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Handful of Nuts Daily Linked to Lower Depression
Handful of Nuts Daily
Linked to Lower Depression
New Study

Handful of Nuts Daily Linked to Lower Depression

Rates of depression dropped by as much as 17%

(Newser) - People who are not afflicted with nut allergies know the joys of chowing down on them—a little fat, a little protein, touch of salt, and you can keep going. Now a study suggests a potential health benefit for those who partake: a reduced risk of depression. The study of...

Cops Solve Mystery of 21 Tons of Missing Nuts

Trucker allegedly pilfered 42K pounds of pistachios in California

(Newser) - The Touchstone Pistachio company of California reached out to police with an unusual plea: Somebody stole our nuts. Like, a lot of nuts. An audit turned up 42,000 pounds of missing pistachios, reports the Sacramento Bee . Detectives with the Tulare County Sheriff's Office have since arrested a California...

Next Entry in Unconventional Food: Coffee-Less Coffee

Atomo startup in Seattle uses seeds and nuts and a chemical process

(Newser) - You can eat "meat" made from plants and drink "milk" made from nuts, but are you ready for coffee made without coffee? That's the question posed by a story in Bloomberg about a Seattle startup producing just such a brew. The concoction by Atomo Coffee is made...

Study on Our Bad Diets Names What We Should Eat

Bad diets blamed for 1 in 5 deaths

(Newser) - Bad diets are responsible for one in five deaths around the world every year, according to a new study—but the authors say we shouldn't nag people about eating fewer cheeseburgers. Instead, they say the best way to cut down on those deaths is to push the foods people...

Worker's Death Tied to Sandblasting With Nuts

Rare case has Canadian family calling for reforms

(Newser) - A Canadian man's nut allergy apparently proved fatal after he performed air quality tests at a building where walnut shells were being used to blast paint off the walls. On Oct. 2, Justin Mathews, 33, spent roughly 20 minutes inside an Edmonton fire station where a walnut-based sandblasting product...

Nut Thefts Are Big Deal in California
Thieves Are Getting
Nuts in California

Thieves Are Getting Nuts in California

Nut thefts are apparently a big deal in California

(Newser) - Since 2013, more than 35 truckloads of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, worth a combined $10 million, have disappeared in California. In an extensive look at efforts to crack the case, Peter Vigneron at Outside reveals a story that is, well, nuts. It turns out stealing nuts, which are worth a...

Too Much Bacon, Not Enough Nuts Linked to Deaths

We're not eating enough of the 'good' foods, study says

(Newser) - Gorging on bacon, skimping on nuts? These are among food habits that new research links with deaths from heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Overeating or not eating enough of the 10 foods and nutrients contributes to nearly half of US deaths from these causes, the study suggests. "Good" foods...

Vegan Mom Accused of Feeding Baby Only Fruits, Nuts

Family says Elizabeth Hawk wanted to live on 'water and sunlight' herself

(Newser) - A vegan Pennsylvania woman who was, per her family, determined to live on "water and sunlight" apparently took her extreme dietary views too far and has now been accused of starving her 11-month-old baby, feeding him nothing but fruit and nuts, CBS Pittsburgh reports. The child's father, who'...

Bad News, Pistachio Lovers: Nuts Are 'Blanking'

This year's California crop will probably be way down

(Newser) - If you're a fan of noshing on pistachios, news out of California might be more than a little depressing. It's harvest time, and early reports suggest that this year's crop might be down as much as 70%, reports Western Farm Press . The main problem seems to be...

Cops: Air Passenger Goes Bonkers Over Nuts

Transatlantic flight has to dump fuel for emergency landing

(Newser) - Now in the running for worst air traveler of the year: A middle-aged Berkeley man accused of wigging out over nuts and crackers. Authorities say Jeremiah Thede, 42, was on a United flight from Rome to Chicago Saturday when he got out of his seat just 15 minutes into the...

