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If You Think Mariah Can Sing, You Haven't Heard These Bats
Bats Share Something
Big With Death Metal Singers

Bats Share Something Big With Death Metal Singers

Study cites creatures' 'tremendous' 7-octave vocal range that even surpasses Mariah Carey's, Prince's

(Newser) - If you remain impressed (and you should) by the multioctave vocal range shown by Mariah Carey, Axl Rose, and the late Prince, there's a group of crooners that may awe you even more. A new study out of the University of Southern Denmark points to the "tremendous" vocal...

On Bruce Willis, 'a Health Line Seems to Have Been Crossed'

Joe Ferullo writes for the Hill that Hollywood 'needs to do better' after reveal of actor's aphasia

(Newser) - Over the past couple of years, Bruce Willis acted in more than a dozen films. It's a fact that, in the wake of his family's disclosure of his aphasia —a brain condition that can lead to language and communication issues—has many now wondering what exactly was...

Man Whose Paralysis Extends to His Eyes Can Communicate
Completely Locked-In Patient
Manages to Communicate
new study

Completely Locked-In Patient Manages to Communicate

Researchers used brain implants that allowed him to select one letter every minute

(Newser) - The New York Times describes Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary and Dr. Niels Birbaumer as "dumbstruck" by the outcome of an experiment they conducted in 2020. It's an understandable reaction. Then colleagues at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, the men employed brain implants that allowed a then-34-year-old patient with...

'Big Stride' Made in Relationship Between Koreas

Nations restore dormant communication channels after letters between Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae-in

(Newser) - North and South Korea exchanged messages Tuesday in communication channels that have been dormant for more than a year and agreed to improve ties—positive steps, but ones that still leave any resumption of stalled negotiations to rid the North of its nuclear weapons a long way off. Liaison officials...

When Dolphins Need Help, They Call Their Friends
A 'Striking' Find on How
Dolphins Communicate

A 'Striking' Find on How Dolphins Communicate

Allies recognize, respond to signature whistles, which are like names: study

(Newser) - If you want to be lifelong friends with a dolphin, you'd better have their back. New research shows male dolphins will race to assist other dolphins at the sound of their signature whistles—if they're part of the same alliance. The ground-breaking findings suggest dolphins have a concept...

Our Email Use Is 'Literally Inhumane'
Our Email Use Is
'Literally Inhumane'

Our Email Use Is 'Literally Inhumane'

Cal Newport argues we need alternatives to constant work messaging

(Newser) - You hear a ping and look down at your phone to see that you have another email on top of hundreds still unread. If you immediately feel anxious, Cal Newport understands. The professional world has embraced email to such a degree that it now relies on near-constant communication at the...

They Correctly Answered Math Problems—in Midst of a Dream

Small-scale study suggests 2-way communication with lucid dreamers

(Newser) - If you've encountered a sleep walker, you probably understand that some communication with a dreamer is possible. But a new study , encompassing four independent experiments, reveals lucid dreamers can not only communicate with the outside world while snoozing but also answer yes-or-no questions and simple math problems. This is...

Kangaroos Can Communicate With People
Kangaroos Are Like Dogs
in One Important Way

Kangaroos Are Like Dogs in One Important Way

Study shows they can communicate with people, possibly a first in undomesticated animals

(Newser) - It's not just domesticated animals that can communicate with people. A first-of-its-kind study shows kangaroos can do the same thing. Researchers from the University of Roehampton in England and the University of Sydney in Australia presented 11 kangaroos from a variety of Australian zoos with an "unsolvable problem...

N. Korea: We're Done Talking
N. Korea: We're Done Talking

N. Korea: We're Done Talking

Country has reportedly ended all communication with its 'enemy' South Korea

(Newser) - South Korea's missed phone call with North Korea on Monday wasn't just a one-time hiccup. Though officials in the North did answer a later call, North Korea now says it has cut all communication with its "enemy" to the south, including through the North-South joint liaison office,...

How Trump Grades Himself Thus Far: A+, A, C+

President also explains why he tweets

(Newser) - On Monday night, President Trump hyped his upcoming Fox & Friends interview, and Tuesday morning he delivered—his first self-administered report card. In his sit-down with the Fox crew , which Politico notes was taped Monday afternoon, Trump awarded himself an A for achievement and an A-plus for effort so far,...

