lot of politicians...

Buffalo Write-In Campaign Could Foil Historic Win

4-term incumbent Byron Brown leads polls against socialist India Walton, who won primary

(Newser) - Tuesday is Election Day in parts of the US, and the Virginia governor's race is the big one on everybody's political radar. But another interesting contest is unfolding in Buffalo, one that could result in the city getting a socialist mayor. The race pits India Walton, a 39-year-old...

NYC Mayoral Race: Eric Adams Wins Democratic Primary

In New York's first big race to use ranked-choice voting

(Newser) - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor of New York City after appealing to the political center and promising to strike the right balance between fighting crime and ending racial injustice in policing. A former police captain, Adams would be the city’s second Black...

'Chaos' in NYC Mayoral Primary After Vote Count Error

Numbers are not clear at the moment in ranked choice election

(Newser) - The Democratic primary for mayor of New York City was thrown into a state of confusion Tuesday when election officials retracted their latest report on the vote count after realizing it had been corrupted by test data never cleared from a computer system, the AP reports. The bungle was a...

Voting Twist Makes It Tricky to Forecast NYC Race
A Different Voting System
Gets a High-Profile Test
the rundown

A Different Voting System Gets a High-Profile Test

Ranked-choice being used in New York City's mayoral race Tuesday

(Newser) - It's Election Day in New York City. More precisely, Tuesday is the Democratic primary in the mayoral race, and the winner is all but assured to become the city's next mayor in November's general election. The race has an interesting twist: The city is using ranked-choice voting...

In NYC Mayor's Race, a Strategic Pairing of Rivals

Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia team up to take advantage of ranked-choice system

(Newser) - New York's Democratic primary is in its final days, and the city's new voting system led to an odd sight on Saturday: Rivals Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia campaigned together, reports the Hill . The pair trail frontrunner Eric Adams, and they're taking advantage of this year's...

'Dongcopter' Comes for New Mexico Mayoral Candidate

Man facing several charges after allegedly punching the candidate, a sheriff

(Newser) - A New Mexico sheriff hoping to become mayor of Albuquerque had his largest campaign event interrupted Tuesday by a drone dangling an adult toy. Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales was responding to a question from a woman in the audience of 70 at Revel Entertainment Center when a drone buzzed...

Mexican Politician Killed After Sharing Location on Facebook

Alma Barragan is reportedly the 34th candidate killed ahead of June 6 elections

(Newser) - A woman campaigning to be mayor of a city in Mexico's Guanajuato state invited voters to meet with her Tuesday, only to be murdered. Alma Barragan, a candidate for the Citizen's Movement party who hoped to lead the city of Moroleon, had posted a Facebook Live video from...

Pittsburgh Moves to Switch Democrats

Ed Gainey beats two-term incumbent for mayor, nearing historic general election

(Newser) - Democrats voted out Pittsburgh's mayor in their primary Tuesday, putting a challenger on track to become the first Black person to hold the city's top job. Mayor Bill Peduto, who's in his second term, called Ed Gainey to congratulate him. "Wishing him well," Peduto tweeted...

NYC Mayoral Candidates Wildly Underestimate Local Home Prices

Ex-HUD chief Shaun Donovan, investment banker Ray McGuire miss the mark big time on Brooklyn

(Newser) - Two candidates for New York City mayor had their Lucille Bluth moment this week after they were both wildly off in their estimate on the cost of local housing. The New York Times notes that while neither Shaun Donovan nor Raymond McGuire is considered a frontrunner in the mayoral race,...

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor
NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

Editorial board says Kathryn Garcia is 'the most qualified person'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang is probably the biggest of more than a dozen names in the race to be mayor of New York City. "But nothing so far suggests that he has the experience to run New York City on Day 1," according to the New York Times ' editorial...

A Woman Mayoral Frontrunner Like Yang? Not a Chance

'NYT' columnist: Men enjoy perception of being a 'visionary' that's often belied by actual experience

(Newser) - With primaries for the New York City mayoral race set for June, three hopefuls have ascended the Democrats' list, according to recent polling: Comptroller Scott Stringer, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and, at the very top, businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Writing for the New York Times , Michelle...

Mayoral Hopeful Yang Catches Flak for Video Reaction to 'Joke'

NYC contender is seen laughing in clip after man asks him, 'Do you choke b----es?'

(Newser) - Running for office in the Big Apple is tough business, and Andrew Yang is quickly finding out just how tough. The front-runner mayoral candidate is taking heat after he was seen in a now-viral video, interacting and laughing with a group of men after one made misogynistic remarks. In the...

Yang Complained About His Digs. New Yorkers Hit Back

Potential NYC mayoral candidate griped of having to work, deal with 2 kids in small space

(Newser) - As buzz grows around Andrew Yang's possible run for mayor of New York City, he's also making headlines for a different story. The 45-year-old former presidential candidate, who's a dad to two young children, has a Manhattan apartment, but due to the pandemic, he's been living...

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