Peanuts, Nuts May Keep You From Dying
 Peanuts, Nuts 
 May Keep You 
 From Dying 

Peanuts, Nuts May Keep You From Dying

But alas—peanut butter doesn't seem to make a difference

(Newser) - Previous studies have documented that scarfing down peanuts or nuts every day can lead to better cardiovascular health. But now research is suggesting that eating peanuts and tree nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are linked to lower mortality rates, per a Maastricht University press release . The study, published online...

Why Nuts, Peanuts Are Good for You After All

It's time to turn nuts' reputation around

(Newser) - You may hear that nuts and peanuts are fattening, constipating, and allergy-inducing, but don't worry: They're good for you after all, the New York Times reports. Several large studies —at least two with tens of thousands of participants—found that more nut consumption led to less chance...

This Nut Is Linked to Thousands of Deaths
 This Nut 
 Is Linked to 
 of Deaths 
in case you missed it

This Nut Is Linked to Thousands of Deaths

Stimulating betel nuts are enjoyed by about a tenth of the global population

(Newser) - Nicotine. Caffeine. Betel nuts. You may never have heard of them, but nuts from the Areca palm are hugely popular as a chewable stimulant: Almost a tenth of the global population enjoys them, the BBC reports. A millennia-old tradition, they're the world's fourth-most-popular psychoactive substance, Healthline adds. Their...

Next Hot 'Milk' Trend: Cashew Milk?

Silk releases 'creamy' new dairy substitute

(Newser) - For decades, Americans' go-to option for non-dairy milk was soy, but that has changed in recent years. Last year, almond milk took the crown from soy as the non-dairy king, and how: In August, Bloomberg Businessweek reported annual almond milk sales of $738 million for the 12 months ending July...

Stealth Carbs in Paleo Diet Rotted Ancients' Mouths

Acorns, pine nuts caused pus-filled gums, rotted teeth in Morocco

(Newser) - Ancient hunter-gatherers tended to have fine sets of teeth—at least, serious tooth decay was rare since people mainly munched on meat, tubers, and berries, and laid off the carbs, NPR reports. That's why a study from London's Natural History Museum is surprising—and pretty disgusting. Of the...

Nuts Make You Live Longer*
 Nuts Make You Live Longer* 

Nuts Make You Live Longer*

*Says study funded by nut industry

(Newser) - If you like snacking on nuts, a team of Harvard researchers has some very good news: That might just make you less likely to die. Well, OK, so technically everyone is 100% likely to die, but in a study of 118,000 people, those who ate a serving of nuts...

$400K Worth of California Walnuts Stolen

Is there a 'nut mafia' to blame?

(Newser) - Stop laughing at the Canadians over that multimillion-dollar maple syrup heist . The US has its own weird food thievery going on: walnuts. As the Los Angeles Times reports, ambitious thieves stole $400,000 worth of the nuts from trailers at an orchard outside Modesto, California, last week. That would be...

To Stay Slim, Try Nuts, Wine, Sleep
 To Stay Slim, Try 
 Nuts, Wine, Sleep 

To Stay Slim, Try Nuts, Wine, Sleep

New studies address weight issues

(Newser) - A wealth of findings offer some new tips to keep off the pounds. Looks like tree nuts, red wine, and plenty of sleep can all help you stay fit.
  • Researchers found that nut eaters weighed less and had a lower waist circumference and BMI than those who don't eat

Eat Some Nuts to Lower Cholesterol

Study: A daily dose reduces 'bad' cholesterol levels

(Newser) - Eating a small amount of peanuts every day can help keep cholesterol within healthy levels, a new study suggests. Regular consumers of nuts of all varieties had lower cholesterol, say researchers who reviewed 25 separate cholesterol studies. Specifically, subjects who ate at least 67 grams of nuts a day had...

Diet Slashes Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Load up on leafy greens, olive oil, nuts rather than saturated fat

(Newser) - Fill up on leafy green vegetables, nuts, poultry, and fish rather than red meat, butter, and full-fat dairy, and you may cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 40%, scientists said today. "We know that these foods are definitely helpful for other conditions and diseases,...

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