Mothers Tend to Hold Babies on the Left
Signal Dictates
Where Mom
Holds Baby
new study

'Ancient' Signal Dictates Where Mom Holds Baby

'Positional bias' is common among humans and wild animals

(Newser) - It's long been observed that mothers tend to cradle their infants on their left side, and this has long been at least informally attributed to handedness (so that right-handed mothers have the right hand free). Now researchers report in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution that "positional bias"...

Study Shows Sarcasm Can Actually Be Good for You
Sarcasm Makes You
More Creative
new study

Sarcasm Makes You More Creative

No matter whether you are the deliverer or the recipient, study says

(Newser) - A study has found that sarcasm—which has gotten a bad rap—can actually boost creativity and cognitive functioning in both the user and receiver, Scientific American reports. Researchers assigned volunteers to take part in simulated dialogues that were either sarcastic, sincere, or neutral, then gave them tasks to test...

What Chimps Say When They Talk to Each Other
What Chimps Say When They Talk to Each Other

What Chimps Say When They Talk to Each Other

There's a special kind of fruit that makes them all chatty

(Newser) - Chimps chat, just like we do—and like many of us, they spend a lot of time gabbing about what they want to eat and where they're going to get their next meal, Discovery reports. For a study published in Animal Behaviour , scientists camped out in the Ivory Coast'...

Messages Sent From Brain to Brain Over 5K Miles
Messages Sent From Brain
to Brain Over 5K Miles
in case you missed it

Messages Sent From Brain to Brain Over 5K Miles

First-of-its kind experiment relays 'hola' and 'ciao' from India to France

(Newser) - A team of neuroscientists tapped into brain-wave-reading gear, binary code, and the Internet to transmit thoughts from a subject in India to three human "receivers" in France—about 5,000 miles away, reports Popular Science . The four participants, ages 28-50, were hooked up to equipment that looked like it...

Experiencing the Least-Connected Country on Earth

Eritrea still hasn't reported Gadhafi's death: activist

(Newser) - Eritrea, the United Nations says, is the planet's least-connected country. Less than 1% of its people have landlines; just 5.6% have cell phones. As for the Internet, less than 1% use it, and connections are almost all dial-up. "Even after waiting half an hour, you might not...

Homeland Security Spends $430M on Radios...
Homeland Security Spends
$430M on

Homeland Security Spends $430M on Radios...

...but nobody knows how to use them

(Newser) - The good news is that the Department of Homeland Security has invested $430 million into making sure federal agencies can communicate with each other in emergencies by using special radios tuned to a secure common channel. The bad news, according to a report by the department's inspector general picked...

'I Love You' the New 'See Ya'
 'I Love You' the New 'See Ya' 

'I Love You' the New 'See Ya'

Constant communication has cheapened love: Jim Sollisch

(Newser) - Jim Sollisch's kids tell him they love him—a lot. But they also tell pretty much everyone else the same thing: friends, acquaintances, even people they can barely stand. "To them, 'Love ya' [is] the new 'See ya,'" Sollisch writes in the Wall Street ...

Social Media Makes Girls 'Seem More Aggressive'

Twitter, Facebook changing how we speak, expert says

(Newser) - Rapid-fire Twitter and Facebook communication is making young women more "to the point" in ways that can seem aggressive, an expert tells the Daily Mail . "It’s not intentional," says Oxford University language professor Deborah Cameron. "Curtness tends to be short, sharp and to the point....

Good-Bye, Phone Call: Texts Rule Teen Communication
Good-Bye, Phone Call: Texts Rule Teen Communication
survey says

Good-Bye, Phone Call: Texts Rule Teen Communication

Text messages rising as phone calls fall

(Newser) - So much for the olden days of talking on the phone for hours: Texting is now the "dominant daily mode of communication" for teens, according to the results of a recent Pew Research Center survey. The median number of texts per day is now 60 for teen users, up...

Rejoice, Introverts: This Is Your Age

Technology makes it easy to disengage: Philip Bump

(Newser) - Philip Bump has a happy message for his fellow introverts in the Atlantic : Technology has made this a "Golden Age" for you. Sure, email, texts, social networks, etc., might seemingly make it impossible to disengage, but it actually "has become easier than ever to carve out time for...

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