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Airline's Afrikaans Test Angers Passengers

Ryanair says it's trying to catch passport fraudsters

(Newser) - Ryanair's "simple questionnaire" designed to cut down on passport fraud immediately caused the budget airline complications. "Bigoted rubbish," one person posted online. "Pretty racist," said another. When the South African government expressed concern about an increase in the use of fake passports, Ryanair's...

Ryanair CEO Has Some (Bleeped) Words for Boeing

Michael O'Leary is fed up with delays

(Newser) - It might be a bit of an understatement to say Ryanair is not happy about the delays it's experiencing with the planes it's ordered from Boeing. In what CNN describes as a "scathing," "expletive-ridden," "obscenity-laden" tirade Monday, the discount airline's CEO, Michael...

US Charges 4 With Air Piracy Over 2021 Ryanair Flight

Prosecutors say Belarus officials used fake bomb threat to divert Ryanair flight to Minsk

(Newser) - Update: American prosecutors have charged four officials in Belarus with air piracy over the forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk last year—though there is little chance of the officials appearing in a US court. The indictment filed by federal prosecutors says a bomb threat the Ryanair pilot...

On This Airline, Passengers Must Ask Permission to Pee

Ryanair announces new policies amid pandemic

(Newser) - Among the changes coming to Ryanair: Passengers will have to ask to pee. Lining up for any on-board toilet will be prohibited, according to the European budget airline, which plans to restore 40% of its flights by July 1 so long as the government and health regulations in place at...

Police Investigating Man's Racist Outburst on Flight

Ryanair accused of failing to act

(Newser) - Discount airline Ryanair is facing a backlash over its handling of a man who engaged in what a fellow passenger describes as a "disgusting" outburst of "racial slurs and foul language." Passenger video from the flight shows the man insulting, threatening, and racially abusing a 77-year-old black...

Here's What Not to Do When Late for a Flight

Man allegedly tried to flag down taxiing plane on the runway in Dublin

(Newser) - He really didn't want to miss his plane, and now he's in jail as a result. The crazy tale is out of Dublin, where an unidentified man in his 20s showed up at the boarding gate Thursday morning too late to board his flight to Amsterdam, reports ITV...

Passengers 'Astonished' by Fellow Flier's Exit Strategy

Ryanair passenger apparently couldn't wait, so he jumped onto plane's wing, witness says

(Newser) - A passenger on a delayed Ryanair flight from London who apparently got fed up waiting to get off a plane after it landed in the southern Spanish city of Malaga surprised fellow passengers by using the emergency exit to jump onto a wing. The incident on New Year's Day...

Pilot Diverts Plane Thanks to Unruly Bachelor Party

The groom was among six men escorted off the plane

(Newser) - A handful of Brits from Southampton may be in for more than a hangover after the Ryanair flight they were on from London to Slovakia's capital was diverted to Berlin Friday night. According to the crew, half the members of a bachelor party "misbehaved so badly" that passenger...

Man Changes Name to Avoid Airline Fee

Adam 'West' won't give in to Ryanair

(Newser) - This might be the best story about an airline fee in the history of airline fees, and not only because it involves Batman. A 19-year-old from Manchester, England, has legally changed his name rather than pay a $336 fee to Ryanair, reports the Guardian . The tale of how Adam Armstrong...

Bride-to-Be Pummels Bridesmaid at 30K Feet

Ryanair staff break up fight as passenger gets it on video

(Newser) - Here comes the bride ... so watch out. A bride-to-be flying from England to Barcelona last week was caught on video pummeling a bridesmaid with a friend's help—until Ryanair staff broke up the fight, the Manchester Evening News reports. "All of a sudden I heard it all kicking...

Ryanair Asks Crews to Lose Weight to Cut Fuel Costs

Amid other desperate attempts to reduce weight on flights

(Newser) - With fuel costs on the rise, Ryanair is desperately trying everything it can think of to shave some weight off its planes—including slimming down its in-flight magazine, serving less ice, and even telling its flight crews to watch their weight, the Telegraph reports. "We cut costs wherever possible,...

Ryanair's Latest Idea: In-Flight Porn

But don't worry ... you'd watch it on your phone, which is so much more private!

(Newser) - "Ryanair" and "conservative" aren't two words you typically see in the same sentence, so the airline's latest harebrained idea shouldn't come as too much of a surprise: in-flight porn. Yep, Ryanair honcho Michael O'Leary would like to bring the steamy pay-per-view hotel room experience...

Ryanair Crew Fixes Pilot's Busted Window With ... Tape

Flight forced to turn around when it, shockers, comes loose

(Newser) - Ryanair crew members used tape to fix a pilot’s window before takeoff—only to turn around when the tape came loose 20 minutes into the flight, the Sun reports. “We were kept in the dark, and were terrified. I could see guys taping in the windscreen with what...

Ryanair Plans to Remove Bathrooms to Cut Costs

They're trying to convince Boeing to let them install more seats

(Newser) - If you’re flying on Ryanair, remember what dad always said and do your business before takeoff. Europe’s biggest airline, ever on the cutting edge of new ways to squeeze money out of its flights, had been considering charging passengers to use the bathroom on its flights, but now...

Flier Suffers Cardiac Arrest; Ryanair Offers Sandwich

Crew then requested payment for snack: stepdaughter

(Newser) - When a man on a Ryanair flight went into cardiac arrest, the cabin crew graciously offered him ... a sandwich, a soda, and nothing else, his stepdaughter tells The Local . “They said he had low blood pressure and gave him a sandwich and a soda. And they made sure he...

UK Bans Ryanair Bikini Ad —but Not Why You Think

It's not too racy, just too misleading about the weather

(Newser) - Britain's advertising watchdog has told budget airline Ryanair it can no longer run a particular ad featuring a bikini-clad model on the beach. Not because it's too risqué, but because the image with the slogan "Book to the sun now" is too misleading, reports the Guardian . (Click...

Ryanair Crew Locks Toilets as Passengers Stage Sit-In

Passengers say they were left on Tarmac for four hours

(Newser) - A Ryanair crew used some harsh tactics to put down a passenger mutiny last night. When passengers refused to leave their plane—which had landed in the wrong country—they say the crew locked the bathrooms, turned out the lights, and left them sitting on the tarmac for four hours...

Ryanair's Latest Crazy Idea: No More Co-Pilots

Instead, extra flight attendants!

(Newser) - Co-pilots? We don't need no stinking co-pilots. And it would certainly be cheaper to fly without them, so that's what Ryanair CEO (and infamous cost-cutter) Michael O'Leary intends to do—or at least try to do. O'Leary, whose company has already rolled out the genius ideas of charging passengers to...

Budget Airline's New Idea: Standing Tickets

Ryanair proposes another doozy, but safety issues loom

(Newser) - Ryanair—already considering a plan to charge passengers to pee—has another brilliant idea for budget travelers. CEO Michael O'Leary is floating the idea of removing the last 10 rows of seats in its planes so passengers could stand in exchange for cheaper tickets, reports the Telegraph . He calls them...

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing
Ash Cloud Forces
Emergency Landing

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing

Eyjafjallajokull still isn't done screwing with flights

(Newser) - A flight making the short trip from Belfast to London had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Belfast today, after pilots noticed an “acrid smell” in the cabin that may have been caused by the renewed ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Ryanair wouldn't say...

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