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Notes Finally Change in Organ Piece That's Played for 22 Years

Performance of John Cage's Organ2/ASLSP isn't slated to end until 2640

(Newser) - The late American avant-garde composer John Cage asked that his piece Organ2/ASLSP be played as its name instructs: That latter part is a nod to the phrase "as slowly and softly as possible," reports the Conversation . Cage, who died in 1992, never dictated just how slowly he meant,...

Lawsuit: Inmate's Body Was Missing His Heart

It's 'part of a pattern,' says attorney for family suing Alabama's prison system

(Newser) - The bodies of two men who died while incarcerated in Alabama's prison system were missing their hearts or other organs when returned to their families, a federal lawsuit alleges. The family of Brandon Clay Dotson, who died in a state prison in November, filed a federal lawsuit last month...

Police 'Santa Claus' Uses Lamborghini to Deliver Organs

Automaker donated supercar to Italian police

(Newser) - Two transplant patients in Italy received what police call a "Christmas present"—delivered not by sleigh, but by Lamborghini. State police in Bologna used an adapted Lamborghini Huracan supercar donated by the automaker to deliver kidneys to two hospitals hundreds of miles apart this week, AFP reports. The...

Doctors May Have Found New Organ Hidden in Head

These could be first major salivary glands found in 300 years

(Newser) - For the past three centuries, doctors have been under the impression that humans have three major types of salivary glands, found near the ears, below the jaw, and under the tongue. "Now, we think there is a fourth," Dr. Matthijs Valstar of the Netherlands Cancer Institute tells the...

Chord Change Occurs in 639-Year Piece of Music

John Cage's 'ORGAN/ASLSP' is slated to end in 2640

(Newser) - Hundreds of fans attended a special kind of musical happening Saturday at a church in Germany: a chord change in an organ piece that is supposed to last for an entirety of 639 years, the AP reports. The performance of the "ORGAN/ASLSP," or As Slow As Possible, composition...

Newly Identified Human Organ Serves as 'Shock Absorber'
Newfound Human Organ Holds
a 5th of Body's Fluid

Newfound Human Organ Holds a 5th of Body's Fluid

The interstitium serves as a 'shock absorber'

(Newser) - A pathologist investigating strange patterns spotted in routine endoscopies found a previously undiscovered human organ lurking right inside his nose. The interstitium, a network of fluid-filled spaces, is found in tissues throughout the body, including below the surface of the skin and surrounding the digestive tract. The organ, described by...

Grisly Discoveries at US' Largest Wastewater Facility

3 objects believed to be human organs found in past week

(Newser) - A grisly mystery is unfolding at the country's largest wastewater treatment facility. MLive reports three objects believed to be human organs have been found at the Great Lakes Water Authority Water Recovery Facility in the span of a week. The most recent object was found Wednesday, according to the...

British Surgeon Branded Initials on Transplant Livers

Simon Bramhall has pleaded guilty to assault

(Newser) - When you're an artist, it's considered customary to sign your work. When you're a surgeon, it's considered bizarre and illegal. Renowned British surgeon Simon Bramhall, who branded his initials on the livers of at least two transplant patients in 2013, pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday, the...

Woman Found Buried With Husband's Heart on Her Coffin

In a 'phenomenon that had until now not been noted'

(Newser) - Love never fails, and now researchers say they've discovered a burial ritual ostensibly designed to allow a couple's love to persist forever. Reporting in the journal PLOS One , they say that French noblewoman Louise de Quengo, who died at the age of 65 in 1656, was buried in...

Scientists Discover New Organ Inside the Human Body

It's our 79th

(Newser) - Unprepared kids who want to get out of taking a test in 2017 can just tell the teacher their mesentery hurts. Irish researchers have classified a new organ in the human body while proving "the anatomic description that had been laid down over 100 years of anatomy was incorrect,...

Your Liver Is Younger Than Your Brain
Your Liver Is Younger
Than Your Brain

Your Liver Is Younger Than Your Brain

Scientists learn what makes our organs age at different rates

(Newser) - It's well established that our most vital organ, the heart, doesn't necessarily age at the same rate as we do—based in part on lifestyle factors, some of us have hearts that are older or younger than our chronological age. Now researchers are reporting in the journal Cell ...

Know America's Costliest Health Condition? No Way

Deadly but treatable, Sepsis is a complication of infections

(Newser) - Most Americans have never heard of sepsis, but the condition hospitalizes a million patients every year—more than heart attack and stroke hospitalizations combined—and is the nation's costliest reason for hospitalization, the Conversation reports. Yet it's hard to diagnose and many doctors don't look for, let...

Syrian Refugees Selling Their Organs to Survive

Market is hot in Lebanon

(Newser) - This is the plight of refugees streaming out of Syria: One of the hottest markets in neighboring Lebanon is the black-market sale of their human organs, reports Vocative . Given that it is, in fact, a black market, it's hard to pin down numbers. But Lebanon's look-the-other-way attitude, its...

Body of Teen in Gym Mat Filled With Newspaper, Not Organs

Autopsy thickens plot in suspicious death

(Newser) - The plot has again thickened in the mysterious death of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson: A second autopsy on the 17-year-old's exhumed body has found that before burial almost all of his organs were replaced with newspaper. Kendrick was found dead in a rolled-up wrestling mat at his school in...

Storage Unit Find: Human Organs in Plastic Cups

Guy who bought contents at auction gets nasty surprise

(Newser) - A former medical examiner crudely preserved brains, hearts, and lungs from about 100 people in plastic food containers found inside a storage unit in Florida, authorities said yesterday. A man who bought the contents of the unit at auction last week in Pensacola made the discovery after being overpowered by...

How Much Money Are Body Parts Worth?

A UK reporter tries to sell various pars of herself

(Newser) - How much money could you earn by selling bits and pieces of your body? British journalist Storm Theunissen sought to find out, and despite legal limitations, "it turns out pretty much everything God gave us can be sold," she writes in the Guardian . Some of her findings:
  • Hair:

Desperate Europeans Try to Sell Kidneys, Lungs

Lungs being offered for as much as $250K

(Newser) - As Europeans grapple with economic misery, illegal organ sales are on the rise, with desperate sellers willing to part with kidneys, corneas, bone marrow, and even lungs. "When you need to put food on the table, selling a kidney doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice," says...

Black-Market Kidney Broker Pleads Guilty in NYC

He got organs in Israel, arranged transplants for Americans

(Newser) - A New York man pleaded guilty today to what experts said was the first proven case of black-market organ trafficking in the US. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum admitted in federal court in Trenton that he had brokered three illegal kidney transplants from people in Israel for US customers in exchange for...

Should We Be Paying People for Organs?

Many never sign up to be donors—would this approach help?

(Newser) - In and around New York City, there are 7,800 people on organ transplant waiting lists; last year, only 682 of those people received organs. Despite the fact that there are thousands of bodies no longer in need of their organs, many of those organs aren’t viable transplant options—...

Rich May Evolve Into Own Species

Wealthy winning huge edge with longer life, access to biotechnology

(Newser) - The super wealthy will have such access to high levels of health care, biotechnology and robotics that they could develop into their own species of being, argues a Silicon Valley  futurist. The rich will be able to grow their own organs and manipulate genetics for superior abilities and freedom from...

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