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Man Busted in Gruesome Threats Against Nancy Grace

David Lee Simpson appeared ready to act

(Newser) - A New York state man tweeted a series of threats to a pair of newscasters—and when he was arrested, he may have been on his way to make good on them, police say. David Lee Simpson was obsessed with convicted Arizona murderer Jodi Arias, and he apparently wasn't...

Nancy Grace Booted From DWTS

But not before doing a cartwheel!

(Newser) - Devastating news for those of you who enjoyed Nancy Grace more as a dancer than as a news show host: She got the boot from Dancing With the Stars last night, People reports. The infinitely less interesting competitors who remain: JR Martinez, Hope Solo, Rob Kardashian, and Ricki Lake. But,...

VIDEO: Chaz Bono Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'
 Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS 

Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS

And, because you know you want it, an update on Nancy Grace

(Newser) - After a six-week stint on Dancing With the Stars that was hailed by GLAAD as the beginning of “transgender-inclusive programming,” Chaz Bono was eliminated last night. Bono had been “quite angry” after Monday night’s competition show, when he and partner Lacey Schwimmer accused the judges of...

Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction: Jon Stewart Says Fox News Not Biggest Boob for Once
 Biggest Boob: 
 It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox 

Biggest Boob: It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox

Grace wins title for 'one shining moment'

(Newser) - Chaz Bono’s casting on Dancing With the Stars caused an uproar , but in the first episode, Jon Stewart says it was Nancy Grace who accidentally assaulted American family values . “Why is the angry lady from CourtTV trying to breastfeed my children?!” demanded Stewart on last night’s...

Nancy Grace: There Was No Wardrobe Malfunction

There was jiggling but no malfunction on DWTS, she claims

(Newser) - That nipple slip on Dancing With the Stars Monday night didn't actually happen and people who think they saw otherwise must have been seeing, uh, things, Nancy Grace tells E! Online . "They have taken all sorts of major league industrial-type precautions for nothing to happen, and you know...

VIDEO: Nancy Grace Has 'Dancing With the Stars' Wardrobe Malfunction
 Nancy Grace Has 
 Wardrobe Malfunction 

Nancy Grace Has Wardrobe Malfunction

But nipple slip doesn't appear to affect her 'DWTS' score

(Newser) - Nancy Grace’s breasts have already gotten her quite a bit of attention since Dancing With the Stars premiered ( Gawker ’s headline last week: “Nancy Grace’s Giant Boobs Make Dancing with the Stars Debut”), but last night they stole the show … when one popped...

Grace: Down 10 Pounds Prepping for DWTS

Says 'nerves are much, much worse'

(Newser) - Count Nancy Grace among the Dancing With the Stars contestants who have lost weight, People reports. But she's nervous too: "My nerves are much, much worse," the CNN host said at a Power of Women Event in Beverly Hills on Friday. "I'm a fish out...

Nancy Grace Will Do Dancing With the Stars

 Full DWTS 
including: nancy grace

Full DWTS Lineup Revealed

Nancy Grace, David Arquette among contestants

(Newser) - Someone other than the devil may be dancing tonight, and Nancy Grace might have to play nice with judges for a change now that she's signed on to Dancing With the Stars. She met with her partner in Atlanta this week for the first time, causing TMZ to...

Nancy Grace Defends Calling Casey Anthony Jury 'Kooky'

HLN host says she doesn't regret judging Anthony

(Newser) - Nancy Grace is taking some heat for her coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, especially her over-the-top “ the devil is dancing ” line yesterday. After the verdict, defense attorney Cheney Mason lashed out at those who had “indulged in media assassination”—a line widely believed to be...

Nancy Grace on Verdict: 'Devil Is Dancing Tonight'

HLN host gave Casey Anthony case nearly nonstop coverage

(Newser) - Nancy Grace at HLN has been running "Tot Mom" stories about the Casey Anthony case pretty much from the day Caylee went missing. Her reaction to today's verdict ? "I absolutely cannot believe that Caylee's death has gone unavenged," she says, as per Mediaite . The...

Campbell Brown Out at CNN; Spitzer as Replacement?

Brown bails on 8pm slot, citing weak ratings

(Newser) - CNN has released Campbell Brown from her contract, allowing her to step down from her gig hosting the network's 8pm show. Brown requested her release months ago, a source tells Mediaite , after the network denied her request to move to 7pm. She plans to stay on until CNN chooses a...

Sorry, Nancy Grace, You Will Be Filmed in Court

Judge tosses out request to ban video cameras

(Newser) - Despite her protests, Nancy Grace will have to smile for the camera when she gives a court deposition this week: A judge has thrown out the TV host's request to keep the video cameras away from her testimony. Grace will be defending herself against a wrongful death suit by the...

Nancy Grace: No Cameras at My Court Date

CNN host asks judge to bar media in wrongful death case

(Newser) - Nancy Grace, who specializes in grilling the main players in high-profile crime cases, will give a court deposition this week as part of a wrongful death lawsuit and doesn't want cameras anywhere near her. The CNN Headline News host has asked the judge to bar the filming of her testimony...

CNN Last in Prime-Time Ratings Race
CNN Last in Prime-Time Ratings Race

CNN Last in Prime-Time Ratings Race

Cable viewers prefer opinion-based news programming

(Newser) - CNN’s ratings have fallen behind those of the other major cable news networks as prime-time viewers pass over the network in favor of opinion-based news coverage. Every prime-time CNN show lost to its Fox News opponent, and in some instances the losses were even more humiliating—at 10pm, for...

Jon, Kate Face Off Over Twins' Birthday

Plus, Jon Gosselin's second smackdown with Nancy Grace; Kate on Jay Leno

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin, never one to keep a low profile, is all over the place this week—yesterday, he told anyone who would listen that Kate was trying to bar him from the twins’ birthday today. The only problem? In the same email limiting Jon to two hours with the girls,...

Nancy Grace Tears Into Jon
 Nancy Grace Tears Into Jon 

Nancy Grace Tears Into Jon

Gosselin—and his lawyer—defend themselves on The Insider

(Newser) - Regardless of how you feel about Nancy Grace, you’ll probably want to thank her for regulating on Jon Gosselin during last night’s panel on the Insider. The best moments, as compiled in a YouTube clip at left:
  • “You got your lawyer here, you’re afraid to answer

Ivy League Crimes Are More Equal Than Others

To grab headlines, commit or fall victim to murder at Harvard or Yale

(Newser) - The killing of Yale grad student Annie Le dominated headlines around the world, "but every murder is uniquely dramatic," Jack Shafer writes for Slate. Why this one? It involves a magic word. "Three murders at a Midwestern college equal one murder at Harvard or Yale," Shafer...

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